10 Quick To Crochet Gifts For Mom!

  • Published on: 12 May 2018
  • Happy Mother's Day! Check out 10 quick to stitch up gifts for Mom or other special person in your life! The link to every project featured in this video is below...each includes full written pattern + video tutorial too!

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    Links from this video (in order of appearance):

    1. Strawflower Hexagon Tote:

    2. Precious Metal Clutch:

    3. Easy Lace Belt:

    4. Soft Petal Button Wrap:

    5. Raspberry Mint Tassel Cowl:

    6. Knit Cowl Absolute Beginner:

    7. Nature Walk Tote:

    8. Donut Scrubbies:

    9. Soft Blossom Slippers:

    10. Coastal Placemats:

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  • Runtime : 7:33
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  • Laura R
    Laura R   1 weeks ago

    Such great small projects!! ❤️

  • Faten Salon
    Faten Salon   1 weeks ago

    But what if you had 6 mothers l will di

  • Judi Chaney
    Judi Chaney   3 months ago

    Wonderful ideas. Keep up the great videos

  • Lisa Bosques
    Lisa Bosques   4 months ago

    Holy cow I want to crochet ALL THE THINGS!!!

  • Su Su
    Su Su   5 months ago

    Your content is so wholesome and inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful ideas with us 💜💜

  • Zim Vader0017
    Zim Vader0017   1 years ago

    My mother's birthday was yesterday, but I unfortunately everything has been a bit hectic these last two weeks, so I didn't have time to make her anything. She didn't even remember it was her birthday, it was that bad. She's been needing new slippers, so I might make her that. Thank you :D

  • {sakura#12}combat cancer.(vegan)

    hi I am crochet and I put soo many types topics vidoes in my chanal I Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove crochet ,, watched mee

  • Rio DJeNIRO
    Rio DJeNIRO   1 years ago

    very nice, these are great little projects, will add a few to my list.. thanks for the share..

  • Trish Bresolin
    Trish Bresolin   1 years ago

    I love every single tutorial you've ever done!! 💕💕

  • Zuleika Monje
    Zuleika Monje   1 years ago

    I love each and everyone of them! Thanks Jennifer ❤️

  • Sandy Norlock
    Sandy Norlock   1 years ago

    Thank your for sharing, you gave me a few ideas.

  • Shannon
    Shannon   1 years ago

    Gonna make some of these to put aside for a "just in case gift" . Thanks for the great ideas

  • Loving Heart 2 Heart
    Loving Heart 2 Heart   1 years ago

    Hi. Jennifer.Beautiful gift ideas. Today's my mom's birthday. Passed 4 years ago. You have a wonderful mother's day. And keep bringing your brilliant ideas. You go! 🙂👒👠🌷🌵From Az.

  • adriac21
    adriac21   1 years ago

    Loved it happy Mother’s Day to u too

  • DJ M
    DJ M   1 years ago

    Thanks for the great suggestions. I think I'm going to try and tun the raspberry mint tassel cowl into a skirt.

  • Beth Hasilo
    Beth Hasilo   1 years ago

    Love these gift ideas. I especially loved the black & silver clutch. I don't know how to knit but always wanted to learn. Once I have the few crochet gift projects finished that I need to make, I may give the scarf a try. Thanks for sharing!! I so enjoy your happy & light videos. I look forward to watching them!!

  • Cloud81011 1
    Cloud81011 1   1 years ago

    Thank you so much. I am going to make the clutch

  • Lucie Maina
    Lucie Maina   1 years ago

    Thanks Jennifer for the great gift ideas and Happy mothers day!

  • Jackie Flores
    Jackie Flores   1 years ago

    Hi Jennifer, glad I found you. Love all of your gift ideas and even to make for myself. I love all of your color combinations too! I'm still new to crocheting but have mastered the good ol' granny square which I came to love. Thanks for your ideas, I will definitely give them a try. Happy Mothers Day! 🤗

  • Ella Faith
    Ella Faith   1 years ago

    These are all such beautiful, great handmade gift ideas! I want to make all of them! :)

  • Missi R
    Missi R   1 years ago

    I normally don’t like things that are made up of granny squares and the like, but I really like that first tote! So cute!

  • Lisa Swickard
    Lisa Swickard   1 years ago

    Thanks for all the beautiful suggestions. Having fun with these. 😀