The Easiest Way to Break Car Windows?

  • Published on: 14 November 2019
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    In today's video we're testing a myth that pieces of ceramic will instantly shatter a car window, even if thrown with very little force. Are they better than throwing a rock?

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  • Runtime : 10:49
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  • Harishu Sonu
    Harishu Sonu   1 days ago

    You take 10:49 minutes to tell us about it

  • deqnq
    deqnq   1 days ago

    3:00 when the halo 2 warthog gets shot a single time with a plasma pistol on the windshield

  • Kusch Thomas
    Kusch Thomas   3 days ago


  • Kusch Thomas
    Kusch Thomas   3 days ago

    Way different results than when a window is actually in car

  • Nick Crane
    Nick Crane   1 weeks ago

    Magnets will do the same thing so if she would have had a magnetic tip screwdriver that day it would have sailed through that window

  • The phoenix
    The phoenix   1 weeks ago

    This won't work on security windows my dodge avenger got hit 5 times with a spark plug and all it did was chip it I found pieces of spark plug on the floor next to my car 🤣🤣🤣 not this car satan!

  • Jayhollowood
    Jayhollowood   1 weeks ago

    Oh no an accident and they’re trapped... let me get my spark plug ceramic 😂😂

  • Cream-_-Wheat
    Cream-_-Wheat   1 weeks ago

    How much years of bad luck do you think that these guys have?

    MOLTEN_ WOOF   1 weeks ago

    Your supposed to thrown it with some force and use a sharp peice of spark plug

  • Chad Kennedy
    Chad Kennedy   1 weeks ago

    The results are inaccurate the glass is much stronger when it's installed and it has a pressure around the window seal

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi   2 weeks ago

    I can’t hold my breath for 10 minutes and 49 seconds. Thanks. I’m dead

  • Obs_willard _
    Obs_willard _   2 weeks ago

    You know when the window is mounted in a car it’s actually stronger

  • Snapp 38
    Snapp 38   2 weeks ago

    Where all the niggas with black air forces at😂

  • FreakyNuell
    FreakyNuell   2 weeks ago

    i learnt this in the WALKING DEAD SEASON 1 GAME.

  • Jack West
    Jack West   3 weeks ago

    Question: What is the Easiest way to break car windowsThem: The ceramic from a broken spark plugMe: A NUKE C:

  • Joshua Resto
    Joshua Resto   4 weeks ago

    I'd just throw the whole spark plug at the window

  • Loay Hemeda
    Loay Hemeda   4 weeks ago

    We used to throw those things to the speed cam glass 😅

  • Brandon Vu
    Brandon Vu   4 weeks ago

    You need to install the dang window not just have it sitting up against a wall how is that even slightly anything like a real life situation.

  • Elijah Callender
    Elijah Callender   1 months ago

    I believe the auto glass it’s positively charged and the ceramic from the spark plug is negatively charged so that’s why they break the glass so easily but I could be wrong so check

  • Lenni Leem
    Lenni Leem   1 months ago

    Tungsten carbide works even better. Also, you can reuse it.

  • Super Sammy
    Super Sammy   1 months ago

    All I can think about now is in the walking dead when the Asian guy ask lee “let me see the spark plug”🤣🤣

  • Brandon Schuler (Student)

    Granite could break glass because on the mohs hardness scale granite can more than scratch glass

  • Christian Stainbrook
    Christian Stainbrook   1 months ago

    Knowing me if I heard the ceramic on a spark plug could break glass, I would’ve just chucked the whole thing and pray it hits the white part like a dummy😂