The Most Dangerous Stretch of Water in the World: The Strid at Bolton Abbey, Yorkshire

  • Published on: 09 May 2016
  • I know, I know, it's a clickbait title. But I stand by it, because the water is so deceptive, and so pretty, and there's a path that leads straight down to it and that jump looks very, very possible...

    The 12th century legend is the "Boy of Egremont", immortalised in poetry by the famous William Wordsworth. His "The Force of Prayer" is about the Strid and the Boy of Egremont, and the full text is here:

    Also, I need to make one correction: I say "a hundred metres upstream", but that shot's actually about that far downstream. I couldn't fix that in post, but since the river's basically the same for a mile or so in each direction with no significant confluences, it's a small enough slip that I don't think it's too bad. The amount of water is the same!

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  • Ben Boyden
    Ben Boyden   2 days ago

    Hahaha! Ever been at the mouth of the Columbia river on a heavy tide swing? Nice stream bro.

  • mr cynical
    mr cynical   3 days ago

    Been down it on a dingy in full flood. So yer talking dog shite

  • Phreak
    Phreak   4 days ago

    Were you really not tempted to take a quick swim?

  • Cyticle OwO
    Cyticle OwO   5 days ago

    I fell in there and died... It sucked

  • Jules
    Jules   6 days ago

    But... I'm so curious now... There's absolutely no safe way of exploring the stream?

  • Jake Jake
    Jake Jake   1 weeks ago

    A local should throw a whole dead pig in there for science. GPS and all

  • akrinah
    akrinah   1 weeks ago

    Non-native speaker here. Do I understand it properly? The hangs are actually overhangs with warer underneath. If you fall in the river you end up caught under stone without any chance to swim out. Also, the water has less boyancy making it hard to stay on top if at all (at least it looks that way for me).

  • Rose Bear
    Rose Bear   1 weeks ago

    is this an scp? theres a gate to another universe at the bottom, right?

  • Basti _
    Basti _   1 weeks ago

    go 10 sec ahead at 00:02 directly after "called" 😂did it not intentionally and got a hood laugh from "behind me there is a litte bit of water, called - water... anywhere on earth"

  • Tropical Coast Web Design

    We have a place here in North Queensland called the Devils Pool which has claimed many lives. Same thing - looks like fun, but deadly underneath.

  • Adammrtl27
    Adammrtl27   1 weeks ago

    Best way to keep people out of the fountain of youth, tell em it's poisoned.

  • J R
    J R   1 weeks ago

    Why can't they just stick a sonar pole in and get imaging of the bottom and sides? It would help people's curiosity to wane and show them physically why it is so dangerous.

  • wild
    wild   2 weeks ago

    My dad jumped over this on a school trip.

  • Comet Vaudin
    Comet Vaudin   2 weeks ago

    I wonder what would happen if you got a dead animal (idk, store-bought chicken?), put it on the end of a really long rope tied to a tree and put it in the river. If you managed to pull it back out - what would it look like?

  • Ales Jones
    Ales Jones   2 weeks ago

    I weirdly want to sacrifice an animal to it. Maybe get good luck from the demons in the caves?

  • Electroblade
    Electroblade   2 weeks ago

    I wonder how the fast water would erode the rocks, and if the rocks at the top would collapse in

  • Nocturnal Films
    Nocturnal Films   3 weeks ago

    This river can define people at times, they could be nice on the outside, but you can learn later on that they can be dangerous or not what you expected on the inside...

    DIREWOLFx75   3 weeks ago

    Interesting name. In Swedish, "strid" can be translated as "rapid"(water/current) and "torrential"...

  • Mishanya
    Mishanya   3 weeks ago

    Апвоутеры тут?

  • FalconHalo
    FalconHalo   4 weeks ago

    I'm terrified of water that I can't see to the bottom of. This didn't help.

  • Luka Donadze
    Luka Donadze   4 weeks ago

    The thumbnail looked like a screenshot from Death Stranding

  • Met Sleeth
    Met Sleeth   4 weeks ago

    We have a river that does the same thing in Washington state of America called the klickitat. It kills people all to often.

  • Olegator
    Olegator   4 weeks ago

    Лайк если от апвоута

  • Юлия
    Юлия   4 weeks ago

    Быстрый поток воды по щиколотку - уже представляет опасность и может сбить с ног.Исправьте, если я ошиблась.

  • Brigid Farelly
    Brigid Farelly   1 months ago

    And this is why it pays to be terrified of drowning

  • Elsa Bennett
    Elsa Bennett   1 months ago

    I live in the nearest large town and walked there, I remember once I was sweating and fancied a dip to cool off (i like bathing in cold water), but that was in winter and the person I was with wanted to get a move on so gave it a miss. then months later, I go online and check out "the most dangerous places in the world". this pops up!?. Gives me chills now when I remember that.

  • Pixies Ostrich Duster
    Pixies Ostrich Duster   1 months ago

    I've never wanted to be in a river or lake. What is with white folks and water?