The Difference Between Harry Styles and Other Celebrities Part 2

  • Published on: 23 July 2018
  • “Be a lover. Choose love. Give love. Love everyone, always. Spread as much love as you can.” -H.S.

    ***Regarding the EMINEM clip... for some reason this video (which is part 2 of this series) is getting way more views than Part 1. Because of this, a lot of people who see this vid have not seen part 1. I can see why the few comparison clips in this video seem out of context if you haven’t seen part 1. I didn’t expect so many people to see part 2 without the context of part 1, I didn’t expect so many non-fans to see this, and I certainly didn’t expect this many views O.O I think Eminem great. Eminem represents how most of us feel. I’m not comparing Eminem the person with Harry the person. I’m just showing you that Harry is too damn nice to say a negative word about anyone, so he takes his feelings about Trump and turns it into a positive... “Go and spread a ton of love into Washington D.C.” Eminem represents how most of us would express our negative opinions about a political leader we dislike. (Harry dislikes Trump also, another fact people are getting confused about). The comparison is used to show Harry’s undying positivity.

    Glad we got that cleared up. **Goes and listens to “rap god”**...
  • Runtime : 8:25
  • Harry Styles One Direction


  • 3_bananasforaeuro
    3_bananasforaeuro   1 years ago

    Hey guys! I’ve decided to start using Twitter to post some shorter videos that I either don’t want or don’t have time to make full versions of. If you’d like to follow me and see some of those, my username is @2bananas4apound. 😘

  • ninacceptable
    ninacceptable   6 minuts ago

    Okay so these videos, the ones that you make, really made my day. Kind of gives me hope that there are a lot more persons like him out there <3

  • s25117
    s25117   17 minuts ago

    The actitudes Depends of the day

  • Falløut _Føx
    Falløut _Føx   21 minuts ago

    I'm gonna be honest. I never liked justin in the first place.

  • Ella xoxo
    Ella xoxo   2 hours ago

    Ian somerhalder has never been rude to his fans only once did he say I’m not taking pictures today because he was on holiday and he wanted to spend time with his wife

  • soft boba
    soft boba   9 hours ago

    the 2nd one, billie eilish gave a fan who was passing out, a water bottle

  • Del Picsla
    Del Picsla   9 hours ago

    When Harry styles first got famous he was kind of the star of 1d (at least where I was from) and he was everyone’s favorite, so I kind of expected him to be the f-boy out of the group, but BOY was I wrong. He’s one of the kindest most genuine actors, who actually cares about his fans. He knows he wouldn’t be anywhere without them, and even though he’s mega famous he doesn’t let the fame get to him and still acts like a regular person. He’s deserving of being famous, unlike other celebs who claim “they hate the lifestyle” and have a negative attitude whilst profiting off fans.

  • Rin Potato
    Rin Potato   10 hours ago

    “Harry styles is better than other celebrities “Billie Eilish: let Me join You please-

  • Ahmad Nawawi
    Ahmad Nawawi   10 hours ago

    geez what kind of idiot brings a 2 year old to a loud concert

  • KallaMigCP
    KallaMigCP   11 hours ago

    you need a better hobby than this. Being this obsessed with a celeb isn't healthy.

  • Starr McClain
    Starr McClain   12 hours ago

    6:12 Panic at The Disco also does this with girls/girls/boys. I still have my paper from my show

  • Airi
    Airi   12 hours ago

    Oh my god. I didn’t know about him being sooooo nice and humble! I became a fan after watching this video!!! Such a sweet young boy. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Blade
    Blade   13 hours ago

    Can anyone explain 0:15? What's going on here? I can't make out what she's saying but seems disrespectful

  • Lenny Mc Memer
    Lenny Mc Memer   13 hours ago

    Harry is the type of person that if he sees you in pain, unlike every other celebrity that will just ignore you, he'll ask you "are you ok?" Or "do you need help?" And will actually try to help you

  • Diamond Fury Gacha
    Diamond Fury Gacha   14 hours ago

    I saw an lgbt Harry Styles kindness merchI Stan, you don't rlly get many celebrities that do LGBTQ+ merch or stuff with LGBTQ+ As an LGBTQ+ person I love this 💜

  • Panda Gamer
    Panda Gamer   14 hours ago

    Eminem vs Harry tho you can't deny it wasn't funny

  • Maamaaa Oh
    Maamaaa Oh   14 hours ago

    I don't know this guy. But now I love him :D

  • 6ix9 ine
    6ix9 ine   14 hours ago

    IDK why but he gives me kinda Heath ledger's vibes, (his demeanor)

  • AKASH7 3.14444444444
    AKASH7 3.14444444444   15 hours ago

    tbh no one like that racist dickhead justin bieber he deserves the hate he gets

  • • Zarah •
    • Zarah •   15 hours ago

    My current art teacher taught Harry Styles...

  • psytric
    psytric   16 hours ago

    I have no choice but to stan now

  • Stefi Pan
    Stefi Pan   16 hours ago

    About the concert lights... Have you seen them on BTS concerts? 😳 Just saying but i love him for the things that he did based on this video 💜❤️

  • TopatoFrend
    TopatoFrend   17 hours ago

    Is this just some fan community to this guy

  • DJ Mix
    DJ Mix   19 hours ago

    400 👍from me Harry Styles rules

  • Samira Mathis
    Samira Mathis   19 hours ago

    On Justin's defense: he doesn't have to take a picture with someone if he doesn't want to, it's his choice and people need their space and privacy and that was very rude to take a picture of him after he refused.I don't even like this guy but it's not a bad thing to react that way towards disrespectful people

  • izzy mooney
    izzy mooney   20 hours ago

    Billie eillish is just as kind as him they should get together

  • Matt.W
    Matt.W   21 hours ago

    He also has 3 nipples

  • Brain Dead
    Brain Dead   21 hours ago

    Ok but why bring a 1 year old to a concert?? Could’ve stayed home or gotten a babysitter instead of having them around all those people