Bride Surprised At Wedding By Man Who Received Her Late Son’s Heart | NBC Nightly News

  • Published on: 14 July 2017
  • The surprise meeting was organized by Becky Turney’s fiance, Kelly, giving her the chance to meet Jacob Kilby, the young man carrying her son's heart, for the very first time.
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    Bride Surprised At Wedding By Man Who Received Her Late Son’s Heart | NBC Nightly News
  • Runtime : 2:
  • NBC Nightly News Nightly News NBC Lester Holt NBC News Breaking News US News World News Politics News Current Events Top Stories Bride Surprised Received Her Late Son Late Son’s Heart Becky Turney Becky Turney’s fiance Kelly Jacob Kilby news news channel news station newspaper politics pop culture business health bride wedding surprise viral weddings wedding video heart transplant bride surprised by man with her son's heart


  • LoveHonorRespect
    LoveHonorRespect   7 months ago

    Stories like these gives me hope with all the senseless mass shooting going on

  • January Snow
    January Snow   9 months ago

    Being a donor isn’t safe. You will be worth more money dead then alive to doctors these days. Just don’t trust anyone. You can go to the hospital with the flu, and never come out alive if you are a donor. It’s happened to many “donors” already. Thus I will never be a donor and I encourage everyone not to sign up to have their lives snuffed out of them for their body parts that will be SOLD for big $$$$

  • Cynthia Ahern
    Cynthia Ahern   9 months ago

    A year later just watch this I am crying. Wonderful. Oops crying again

  • Frank Perez
    Frank Perez   9 months ago

    That's cool your son it's gone but his still here God bless that heart 😂

  • Dani
    Dani   9 months ago

    Incredible...sad but beautiful

  • Karen M
    Karen M   9 months ago

    This is the way we SHOULD be. 👏👏👏👍👍

  • David Sewell Clarke
    David Sewell Clarke   9 months ago

    This young man is living because her sons HEART is beating inside of him. I've had a Heart attack, I have inside of me I havd a CRT-D ( Cadiac Resynchronisation Therapy Defibrillator ) . I'm LIVING because of this device . You 131 THUMB DOWNERS have no HEART, unless it's made of stone. I pray that you'll not need a new HEART or CRT-D . Shame on you all.

  • Madame Tia
    Madame Tia   9 months ago

    😭😭THIS TOUCHED MY HEART!❤❤❤I can't stop crying!

  • bluesun star
    bluesun star   9 months ago

    what a lovely story!though it was confusing re: the editing.. so, not sure who was saying, "our son." but whether his dad was a guest that day and is the one talking over the footage (like if the parents waited years to get married) or if the stepdad/new husband helped mom raise him, that was an amazing wedding gift for sure! and guessing rules have changed about recipients and donor families being given each other's contact info? or is it now like adoption and sperm and egg donorship - where mutual consent is now an option?

  • CJ GH
    CJ GH   9 months ago

    Tears and tears, and tears. Wow.😭😭😭

  • Falcon
    Falcon   9 months ago

    How do I stop YouTube recommendations? I'm sick of crying...

  • lang 1007
    lang 1007   9 months ago

    Ahh, when I see her listening to the stethoscope on his chest...

  • gemini92406 r
    gemini92406 r   9 months ago

    It's not easy to make this man cry...... this got me, and nobody is cutting onions.

  • Frances Marshall
    Frances Marshall   9 months ago

    I would be so honored to be able to hear my son beating in this young man. What a wedding gift! 💖

  • Andy Miller
    Andy Miller   9 months ago

    This is the only part of NBC that I can tolerate. I used to work for an NBC affiliate and used to be very loyal. With so much poor reporting of facts I unsubscribed recently. I'm saddened by the choices of management. Maybe one day I'll give them another chance. Have a great day.

  • Netty Gengaro
    Netty Gengaro   9 months ago

    Yoooo he look like he is her son too! God bless all of them🙏🏼❤

  • K MK
    K MK   9 months ago

    Tearing up. Onion cutting ninjas have broken into my house......

  • oz zy
    oz zy   9 months ago

    Omg 😭😭

  • Dawn S
    Dawn S   9 months ago

    Beautiful! 😭😭

  • Elizabeth Gaspar
    Elizabeth Gaspar   9 months ago

    Beautiful just beautiful what else is there to say besides god bless all 3 of them ❤❤❤

  • wilfredo rivera
    wilfredo rivera   9 months ago

    What an amazing gift, and congratulations young lady. May God bless you and your son still living! 👏❤🇺🇸🇵🇷🎵⚘

  • HolySmokes
    HolySmokes   9 months ago

    Just reading the title of this makes me cry. We made the decision to donate my 26 yr old son's heart a few months ago. He was a pedestrian, mowed down by a driver high on fentanyl and morphine. My son had the biggest heart. The kindest, strongest person to all who knew him. He didnt get his chance to accomplish what he was capable of in his physical life, it seemed like the most natural thing, to give someone else that chance. I hope to someday meet his recipient, but right now, my grief is too raw. Someday, i will....

  • Tineke Williams
    Tineke Williams   9 months ago

    O gosh, that made me cry in the middle of a coffee lounge , awww! So beautiful!!!!

  • ChrisCrashNow
    ChrisCrashNow   9 months ago

    I'm not crying, my eyes are sweating real bad

  • pinkyt67
    pinkyt67   9 months ago