Is Kia Better Than Toyota? Let’s Find Out

  • Published on: 16 February 2020
  • Is Kia Better Than Toyota Rav4, DIY and car review with Scotty Kilmer. Kia Sorento vs Toyota Rav4, which is better? Car comparison. Who makes the best compact SUV. Toyota Rav4 vs Kia Sorento. Toyota Rav4 review. Kia Sorento review. Is Kia better than Toyota? Are KIa Sorentos reliable cars? Are Kia Sorentos worth buying? Are Toyota Rav4s good SUVs? Car Advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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  • Scotty Kilmer
    Scotty Kilmer   1 months ago

    👉Be the First to Get Notified When My New App Launches ▶⬇️Scotty’s Top DIY Tools:1. Bluetooth Scan Tool: Mid-Grade Scan Tool: My Fancy (Originally $5,000) Professional Scan Tool: Cheap Scan Tool: Basic Mechanic Tool Set: Professional Socket Set: 7. Ratcheting Wrench Set: No Charging Required Car Jump Starter: Battery Pack Car Jump Starter:⬇️ Things used in this video:1. Common Sense2. 4k Camera: Camera Microphone: Camera Tripod: My computer for editing / uploading:🛠Check out the tools I use and highly recommend ►🔥Scotty Shirts and Merch ► and hit the notification bell! ► on Social:Facebook ► ► ►

  • Heeem- SS
    Heeem- SS   1 weeks ago

    كيا سورينتو لايقارن ب تويوتا راف فور كيا سورنتو اكبر وذو ثلاث صفوف من المقاعد من راف فور

  • Robby.Izaak
    Robby.Izaak   2 weeks ago

    Ok... BIG mistake.... STOP COMPARING SMALL CROSSOVERS WITH MIDSIZE CROSSOVERS! RavSmall4 is NOT in the same category, Sorento is WAY bigger and has 3rd row seat... **Sorento-Highlander... Sportage-Rav4** Ok? Ok! Phew! So with that being said, its a bargain high quality vehicle clearly better than any Toyota in terms of value, quality awards and just depends on taste and budget. That clarifies the rest of the video. U welcome. 👍🏽

  • Steve
    Steve   2 weeks ago

    Whenever a spark plug or wire is suspected to be an issue, simply swapping with another cylinder could pinpoint the problem. Checking the resistance value of the spark plug wires would reveal any issues as well but don't just assume a new plug wire would cure a problem because I've found quite a few brand new ones to be worse than the old ones. BTW, I've found generic vs brand doesn't matter anymore so a cheap ohmmeter can save lots of headaches, and they're often less than $10

  • Y D
    Y D   3 weeks ago

    I have a KIA bought it new, it's so cheap that I think it's a disposable Reliable A to B car with modern "Smart"" basic Features.

  • Fevian Cortes
    Fevian Cortes   3 weeks ago

    The Sorento competes with the Highlander, not the Rav4! The Rav4 seats 5 whereas the Sorento can seat 7. The Rav4 competes with the Sportage. Now the Telluride competes with the new Highlander since its bigger than the Sorento.

  • joshua knows
    joshua knows   3 weeks ago

    The kia telluride is amazing luxury ride compared anything Toyota or Honda has for suv period 👍👍👍

  • kanman staypositive
    kanman staypositive   3 weeks ago

    We had a 2016 kia sorento the same color with 80k miles then we traded it in for a 3 row 2019 kia sorento

  • kanman staypositive
    kanman staypositive   3 weeks ago

    Scotty the sorento come in 3rd row seating option and in a rav4 you didn't

  • Louie Munoz
    Louie Munoz   3 weeks ago

    Do these SUVs have a cvt transmission?

  • Curt S
    Curt S   3 weeks ago

    Yup, Kia getting very close to toyota quality AND a better warranty

  • Roozbeh Behrangi
    Roozbeh Behrangi   3 weeks ago

    Dear scotty rav4 is comparable with storage and not sorento.

  • Ramadon Rivera
    Ramadon Rivera   3 weeks ago

    Scotty is a legend on knowledge about vehicles 🚗💯😎🙏🏼✅👌😀

  • jeverett72
    jeverett72   3 weeks ago

    17 city/23 highway? That's atrocious! Seems to be the only downside for Korean cars. Except for the hybrid cars, Kia and Hyundai get pretty bad mileage. They need to step up their game and come out with more hybrid and plug in hybrid cars.

