Yu-Gi-Oh! Poker Night

  • Published on: 20 June 2019
  • Dave brings his new friend Yu-Gi-Oh to Poker Night, but Yu-Gi-Oh has more experience with cards than anyone knew!

    Executive Produced by Tom Jenkins
    Produced by Ben 'Big Boy' Michael
    Written by Ben 'Big Boy' Michael
    Animated by Josh Floyd
    Backgrounds by Isa Gross
    Colour and Additional Lip-sync by Claire MacKenzie
    Lip Sync and Additional Inbetweens by Jacques Theron
    Additional Cleanup and Inbetweens by Sean Peirson
    Voice of Mrs P by Tamara Ryan
    Voice of Chuck and Yu-Gi-Oh by Ethan Gallardo
    Voice of Dan by Kevin Andrew Rivera
    Voice of Dave by Alex Walker Smith
    Edit and Sound Design by Jason Dewey
    Music Composed by Alex Walker Smith

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  • Runtime : 6:23
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  • mashed
    mashed   9 months ago

    What card game should Yu-Gi-Oh play next??? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW 🃏🃏🃏🃏🃏

  • the art kid
    the art kid   1 hours ago

    My dad despised this show becuase of how unmanly it is because its just people. Literally playing a kids version of magic the gathering

  • Frank Axe
    Frank Axe   19 hours ago

    I have a head band that turns me in to a grown up version of my self named Naruto.

  • Mr. Noice
    Mr. Noice   1 days ago

    4:18:" me when I blame my older sibling for something I did"

  • Buf.Aviation
    Buf.Aviation   1 days ago

    What kind of poker are they playing? There are no wild cards in poker, you don’t hold your cards, you get only 2 cards you can’t ask for more, you bet chips not paper cash, yugi has 3 of a kind jacks which would beat 2 pairs but yugi could only have 2 on the table but he would have to find his 3rd on either the flop, turn or river. There is one assigned dealer, they can’t take turns dealing, using your own deck if your not the host is against all rules and that’s immediate elimination. If yugi goes all in, the others can’t call because yugi won the first hand. If yugi goes all in the second hand the other players would not have enough money to call that. They would have to go all in as well. When yugi uses the “one eyed jack” as a wild card, ... THERE IS NO WILD CARDS! I liked the animation and all but that was not real poker lol

  • Mad Max
    Mad Max   1 days ago

    Yes sadly he’s cute and adorable and then he’s cool and serious

  • F Grizz31
    F Grizz31   1 days ago

    Luv that exodia obliterate 😂

  • corey hobby
    corey hobby   2 days ago

    When your friend introduce you to yugioh

  • ramabusa995
    ramabusa995   2 days ago

    Hilarious. I laugh from the beginning to the end. "Belt in his neck"

  • fox y
    fox y   2 days ago

    I'm just one minute in and I already wanted to stop watching

  • Alex The Gamedestroyer


  • Antonio Ferrari
    Antonio Ferrari   3 days ago

    Am I the only one who would kill for you go oh in poker night at the inventory?

  • Athan Burke
    Athan Burke   3 days ago

    This is what it felt like playing pokemon with the bois

  • paint master
    paint master   3 days ago

    Wow a giant nut of a giant in the kitchen 😮 😂💀!?

  • DMG Mana
    DMG Mana   3 days ago


  • Mr. Meme
    Mr. Meme   3 days ago

    There was actually a gas leak in the house

  • Me Awesome
    Me Awesome   3 days ago

    I laughed my ass of watching this

  • Christopher
    Christopher   4 days ago

    "It will be impossible for you to defeat me when I'm safe inside my full house!" Summons The Full House House

  • Zornamations
    Zornamations   4 days ago

    When yugi goes sicko mode. "did his testicles just drop in the last 5 seconds?"

  • The 3 Ply Spy
    The 3 Ply Spy   4 days ago

    When he said ‘eight of hearts’ at 3:24 it sounded like donkey from shrek

  • Lance Lansdown
    Lance Lansdown   4 days ago

    That was one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Good job.

  • Jenni A.
    Jenni A.   4 days ago

    Lol why am I here? I was trying to learn how to play poker and now I'm here! 😂 A+ video dude!