10 Mind Blowing Simpsons Predictions That Came True (React)

  • Published on: 08 October 2018
  • 10 Mind Blowing Simpsons Predictions reacted to by reactors.
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    Reactors react to 10 mind blowing Simpsons predictions. Watch to see their reactions.

    Reactors featured:

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    10 Mind Blowing Simpsons Predictions (React)
  • Runtime : 10:24
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    REACT   1 years ago

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  • Wbsono Gaming
    Wbsono Gaming   23 hours ago

    Simsons look like they from the future like..

  • Your friend yuli
    Your friend yuli   23 hours ago

    Anyone in 2020 and now every is going crazy so people are waiting when trump dies because of the Simpson’s prediction of him dying

  • Le'ah K
    Le'ah K   2 days ago

    I think because we all have seen Simpsons at one point and we uncautiously remember it and think that that has to happen and lazer we realize why we thought, that that was how it should be... You know what I mean?

  • ThenoobKID XD
    ThenoobKID XD   3 days ago

    This is a year ago so they didn't know about the corona

  • Anton Ihle
    Anton Ihle   6 days ago

    I bet the most of it got influenced by the Simpsons

  • Gabby Walker
    Gabby Walker   1 weeks ago

    only one watching in 2020? they predicted COVID 19 and Cobe dying in a helicopter!!!

  • Tyrone Bowser
    Tyrone Bowser   1 weeks ago

    did they predict it?did they make it happen? that's one secret they'll never tell.Xo Xo,Gossip Girl.

  • Random Person
    Random Person   1 weeks ago

    I wouldn't say the Simpsons crew predicted this, yes they may of influenced a few things like the lady gaga one, but the show has been around for a long time and there is a lot of episodes, if the majority of things the Simpsons said had happened then obviously there is something to it but if you choose the data you want among a large collection you can manipulate that data in such a way to make it seem like a conspiracy, example, if you had a map and circled a bunch of countries you could have it in a way that all those countries could be split up into groups of 3 and can be connected to make right-angle triangles and only right-angle triangles, if you circled every country on a map, split them up into groups of 3 at random and connected them I can almost guarantee not all of those triangles will be right-angle triangles.

  • Liam Yoko
    Liam Yoko   2 weeks ago

    What if everyone is just following whatever happens in the simpsons

  • Devan
    Devan   2 weeks ago

    Take a drink every time one of them unnecessarily says "like".

  • Tomas Mora
    Tomas Mora   2 weeks ago

    If it was a joke then that what he gets he look like a chip

  • Esperanza Pineda
    Esperanza Pineda   2 weeks ago

    The person who made the simpsons has to have like time traveled somehow

  • Big Potato
    Big Potato   3 weeks ago

    Vast majority of things on simpsons never happen. But every now and then in 30 years of shows, they”re gona get some things right. And then everyone focuses in on those few things and are like “omg time travelers!”

  • Gala _ Light
    Gala _ Light   3 weeks ago

    Didnt the Simpson's predict the Coronavirus too?

  • darkrevan2
    darkrevan2   3 weeks ago

    the last one became even more crazier lol. Trump leaves a tanked economy behind.Its pretty much out of his control but the fact that the economy is down and most likely will go down much further DURING his presidentcy.

  • Gaming girl
    Gaming girl   3 weeks ago

    Who is watching this in 2020 and wish they put in the virus one🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Leyah Mak
    Leyah Mak   3 weeks ago

    "Have you been watching the news recently?""Well yeah sometimes I watch fox news"slaps"NO, I mean real news"turns on the Simpsons

  • Kalli Rhyne
    Kalli Rhyne   3 weeks ago

    there are way more though like the twin towers and not just the simsons

  • CO2000A_A
    CO2000A_A   3 weeks ago

    Who knew that the most popular show on Predicted the most big events in history

  • This is Jay
    This is Jay   4 weeks ago

    We all know that Raven Symone tells the Simpson workers about what’s gonna happen 😂

  • Blxe Skyes
    Blxe Skyes   1 months ago

    COUGH COUGH Corona is a thing now and umm Simpsons

  • Uma Chan
    Uma Chan   1 months ago

    Just remember what they said in South Park, "Simpsons did it!". They've been on the air for 30 years. Eventually something they showed could be linked to something that would happen. That's not predicting the future, that's just chance.

  • 05 Belle Yong
    05 Belle Yong   1 months ago

    wait till they realise that corona was also predicted by the simpsons...who here watching this in quarantine --->>>>

  • Itz Danny
    Itz Danny   1 months ago

    Can We Get The Simpsons Director Up In Here To Explain How And Why?!!?!

  • Anna Carrillo
    Anna Carrillo   1 months ago

    What if Simpson’s gave trump the idea to run for president