• Published on: 06 May 2019


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  • telling our parents we're having a baby emotional telling our parents we're pregnant we're pregnant we're having a baby baby surprise this is l&s lsgang l&s the ace family vlog lifestyle love couples boyfriend girlfriend family hollywood los angeles california


  • Maggie dowden
    Maggie dowden   2 hours ago

    I'm legit watching this with tears up ....London dad is remind me of my dad his passed away when i was 15 n I feel guilty that when he was alive I make so much mistake n hurts him but he never gave up on my bad behaviour still loves me I wish I return the time back n I would never do that to my dad...n the feelings of guilty haunted me until nowN I loved him n I miss him every day his great dad n work so hard for me for family even he barely walk with other leg limp..omg this part that hit me the most ..Ps: love your parents while they are still alive and breathing because we don't know what will happen and don't let regret come when you realize you really lost the person you love

  • David Lyons
    David Lyons   7 hours ago

    You don’t know me... I never had kids.... I will never have any but I having been crying the hole time.... so happy for you..."

  • Marcia Thomas
    Marcia Thomas   1 days ago

    The dad just makin me wish I could have this type of moment with my family one day

  • Bronx Mafi
    Bronx Mafi   3 days ago

    Landon mom didn't have the same reaction cause landons girl is rude with an attitude

  • angie c
    angie c   3 days ago

    Congrats. Aww got me in tears.

  • Britney Smith
    Britney Smith   5 days ago

    Landons dad had me balling my eyes out😭💗

  • shawneen pady
    shawneen pady   5 days ago

    Who is this goofy ass looking dude . Too much teeth for that mouth boyy !!! Horse teeth

  • Code Name
    Code Name   1 weeks ago

    First mom is pissed, I wonder how old she was when she had her first kid.

  • Jonas Voss
    Jonas Voss   1 weeks ago

    Americans... pro's in acting and overreacting. It's a baby. They fucked. No big deal

  • JJ Tuala
    JJ Tuala   1 weeks ago

    landon's dad is so red 17:00

  • Ali Sexton
    Ali Sexton   1 weeks ago

    You and Austin have the best dad in the world he is so fckn awesome!!!!

  • salma escobar
    salma escobar   1 weeks ago

    I still cry seeing your dads reaction🥺💕

  • random stuff
    random stuff   1 weeks ago

    wait how did his dad go from 40 to 65 in two years?

  • C5 YT
    C5 YT   1 weeks ago

    The dad reaction got me tiering up not gonna lie because he just reminded me of my dad :(

  • jack2016
    jack2016   1 weeks ago

    congrats guys, i was watching pranks and i dont know how do i end up here

  • XxV3G4S G1RLxX
    XxV3G4S G1RLxX   2 weeks ago

    Landon’s dad is the most wholesome person ever 🥺😭😭

  • ZyxcaFN
    ZyxcaFN   2 weeks ago

    I wish i had a dad and mom that loved me 💜 😢 😞

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie   2 weeks ago

    First video I’ve ever seen and I’m in tears. Your dad is amazing!!!!! So heartfelt. 💕

  • Eva Valadez
    Eva Valadez   2 weeks ago

    I would be the second mom...Reacting with Actual True Happy Emotions ~ Congratulations!! Beautiful

  • Shanti Kz
    Shanti Kz   2 weeks ago

    Awwww is step mother is so sweet

  • JamariEgdi A
    JamariEgdi A   2 weeks ago

    3 in tears and me in tears. He's a cool father and grandfather!

  • Sam
    Sam   2 weeks ago

    I just watched the baby shower video and I wamted to come back to this video just to watch it over again, even tho I bawled my eyes out lol. Im so beyond happy and excited for you both and I love all three of you so so much. ❤

  • diane pulido
    diane pulido   2 weeks ago

    That man is going to be the best most loving grandfather. What a lucky grandchild.

  • Richa Bir
    Richa Bir   2 weeks ago

    Loved the dads reaction and 2nd moms reaction omg she looked crazy crazy happy and surprised from her heart

  • Apollo2715
    Apollo2715   3 weeks ago

    Landon's dad is goals! My dad is not an emotional guy and I can only remember him crying twice in my life. I hope to have just a small percentage of reaction that his dad gave Landon.

  • Rimar Ramautar
    Rimar Ramautar   3 weeks ago

    Soooooooo from what i see...... Austin fam.are also youtubers and Cat.'s fam.too whattttt?????big youtube fam. I guess.Ace familyThroughoureyes and L&S wowwwww