  • michael michaud
    michael michaud   3 weeks ago

    I have a 2015 sorento AWD 2.4 sorento I bought new and I am very hard on it. 70k miles today and still runs and shifts like a dream. Never had a problem with it. First set of tires lasted me 60k and I got 55k out of the original breaks and rotors. Still looks and feels new. Goes out in every snow storm and plows threw the snow with my Michelin snow tires. I can not wait to get the new 2021. This one we will keep as extra.

  • John Smith
    John Smith   3 weeks ago

    The Sportage was the Rav4 equivalent. (Compact SUV) The Sorento was Mid size SUV like the Highlander.

  • Gsmack96
    Gsmack96   3 weeks ago

    2019 Kia Forte S model is what I have and I love the car.. Bought it with 28 miles on it. Great car!

  • Tinsley & Big Dreams
    Tinsley & Big Dreams   4 weeks ago

    Hey Scotty, just changed my brakes and rotors on my 95 Ford Ranger, your favorite Auto store O'Reilly's gave me rotors that did not have the ABS ring on the back of the rotor, other than the light coming on at all times is that a big deal not having the not having ABS ring on the rotor on the front? Thanks a lot keep doing what you do!!!! And don't mind my YouTube name my daughter took over for my page

  • will green
    will green   4 weeks ago

    My 2016 kia sportage motor was replace by dealer under warranty .

  • Ian Jung
    Ian Jung   4 weeks ago

    New Kia/Hyundai is better than Toyota/Honda. Better in design, reliability and technology

  • RJ mi
    RJ mi   4 weeks ago

    I can ONLY speak to my 2007 V6 that I got crazy factory and dealer incentives that made it 6k less then what dealers wanted for a Camry with less equipment. Car was 100% flawless for 100K after 12 years and did not show any age living outside in NE. Engine, Trans, Body (underneath as well), Paint and interior. The car MIGHT have puked at later date but it ran like day one at 100K and I see them with 160 + miles and they look to age similarly to mine.This twitchy eccentric IS making some sense here.Because of my Sonata. I just bought a 19 GT Line for about 4 grand less then a similar Honda product.

  • Nick Bennett
    Nick Bennett   4 weeks ago

    The Sorento should be compared to a Highlander not a RAV4.

  • Shells
    Shells   1 months ago

    I learn so much from this channel

  • Emiliano López
    Emiliano López   1 months ago

    There is a 2.7 liter 4 cylinder engine over base Highlanders and base Siennas. That 2.7 makes the same 185 hp of the base Sorento with strongly worse gas mileage. 2.4 Sportage make better gas mileage than 2.5 Rav4.Kia/Hyundai are growing up really well and fast, they won to Chrysler, Ford , GM, Nissan, Subaru and Honda in dependability, maybe soon they'll get Toyota.

  • Ian Richardson
    Ian Richardson   1 months ago

    Korean is obviously not a second language for Scotty, but he knows how to pronounce Hyundai! Give that Redline Hyundai PR /Advertising spokesman a lesson please.... Not that I'll be watching him again! :-0

  • Living In an Inverse Reality Aka Clown World

    I've a 2015 Kia Sorento with 81,000 miles (2.4 liter). It is bad on gas, but maybe I have some minor engine troubles. Hope the transmission lasts longer than 125K. We just payed it off. No problems at all though. Just brakes and oil changes, thus far. I wonder if it uses the same 6 speed auto as the 2016? Lastly, i read somewhere the transmissions are Mitsubishi

  • Jerry Herold
    Jerry Herold   1 months ago

    Hey Scotty love your channel I think the Sorrento is comparable to the Highlander more so then the RAV4 do you have the same opinion?

  • Coneasy15 15
    Coneasy15 15   1 months ago

    Scotty I need help! My girlfriend wants a Kia Soul. She's stuck on the car cause she thinks it's "cute". Please give me your input about the car new and old and what could be a better option for her. Thankyou for your help :)

  • Grieg Ragen
    Grieg Ragen   1 months ago

    The 2.0 in the 2019 is the same one that was in the 2017 Forte and that debuted in the Hyundai Elantra. It is not a GDI, it is MPI and runs on the Atkinson Cycle.Jan 22, 2018

  • mrvoyagerm
    mrvoyagerm   1 months ago

    65000 miles and you have to change the brake pads on the front of the KIA? That's about 35,000 miles sooner than on the Toyota. Just sayin.