10 STRANGE Requirements To Work As A Disney Princess

  • Published on: 14 July 2017
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    10 Weirdest things girls have to do to work as a Disney princess at Disneyland.

    From a young age, girls are taught that Disney Princesses rank supreme. So, when they grow up, many of these girls want to be just like a Disney Princess. This leads to hundreds of women auditioning for these roles at Disney theme parks, but many of them may not know what they are in for. These are ten strange requirements to work as a Disney Princess.

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  • sophia 896
    sophia 896   23 hours ago

    me wanting be a disney princess but also being 5'0 and not being able to stand the heat

  • Leona van Kempen
    Leona van Kempen   1 days ago

    How do they know if you talk about your work with your friends or family?

  • Ethan Croft
    Ethan Croft   1 days ago

    "The only Snow White who had brown eyes." I thought they all had to look alike?

  • Ethan Croft
    Ethan Croft   1 days ago

    This lady sounds shocked that people who are hired as actresses actually need to look like the people they are portraying. The audacity of saying a 35 year obese midget can't play a 16 year old princess.

  • Mele Main
    Mele Main   1 weeks ago

    The height requirements just smashed my dreams, because I am too tall

  • noodlie aloon
    noodlie aloon   1 weeks ago

    To anyone looking to audition to be a Disney princess or any other character, do not get your facts from this video. It's riddled with misinformation and straight-up lies. Believe it or not, Disney isn't THAT cruel.

  • Siloduzstuff For Cats

    Why are there no overwheight Disney Princesses. Women off all sizes as characters should be a good influence to girls like them. Not just skinny women.

  • The queen of instruments

    Back in 2016 i was in Fantasy Land at Disney and I saw to Disney princesses walk towards me and my family and “They aw Air Conditioning” um princesses do not what air conditioning is... and I think they have might have broke character a little bit in front of us for a few seconds just sayin. And just remembering it now, and I was like woww.

  • Min Yoori
    Min Yoori   1 weeks ago

    It's Like being a Kpop Idol.

  • Marieke Salomons
    Marieke Salomons   1 weeks ago

    'happened when they were 19, which was 13 years earlier'Wasn't 27 the maximum age for a disney princess?

  • Yankeedog_Gacha
    Yankeedog_Gacha   1 weeks ago

    I think that it’s awsome that they can get there dream job, but dang thats hard.

  • Dang Utube
    Dang Utube   2 weeks ago

    The narrators voice is like nails on a chalkboard!!

  • Jessica The Iceberg
    Jessica The Iceberg   2 weeks ago

    A lot of this is kinda true, but not the whole truth.For the height limit: while they do want you to be in a certain height range, it also depends on the people who are already playing that role. Like, if there’s already a 5’8 belle, than they will most likely pick another girl that’s 5’8 or close to that to be belle.Weight (size) limit: this is true. They do only allow people to wear size 10 and under. But, that’s in Disney size. Disney has its own sizing, that generally runs larger. So really it’s not that shocking. Besides, in the movies, the princesses are skinny.Age limit: like they said, it does make sense. But, there are exceptions. Like if you are 20, but look 30, you probably won’t get the role. and if your 30 but look 20, you will still be allowed to work there.Weather: while yes, they do have to be in the sun all day, it’s not as bad as it seems. If it’s really hot, sometimes they will get 30 minute breaks. And in the winter, they do have winter outfits. Social media: While it is true they can’t go around telling everyone they are Snow White, it’s not as bad as it sounds. They are allowed to tell their family and friends about who they play. But it is true they can’t tell their family that it’s them.They can use social media, they just have to use the “Disney terms.” They can say they are “friends with” or “hanging out with” the character, instead of saying they are that character. They can take pictures of them in costume, though. And they are allowed to talk on social media about guests. So that’s not true at all.Improv: yes, this is true. They have to answer the questions, and as their character. But they can say “I don’t know.” If you ask them questions, most of the time they will give indirect or vague answers, but if needed, they can say “I don’t know.”If there’s any other questions, I’ll answer them below:

  • Josephine Nilsson
    Josephine Nilsson   2 weeks ago

    What’s chocking to me is not the requirements from D’s point of view, but that anyone would ever want to do this job. Sounds like the worst job ever.

