Skater XL - Announcement Trailer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 19 August 2019
  • Created by a team of passionate skateboarders, Skater XL is the most authentic and true to life skateboarding game that has ever been created. Unlike any skating game before it, Skater XL’s unique controls allow players to add style and expression to their tricks without the limits of pre-made animations. Players are in full control of the tricks they do, and how they do them. Your tricks. Your style. Skater XL releases 2020.

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  • Runtime : 1:8
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  • Major Gaming
    Major Gaming   2 days ago

    Loving this game, just dropped my first park edit!

  • Apeonkrack 98
    Apeonkrack 98   3 days ago

    When’s this game coming out bruh I’ve been waiting

  • John C.
    John C.   3 days ago

    Bruh It’s Annoying To Read Idiots Complaining About A Game That Hasn’t Even Cane Out Yet, Like Damn Skate 3 Was Made By A Huge Company And This Is Just An Indie Game, Give Them Some Time

  • redsooty 999
    redsooty 999   5 days ago

    WHY ISNT SKATE 3 :,v If skate 3 releases for switch i’ll say:Shut up and take my money

  • Saul Gudino
    Saul Gudino   6 days ago

    Looks like it needs an open world environment. You can’t just have maps, skate, and leave the game. This looks like a really good game. It just needs the skate 3 part that it’s missing

  • PROZACK 420
    PROZACK 420   1 weeks ago

    I just bought a switch! Let's goooooo!

  • alaa2409
    alaa2409   1 weeks ago

    I don’t want these skate 3 ripoffs I want the real deal

  • About That Tho
    About That Tho   2 weeks ago

    I need a tony hawk underground 2 remastered for the switch.

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C   2 weeks ago

    Idk about it. Skate 3 was pretty good and I hope this will be better than that.

  • Zacri
    Zacri   2 weeks ago

    Skate 3 port....... Please

  • Bailey Terry
    Bailey Terry   3 weeks ago

    Any clue on a release date for the switch?

  • Daner B
    Daner B   3 weeks ago


  • Madbeens RC
    Madbeens RC   3 weeks ago

    Skater XL is you and skate 4 is the guy she tells you hypothetically not to worry about

    POWER PRODUCTIONS   1 months ago

    For all those complaining about the environment, this game is literally skateboard heaven, i dont think they even made this for the money, this was done for pure love of skating and its a gem that fits in perfectly with the style of games made exclusively for switch even though this is a port

  • ryzxin
    ryzxin   1 months ago

    I wish this would drop already

  • Benikaya
    Benikaya   1 months ago

    Come on man it is 2020 where the game at 😭

  • Aaron Dostal
    Aaron Dostal   1 months ago

    It’s definitely more like skate then the Tony Hawk games which I love but it’s what I get so I’ll take it hopefully it’s fun to play

  • 22TV
    22TV   1 months ago

    Can someone please keep me updated with the nintendo switch release date if they find it thank you

  • Joel Wall
    Joel Wall   1 months ago

    Everyone here talking about skate 4 but honestly im so excited that theres 3D skate game coming to handheld ive been wanting that for years