Fusion Power Explained – Future or Failure

  • Published on: 10 November 2016
  • How does Fusion Energy work and is it a good idea?

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  • Runtime : 6:16
  • fusion fusion energy physics global energy fusion power iter fuel power hydrogen atom plasma


  • CMG30
    CMG30   11 hours ago

    Material undergoing fusion is basically a universal solvent. There is no known substance that it can't or won't dissolve. Hence magnetic containment or pulsing the fusion. If fusion is ever solved then yay! But that should not stop us from building out renewables now. Wind, solar and hydro have already been proven to be all that is necessary to power a carbon free grid. Storage just makes it easier.

  • Quingul Yeeterson
    Quingul Yeeterson   11 hours ago

    No mans sky fans have thousands of kgs of tritium just ask and we shall supply

  • Geez moto
    Geez moto   22 hours ago

    Do controlled plasma explosion gun ( plasma gun)

  • Pixel_ Neat
    Pixel_ Neat   1 days ago

    0:08 "powers out computer"(Shows laptop)

  • Girstis Knyza
    Girstis Knyza   1 days ago

    5:40 how are you supose to pick up water again?

  • Ching LegitRDX
    Ching LegitRDX   2 days ago

    Scientists : Fusion power will porduce so much power we could power our entire country with some tens of them.US government : Meh. Ok. We'll maybe consider i-Scientists : One reactor produces enough energy for a giantic railgun to blast the World into pieces.US government : Shut up and take my money

  • Trace Thomas
    Trace Thomas   2 days ago

    so basically they don't want to spend the money they are quick to waste cash but not to use it to save our planet wow

  • Daniel Moolman
    Daniel Moolman   5 days ago

    I really hope that we try it. If it doesn't work, we lose a few billion that a minor cut of military spending will fix. if it works, we will have solved our energy crisis and global warming. So I say it's a win-win.

  • jak grip
    jak grip   5 days ago

    2:50 you mean electrical energy not energy because you can never have an efficiency of 100 or more percent because the universe always have the excact same amount of energy. (With energy i mean) thermal energy, radiant energy, chemical energy, nuclear energy, electrical energy, motion energy, sound energy, elastic energy and gravitational energy.

  • Pix3lbr31ker R
    Pix3lbr31ker R   6 days ago

    i think the experiments should go on until the cost of the test-reactor is overthrown by the reward we get...so basically we wont let fusion energy out of its testing phase until its making profit with a viable setup

  • TheRiulu Frisk
    TheRiulu Frisk   6 days ago

    More than three years later, its still far far away. Maybe by 2100?

  • Tom Danks
    Tom Danks   6 days ago

    the power of the sun, in the palm of my hand

  • Slappy
    Slappy   6 days ago

    Unlimited clean energy for everyone?Are you trying to get bombed by America?

  • Michael Frank
    Michael Frank   1 weeks ago

    @Kurzegesagt, are we far enough with quantum computers to have one help figure out fusion?

  • Rick S
    Rick S   1 weeks ago

    I boxed a miniverse to power my car's brake lights

  • Rifqi Maulana Jati
    Rifqi Maulana Jati   1 weeks ago

    does it safe to keep changing from of material ? i mean what if in thousand or bilion if years everything turns into Fe ?

  • AK
    AK   1 weeks ago

    $10 billion? That’s it? Wtf that’s NOTHING compared to the amt of money some govts make from taxation! What’s the big hang up???

  • AK
    AK   1 weeks ago

    Holy fuck.....do u think the ancients used the sun and moon in combo with their granite sacred sites and water ducts to create power before “the big flood”???

  • Nicholas McBride
    Nicholas McBride   1 weeks ago

    I literally didn't bat an eye when they said creating a star on earth and when they clarified that "maybe you think that building a sun is still dangerous," i actually had to go "wait, that's something people are worried about?"

  • Dovile Padumiene
    Dovile Padumiene   1 weeks ago

    hey what if we get infinite amount of energy by spliting atoms and fusing them over and over again

  • hamdi atman
    hamdi atman   1 weeks ago

    Hi I want to tell you about Other energy (free energy) that Nicola Tesla wanted Why don't you talk about it?

  • Alter Ego
    Alter Ego   1 weeks ago

    umm... fusion is not a bomb? isnt the hydrogen bomb based on fusion XD?

  • FedePede
    FedePede   1 weeks ago

    who else didnt wanna read so you watched this vid instead

  • papa frank
    papa frank   1 weeks ago

    I like the sun. She just wants to party.

  • ronald ramos
    ronald ramos   1 weeks ago

    -nuclear waste is well, nuclear waste-kurzgesagtNuclear waste is very radioactive-me

  • nicky the cat
    nicky the cat   1 weeks ago

    Who doesnt love momma earth pushing baby moon?💜💜💜

  • Page Fault
    Page Fault   1 weeks ago

    I love how people keep pointing at the government as if it is the soul arbiter for creating nuclear fusion. Like anything else it's economics that the determine viability of a product or technology. If something is cheaper it will invariably be the first option taken. For example, despite the risks associated with natural gas power plants compared to nuclear, companies will elect the first option because it generates profits in a shorter timeframe. That's the world we live in, humans live in terms of instant gratification over long-term investment. Also, the US government could easily afford the $10 billion if they stemed the $200+ billion a year lost due to illegal immigration (i.e. food, housing, medical coverage, economic losses overseas, education, and criminal justice). If you don't like what I am saying tough luck deal with it.

  • HighRise
    HighRise   1 weeks ago

    “The power of the sun, in the palm of my hand” - Doctor Octopus

  • HighRise
    HighRise   1 weeks ago

    Dr. Otto Octavius will be controlling the sun rays shooting from the fusions chamber.

  • WilhelmMC
    WilhelmMC   1 weeks ago

    The main reason we can't build them is because of the rich idiots that don't care about anything else than earning money off of their non-renewable energy sources!

  • CrispyTeddy2002
    CrispyTeddy2002   2 weeks ago

    Create a sun on earth hmmm theres only one person for this...Dr.Otto Octavius