UFC 241: Post-fight Press Conference

  • Published on: 18 August 2019
  • Watch the UFC 241: Cormier vs Miocic 2 Post-fight Press Conference live following the event.

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  • Runtime : 1:41:8
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  • Malyar Alkozai
    Malyar Alkozai   1 months ago

    1:16:46 Nate didn’t knew who covington was 😂

  • snorlaxcom
    snorlaxcom   4 months ago

    Here for Nate cause he's a needle mover. Not staying to listen to these bums before and after this press convo.

  • Pedro Pablo Ceron
    Pedro Pablo Ceron   4 months ago

    No doubt costa could defeat whittaker or adesanya bit this fight against romero he didnt won, he got an asswhopping.

  • 2020Mastro
    2020Mastro   5 months ago

    i never liked the diaz brothers ........BUT GOTTA ADMIT THEY ARE HYSTERICAL AT PRESS CONFERENCES .....and good fighters .....

  • Joshua Howard
    Joshua Howard   5 months ago

    They was all tryna work together to run that fade on Colby fr 🤣🤣

  • Yousif H
    Yousif H   5 months ago

    Is it me or does Stipe look like The Joker?

  • Denise Mitchell
    Denise Mitchell   5 months ago

    Just got my tickets for 244 can't wait let's goooooNate

  • Iglesias Byron
    Iglesias Byron   5 months ago

    Middle school wannabe. Everyone in the bay knows this skinny boy was getting punked and put straight.

  • Doctor Sk
    Doctor Sk   5 months ago

    Nate is just opposite of Tony 😅

    LION KING   5 months ago

    The Australian Card Needs to have: Whittaker vs Adesanya - main Holloway vs Volkanovski - co-mainTuavasa vs Overeem Jim Crute vs Volkov Dan Hooker vs Megan Anderson vs

  • Cody Osborn
    Cody Osborn   5 months ago

    So what I've learned from the chat is: Joe Rogan died in a horrible sinkhole accident.

  • Gary
    Gary   5 months ago

    Nate's the shit

  • Carl Björkman Winther
    Carl Björkman Winther   5 months ago

    Costa’s translator looks really mad, like really mad. Like he’s angry about some beef he had with another kid back in hs.

  • elitist douche bag
    elitist douche bag   5 months ago

    https://youtu.be/XBcJonsnGMcCormier was never the real champ, he was a hypocrite and a fraud. He blatantly cheated in the first fight, tried to avoid the rematch, and then cheated AGAIN in the second fight. Supporting people who deliberately eye gouge and not only cheat but risk blinding their opponent in the process is IMMORAL. I told these fucking idiots he only won that fight because of the eye gouges but mma fans are a bunch of dumb bandwagoners. Fuck cormier. His nice guy persona is a facade. He is a glorified piece of shit.

  • Max Moore
    Max Moore   5 months ago

    Romero won and Stipe best heavyweight ever until someone else does what he didPeople starting mess with Colby???Colby talks shit to people. Sorry but he does. All this shit ain't necessary and now the guy can't go anywhere without possibly being beat up. Stop.This shit is annoying

  • Do y0
    Do y0   5 months ago

    Tommy Toe Hold , Get your shit together IM WAITING FOR YA

  • Code Politics
    Code Politics   5 months ago

    The Diaz brother are an absolute class act in fighting parlance. Beyond that, they walk the talk, that is far more appealing than hyped-up, no-loss, armani suit-wearing cucks.

  • The Hat
    The Hat   5 months ago

    Stipe is the real life Rocky

  • Luke Brunet
    Luke Brunet   6 months ago

    Nate Diaz has that contender Conor energy. Funny that their fortunes are reversing now

  • K J
    K J   6 months ago

    "Ive been here for 40 years, fightin, still killin" Nate Diaz (34)

    HIKE4LIFE   6 months ago

    Miocic looked like an idiot with that fucking bow tie and purple fucking suit,with that stupid looking vest. Fuck man, I hate when they get all dressed up when they NEVER dress like that normally. Bring back Chuck Liddell

    HIKE4LIFE   6 months ago

    "Pffft...I've been a father for years, I been fathering all kinds of these little mother fuckers" LMAO 😂🤣 this is why people love Nate,he says whatever the fuck he wants. Plus he's a badass motherfucker!!!

    XX IVQZ   6 months ago

    Costa was the clear winner against Romero (make no mistake about it, Dana). He couldn't knock Romero out, true, but he dominated him almost the entire fight. Romero's resilience, on the other hand, was admirable (he got pummeled, yet he made it to the final round). But you don't prove you're better than your opponent simply by not losing. You gotta win; you gotta win or prove that you've been the superior fighter. And Romero never really managed to do that (he did use every single trick in the book, though, to buy some extra time for himself, thus avoiding Costa's relentless pressure). Costa was the deserved winner in this fight.

  • Sunac Sunacasti
    Sunac Sunacasti   6 months ago

    Nate Diaz, one of THE REALEST IN THE GAME !!!!!!!!! "I am looking for a badass fight" - That's the essence of this game !!!!!!!!!! A Real Oldschool dude ; Nate is not there for the money, he's there because he only wants to fight with the best and be THE BEST !!!!!!!! HUGE RESPECT for Nate from Europe !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1 2
    1 2   6 months ago

    "With this belt I want to defend it against Jorge Masvidal." What belt ? The Baddest Mother Fucker belt !!!!

  • kurtmacready
    kurtmacready   6 months ago

    "I'm gonna be 37 on Monday... I feel like I'm 98 right now." lmao I bet. Great fight, Stipe!

  • Mr Mox
    Mr Mox   6 months ago

    "i be here in 40 years, fighting.. still killin'" lol

  • J L
    J L   6 months ago

    Great camera work ESPN...Oh and the audio is even better!