Replaying a Game You Loved as a Kid

  • Published on: 22 May 2020
  • Nostalgia is a powerful magic....

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  • Runtime : 1:9
  • Replaying a Game You Loved as a Kid Nostalgia replying a game when you replay a game you loved as a kid when you replay a game replying a game you used to love circletoonshd circle toons hd animation parody satire funny video games gaming gameboy nintendo dragon slayer old school


  • CircleToonsHD
    CircleToonsHD   1 weeks ago

    I really hope you guys liked the new cartoon, while recording this I had to take breaks because the pink masked guy's voice was so stupid I kept laughing lmaoOH AND ALSO, I still have some limited edition figures left! Once they sell out, they're gone forever so GO GO GO! <3

  • Life212
    Life212   8 hours ago

    Doesn’t he have a screen recorder

  • EvanFritzi49 5
    EvanFritzi49 5   12 hours ago

    Hey you, Yes youLike and subscribe or stinky poop will be on your bed tonight(just some terrible jokes)

  • Antares Maelstrom
    Antares Maelstrom   1 days ago

    "Please tell me you didn't erase my save file!""Ummm ... sorry?"SHAME - Meme

  • Teikou Penguin
    Teikou Penguin   1 days ago

    After watched this video, I just pick up my "CIRCLE BOY CoLoR" and restart it~

  • supernovasuper Plays

    Plot twist: he erased the safe file and realised he was in America.Guns are legal and he got shot.

  • Some guy who does not get the joke

    The real horror story is: Since that looks like a Game Boy Color, and GBC games used batteries to keep their saves, he's likely already lost everything he hadn't backed up on a third party device. Not just on that game, but ALL the games for that system he has from that time period.

  • Myeyes0nly
    Myeyes0nly   3 days ago

    I love how their masks cover up everything except the thing it’s meant to cover up

  • XQR
    XQR   4 days ago

    The best thing: small holes in the masks

  • Michael Abbott
    Michael Abbott   5 days ago

    In their world the ski masks hide everything except their faces.

  • superwildejellyfish
    superwildejellyfish   5 days ago

    Nah, when you’re a 2000s kid, what happens is that you start playing and then the frame rate ruins your day (PS2 Sonic Heroes, PS3 Sonic Unleashed Anyone?).

  • Jacob_ZGR
    Jacob_ZGR   6 days ago

    Me the first time robbing with my professional friend

  • some one
    some one   6 days ago

    Why does his little sister have a pink skimask

  • Chunkeee Dutchess
    Chunkeee Dutchess   6 days ago

    Guy. Plese tell me you didn’t erase the save file that’s me in a nutshell

  • Ryan Pearce
    Ryan Pearce   6 days ago

    I used to love the banjo kazooie series of games as a kid

  • miko foin
    miko foin   6 days ago

    Only real men walk into the banks with pink ski masks

  • O
    O   6 days ago

    Why did the ending made me think of nier

  • Amazingly dumb
    Amazingly dumb   6 days ago

    My favourite childhood game was brother's in arms 2. I replayed it yesterday and i feel like that was the best mobile game ive played in years.

  • Nuigi 12
    Nuigi 12   1 weeks ago

    Youtube is tripping, its saying this was uploaded a minute ago

  • Cross Gaming
    Cross Gaming   1 weeks ago

    i told u to wear black toonight im colorblind

  • Omar Flores
    Omar Flores   1 weeks ago

    The Ski Mask Does Show Their Faces Which Had Me Dying.

  • Art of Troy
    Art of Troy   1 weeks ago

    did u actually draw the dragon and the knight?

  • TacoCat
    TacoCat   1 weeks ago

    you erase the game file,there will be a blood pile

  • πNebula
    πNebula   1 weeks ago

    My right ear enjoyed this video more than my left

  • harold1430
    harold1430   1 weeks ago

    I remember getting this sponge bob racing game several years back. Me and my brother would play it so often we would stay up until like 10pm playing it. We had our own controller that looked like a a wheel with a spongebob design. Good times ;-;