  • Brit U
    Brit U   3 weeks ago

    “Size 10 is well below the average size for American women.” I wonder what me being a size 2 in dresses means....

  • Eevee The Fox
    Eevee The Fox   4 weeks ago

    even though i saw this vid i still wanna work at disney. IN 7 YEARS I CAN DO IT!

  • Cassie Kaiser
    Cassie Kaiser   1 months ago

    I follow both Anna and Elsa of Disney World on Instagram right now, they post videos and pictures to this day.

  • Erika Stone
    Erika Stone   1 months ago

    Do you also have to be a certain nationality to play a certain Disney princess? It looks like if you have tan skin you only have the choice of being Moana or Pocahontas or play both, that doesn't make any sense cuz Pocahontas is native American and Moana is Hawaiian. Do you have to have a certain hair color to play a certain princess too? And it looks like if an Asian person were to audition they would have to be Mulan wether they're Chinese or not.

  • Leah Gee
    Leah Gee   1 months ago

    The narrator sounds like she’s bored to death and wants to die

  • ZayEx 12
    ZayEx 12   1 months ago

    Lucky I love anime more when I was that pishofshi3yearold. Rn, just put on a cat ears or a Naruto head band and you'll be praised "YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!"

  • ZayEx 12
    ZayEx 12   1 months ago

    I'm 14 and I'm lucky my parents raised me strictly or else I would end up in a house of 7 dwarfs and eat a red apple which is obviously (obvious even for blind people) poisoned by the old woman.

  • Charissa Shamley
    Charissa Shamley   1 months ago

    You know what.. I think that would be great If Disney's next princess was a bigger girl!!

  • xxTomxx
    xxTomxx   1 months ago

    Gwen Stefani could do it forever…

  • Kat Millie
    Kat Millie   1 months ago

    My mom was friends with Alice. She said that it's really hard to do college while working there. They hire two people. One for 5 weekdays and one for the weekends. She said her audition was really easy as well

  • Todd Goebel
    Todd Goebel   1 months ago

    Am I the only one who noticed uncle Jessie from full house standing next to bell and Cinderella

  • A Simpson
    A Simpson   1 months ago

    I don’t care about this video I still want to be a Disney princess

  • jp22
    jp22   1 months ago

    Im 27 and I still get asked if im in high school thank you very much. Lol sheesh. This video makes women nearing 30 seem sO oLd

  • Mike T
    Mike T   1 months ago

    So they're basically strippers but don't have to take their clothes off

  • Lucy TheWerewolf
    Lucy TheWerewolf   1 months ago

    My mom is almost 60 and she looks like shes in her early 30s...she doesnt use any products, she just looks really young and she's really beautiful, and....I literally look like a 4th grader...when im in 10th grade...im also really short....everyone treats me like a baby....excepts my parents, i never was treated like a baby by my parents, cause.....they never felt like i was a baby....when i was 3 i would talk to them and they would talk to me like i was an adult XD

  • Calla Jessica
    Calla Jessica   1 months ago

    When I was about 3 my parents took me to Disney and I asked Cinderella why her shoes had straps... TALK ABOUT IMPROV!!! The girl playing her said the Fairy Godmother changed them so they wouldn't fall off and I still remember it to this day <3

  • Phoebe Oatham
    Phoebe Oatham   2 months ago

    But I thought it said they couldn’t work past 27 if they were arrested at 19 and hired 13 years later wouldn’t they be 32

  • Lowri Hern
    Lowri Hern   2 months ago

    Many princess’ from the Disney parks have social media so this is possibly an outdated rule

  • Chuchukitty
    Chuchukitty   2 months ago

    for how strict they are, not a lot of the actresses look like the princesses or fit them very well.

  • Lowri and Seren
    Lowri and Seren   2 months ago

    What’s the point if being a Disney princess if you can’t even post about to?Might be thy r most tragic thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life

    BARBATVS 89   2 months ago

    We become adults by reaching puberty. Only libtards believe 18 is a magic number.