Quick D: Static Helicopter Blades

  • Published on: 12 August 2019
  • Captain Disillusion gets pedantic about the description of a common camera effect.

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    Video being discussed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yr3ngmRuGUc
    Guest - Matt Parker: http://www.youtube.com/standupmaths
  • Runtime : 5:35
  • helicopter chopper illusion frame rate shutter rolling shutter explanation visual effects camera animation comedy sci-fi


  • Zion Zion
    Zion Zion   2 hours ago

    please debunk the moon landing of armstrong

    SPARK   4 hours ago

    Still waiting for the logic behind 🌕 moon landing from captain XD 😆

  • Pickles4578
    Pickles4578   7 hours ago

    IDK why but when he grabbed the fan blade it scared me.

  • Turtle Person
    Turtle Person   8 hours ago

    I used to have a wooden helicopter back like 2005 and would spin the blades as fast as I could in front of our living room TV. Let me tell you how shocked 5 year old me was when it looked like they were starting to spin in reverse.

  • 0MindSwept0
    0MindSwept0   8 hours ago

    I like the style of this video, it was sort of a debunking video, but also sort of a "how it was done" video like you've been doing lately; hopefully we see more like this in the future. 👍Also, that ending was a real smash ;p

  • Mr. Sarvy
    Mr. Sarvy   8 hours ago

    What the fuck did i just stumble upon on youtube?

  • lity fity
    lity fity   10 hours ago

    Gimme the quick D, i want the quick D

  • Sixth Echelon
    Sixth Echelon   11 hours ago

    Dude that much paint is bad to do so frequently

  • Its Blurr
    Its Blurr   13 hours ago

    i wonder if he actually got hit with the fan

  • Alexander Esqvas
    Alexander Esqvas   13 hours ago

    A video August 17th 2019 a video from pasillo infinito the minute 6 when a school bus from Colombia start in a down hill and goes up and dogs go crazy, can you debunk that, doubt its fake

  • Jake Ella
    Jake Ella   15 hours ago

    I don't understand why any of his videos get a thumbs down. Best channel on youtube.

  • Input
    Input   16 hours ago

    Guys... if he's an alien, maybe he might show up at area 51?

  • 5000 Subs with no videos?

    Actually, the helicopter just uses jet engines under the body. The blades are just there to improve balance. /s

  • Noahskey
    Noahskey   18 hours ago

    Your discord link doesn't work :(

  • DušanSTV
    DušanSTV   23 hours ago

    When you don't have a ceiling fan but still want to do the experimentguess I'll buy a helicopter now

  • asdfghyter
    asdfghyter   23 hours ago

    How did you do the ceiling fan on head effect? I assume you didn’t use an actual ceiling fan for it. Did you mime the motion and add the fan afterwards or did you use something that looks like a fan?

  • Aaron Ortiz
    Aaron Ortiz   23 hours ago

    1:13 Masterclass in YouTube Thumbnail and Video Title SEO

  • Rex David
    Rex David   23 hours ago

    captain, https://www.facebook.com/reaseidaily/videos/714362399002065/please let us know if everything here is real!

  • Jared Markowitz
    Jared Markowitz   1 days ago

    Would love to see more classic debunking videos sometime

  • Calkin Garg
    Calkin Garg   1 days ago

    Can you explain this for us, Captain? It looks so realistic but it is fake!. https://youtu.be/az4YRUTSOIk at 1:40

  • Dovafinn
    Dovafinn   1 days ago

    please scale your next videos to 18:9. thank you

  • WIlly Tee
    WIlly Tee   1 days ago

    Does anyone think captain D's face has gotten wider since his earlier videos? Maybe he could use a fish lens to make his face a normal width lol

  • WIlly Tee
    WIlly Tee   1 days ago

    I really enjoy lame jokes in interesting educational videos, the spinning fan bit at the end was great

  • Amarelows
    Amarelows   1 days ago

    HELICOPTER vs CAMERA SHUTTER (spoiler: nothing happens)

  • Sonny4546
    Sonny4546   1 days ago

    Can captain d debunk this please like so captain d can see thishttps://youtu.be/wguE8JQN5ZA

  • Tomas Costanzo
    Tomas Costanzo   1 days ago

    The reason why cd doesn’t upload is because he has to do that face paint every time he records

  • Erick Sierra
    Erick Sierra   1 days ago

    Why didn't you include an advertisement for ceiling fans and strobe lights?