The Most Dangerous Stretch of Water in the World: The Strid at Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire

  • Published on: 09 May 2016
  • I know, I know, it's a clickbait title. But I stand by it, because the water is so deceptive, and so pretty, and there's a path that leads straight down to it and that jump looks very, very possible...

    The 12th century legend is the "Boy of Egremont", immortalised in poetry by the famous William Wordsworth. His "The Force of Prayer" is about the Strid and the Boy of Egremont, and the full text is here:

    Also, I need to make one correction: I say "a hundred metres upstream", but that shot's actually about that far downstream. I couldn't fix that in post, but since the river's basically the same for a mile or so in each direction with no significant confluences, it's a small enough slip that I don't think it's too bad. The amount of water is the same!

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  • Dexty
    Dexty   28 minuts ago

    I love rivers.

  • r a
    r a   3 hours ago

    But TommmmI want to take a dip :(((

  • John Calvin
    John Calvin   7 hours ago

    England doesn’t have anything that is ‘’the most dangerous in the world’

  • Soviet Doggo
    Soviet Doggo   1 days ago

    i still don’t get how it’s actually dangerous

  • hani
    hani   2 days ago

    The bird chirps are enticing me the mossy rocks.

  • YexaC
    YexaC   3 days ago

    Hold my beer coward.

  • Rosanna Desole
    Rosanna Desole   5 days ago

    Molto interessante. Grazie per i sottotitoli in italiano.👍

  • Boro Nut
    Boro Nut   1 weeks ago

    What a fantastic place to test witches.

  • Reverie626
    Reverie626   1 weeks ago

    You should narrate for a science/history channel. You're so pleasant to listen to! If you taught a university class people would actually listen!

  • Derek Finch
    Derek Finch   1 weeks ago

    Once again a useful bit of information if you decide to take a walk up the side of this river once again not everything that looks safe is safe if thank you for the video it's more like a public information video but a good one course because of devising you you on to be safe if and enjoy but not take things for granted because sometimes things are not the safe as I originally same

  • ElectricChaplain
    ElectricChaplain   1 weeks ago

    It seems like the name is not sufficiently dramatic - maybe Satan Strid or Styx Strid.

  • Lewis Cleveland
    Lewis Cleveland   1 weeks ago

    I wonder how many people thought they were just going to wade over it.

  • Ian McConnel
    Ian McConnel   2 weeks ago

    Mistaya Canyon in Alberta, Canada is really similar

  • Mighty
    Mighty   2 weeks ago

    wait y is it so dangerous?

  • Arthur Heidt
    Arthur Heidt   2 weeks ago

    just throw in a stone with a rope there are special gym weights that can really easily be attached with a rope then you can measure the depth, or even easier a fishing rod with weight

  • Konrad
    Konrad   2 weeks ago

    Somebody should put an underwater drone down there!

  • Aaron Murry
    Aaron Murry   2 weeks ago

    There are literally thousands of rivers just like that where 99% of the dangers are hidden and from the surface looks calm.

  • Noah Ocker
    Noah Ocker   2 weeks ago

    Is it weird that I want to try using some scuba gear in this thing?

  • Stefan Veenstra
    Stefan Veenstra   2 weeks ago

    Story of all lives: it looks safe, but everything is trying to kill you.

  • Jorden Belanic
    Jorden Belanic   2 weeks ago

    Go swimming with ropes anchored into the rocks attached to you with a harness & a crew on top. Use 3 ropes 2 up stream for side to side stability & one down stream for length stability so you don't bounce around. Use a weight to pull yourself down so the current doesn't swing you about with the ropes slowly lowering you in. That would be cool.

  • Wingus
    Wingus   2 weeks ago

    Surely it would now be possible to re-direct the stream further up, all be temporary, then while there is no water running into that area, mabee try and drain some of it, and see how far it really goes, and mabee what's down there, in relative safety? I say relative, because no body of water is ever 100% safe, so some major equipment would have to be used to explore there. Or, better still...leave it as it is, and let nature weed out the unfortunate victims of showing off and underestimating the rapids underneath. It is a shame that people have to die before things get done...why can't it be fenced off? Or at least decent warning signs.

  • Kaiser Frost
    Kaiser Frost   2 weeks ago

    We need a little submarine to go down there and explore all the caves, and map out the bottom. I want to know how deep it is especially the narrow sections.

  • MGK
    MGK   3 weeks ago

    Maybe throw in a dummy to demonstrate?

  • Syd G
    Syd G   3 weeks ago

    Nuke it from space.

  • Jasper O
    Jasper O   3 weeks ago

    Shouldve put a stick in to show how far it goes

  • Mauricio Mayorga
    Mauricio Mayorga   3 weeks ago

    Tie a camera to a string toss it in and see what happens

  • TheBlueArcher
    TheBlueArcher   3 weeks ago

    Reminds me of a youtube video (forgot whose) which showed two streets and asked which is safer. And it was the one that was narrower, had more obstacles (visual, like trees) and less pavement. Because people would drive a lot more carefully. where as on the other street people would be more reckless. and that recently city planners are reverting back to these types of roads.

  • DrGodzirra
    DrGodzirra   3 weeks ago

    Plenty of rivers have undercurrents...

  • SRT 8
    SRT 8   3 weeks ago

    great place to get rid of bodys

  • Gavin Davies
    Gavin Davies   3 weeks ago

    I bet the air bubbles would reduce your buoyancy, as people float as your body is lighter than water. But when the water is saturated with air bubbles, the body might be less dense than water and sink. With all those current and rocks would be interesting!