Robert Irwin and Jimmy Feed a Baby Kangaroo

  • Published on: 08 June 2017
  • Robert Irwin, 13-year-old son of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, brings Jimmy some adorable animals including a baby kangaroo, a 100-year-old snapping turtle and a pack of baby warthogs.

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    Robert Irwin and Jimmy Feed a Baby Kangaroo
  • Runtime : 10:18
  • The Tonight Show Jimmy Fallon Robert Irwin Jimmy Feed Baby Kangaroo NBC NBC TV Television Funny Talk Show comedic humor snl Fallon Stand-up Fallon monologue tonight show jokes funny video interview variety comedy sketches talent celebrities video clip highlight animals steve irwin son turtle warthogs Crocodile Hunter


  • Symb01ysm
    Symb01ysm   1 days ago

    "I am absolutely awesome"... Damn... I feel less confident now

  • merthur88
    merthur88   1 days ago

    Hes the most adorbs I've ever ever seen. so so animated and cute

  • Craig Goetsch
    Craig Goetsch   1 days ago

    That kangaroo made me think, "That looks like Thumper got real friendly with Faline."

  • Stuts
    Stuts   3 days ago

    Robert: Brings animalsJimmy: Obvious fearRobert: SO THEY CAN KILL LIONS ISN'T THAT AMAZING

  • Rosk
    Rosk   3 days ago

    You can really tell he's Steve Irwin's son. Love it.

  • johnny rotten
    johnny rotten   3 days ago

    What an absolute pleasant young intellegent person your dad would be extremely proud ....such a joy to watch !

  • Luminary
    Luminary   3 days ago

    I wish dave salmoni guested here instead of jimmy annoying kimmel

  • Carlos Ch
    Carlos Ch   4 days ago

    3 warthogs kn a box, animal rights? No clue what that is I think.

  • Lasgoo00
    Lasgoo00   4 days ago

    Why are all of the Late nite host afraid of animals?

  • Leo Lippard
    Leo Lippard   4 days ago

    You gotta love Robert and his passion as much as those wonderful animals themselves!

  • Angus Rackham
    Angus Rackham   4 days ago

    I love it how he thanks each animals before they are taken back

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace   4 days ago

    I’ve never cried so much during one of these videos because this made me think a lot about Steve Irwin

  • 666
    666   5 days ago

    i wish i was like robert bec he such a nerd and thats good bec smart

  • Sam Daniel
    Sam Daniel   5 days ago

    Every cute looking animal has Dangerous Wikipedia

  • Ewa Z
    Ewa Z   5 days ago

    Americans are so fake

  • Uf fe
    Uf fe   6 days ago

    that boy is weird

  • EB WG
    EB WG   1 weeks ago

    Jimmy: sees a turtle. Robert: he eats lions. Jimmy:oh well that ruins it

  • jordan moe
    jordan moe   1 weeks ago

    Robert ‘it’s amazing’ Irwin

  • Chaos
    Chaos   1 weeks ago

    I don't like this kid's tone of voice, idk

  • Bob Laverick
    Bob Laverick   1 weeks ago

    Guys when you come by a lion BRING HIM OUT!!!!!

  • showstopperrr
    showstopperrr   1 weeks ago

    that badger is like my cat when he was kitten. always unstable, fiesty, naughty. lmao

  • Anaya Samsotha-Cooley

    I honestly love this kid! He’s just like his dad and he’s so intelligent about animals at such a young age. He’s very mature and u can tell someone has a good heart when they have such a strong love for animals

  • The Z show
    The Z show   1 weeks ago

    I love Robert Irwin man, so positive all the time

  • Rachael Cooper
    Rachael Cooper   1 weeks ago

    He’s so passionate although I feel bad for his thumb that badger really tore him up