• Published on: 13 January 2018
  • Watch some of the best magicians perform some of the most amazing magic and illusions on Got Talent Global.

    Richard Jones (Britain's Got Talent):

    Matt Franco:

    Andrew Lee (Asia's Got Talent):

    Issy Simpson:

    Smoothini (America's Got Talent):

    The Sacred Riana:

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  • Runtime : 27:31
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  • SavannaSunsett
    SavannaSunsett   2 weeks ago

    I wanna meet Sacred Riana as long as she doesn't kill me

  • Janira Irizarry
    Janira Irizarry   3 weeks ago


  • K Marie
    K Marie   1 months ago

    I feel like the last one they just said yes cause they don’t want to be cursed.. She needs Jesus

  • Lahari P N
    Lahari P N   1 months ago

    Your super super cute .Sweet girl .

  • Delta689 Galaxy
    Delta689 Galaxy   1 months ago

    And of coarse the 4th is so much cooler than the others I always watch her

  • Miley Galaxy
    Miley Galaxy   1 months ago

    The guy who coughed up the cards just spread cards out in his hand to make it look like he coughed up cards.

  • GoldGamer
    GoldGamer   1 months ago

    The best got talent shows (The Judges of the countries a complete other history!)1.America2.France3.England4.Germany5.Russia6.Slovenia7.Italy8:Spain9.India10. Croatia

  • GoldGamer
    GoldGamer   1 months ago

    Sorry, but the little magician girl nerves! Who know, like the trick goes, will feel with me! The other Magicians are OK, but too, not really..........OMG it give real Magicians!

  • Lexi Magpantay
    Lexi Magpantay   1 months ago

    Why is nobody talking about Smoothini's performance? He's not that amazing but he's a real illusionist.

  • mawliid gostavo
    mawliid gostavo   2 months ago

    Please please please subscribe all friends got talent

  • Johnathan
    Johnathan   2 months ago

    Sacred riana is the best one

  • Saiki Kusuo
    Saiki Kusuo   2 months ago

    Plot twist she used the ouija board

  • DesterN
    DesterN   2 months ago

    I skipped all the amateurs n fast fwd to Sacred Riana. Did u?

    MIMI BABOO   2 months ago

    Magician:judges can i join your table? Judges:noWhat next?

  • Alexandra Dumitru
    Alexandra Dumitru   2 months ago

    OMG ! Riana is super cool ,it like movies horror! Is real show best Riana!

  • mauricio boubou
    mauricio boubou   2 months ago

    de toda esto lo mejor que yo e visto es riana para mi tiene misterio su magia sigue que tiene un lindo futuro riana

  • Nik Cardenas
    Nik Cardenas   2 months ago

    14:40 that guy copied some other girls trick WHo tried out for agt

  • Dying_Rainbow
    Dying_Rainbow   3 months ago

    11:19 It's a slightly moldable metal that when warmed bends easily. I know that trick, I've used it on my little cousins before.

  • Janice Lett
    Janice Lett   3 months ago

    I bet I can flip over your hand without touching it

  • Lindlee Wilson
    Lindlee Wilson   3 months ago

    The second act the book is blank except for the first sentence of the paragraph I saw it