Dalai Lama: "Anger, hatred, fear, is very bad for our health"

  • Published on: 22 October 2013
  • The Dalai Lama is the spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhists. While visiting New York, he spoke with "CBS This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell about mental health, politics with China, and the chance of a female Dalai Lama.
  • Runtime : 5:57
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  • Kouliany
    Kouliany   5 days ago

    It’s funny how this charlie rose guy is makin fun of the guy, but now got fired for sexual harassment at work

  • Zed Edge
    Zed Edge   2 weeks ago


  • Sudhakar
    Sudhakar   1 months ago

    That TV channel should fire those two arrogant anchors. Very distasteful.

  • Don Tran
    Don Tran   1 months ago

    The dalai lama is a real-life Yoda

  • Phantasm Theater
    Phantasm Theater   1 months ago

    Know what? All you people defending this man don't have my perspective. I practiced Tibetan Buddhism for 20 years as part of the Tibetan Karma Kagyu lineage and guess what? Buddhism has every bit of the same corruption as Christian Churches and American Consumerism.Know why? BECAUSE PEOPLE ARE CORRUPT AND CORRUPTION IS THEIR TRUE RELIGION. HUMAN BEINGS WILL CHOOSE THE DEVIL EVERY TIME AND THEN GET ALL OFFENDED WHEN YOU CALL THEM ON IT. So let's stop being all moist and dewy about the Dalai Lama AND his subordinates. Corrupt to the core, all of them. Whether it's Tenzin Gyatso, Tensin Dhonden, Chogyam Trungpa (who raped several female disciples and was never charged), and I can go on and on and on. Drop the "Oh, oh, I am an angelic being and find your outrage offensive" routine. You have darkness. Yours is worse than mine because I DO NOT DENY THAT I AM OF THE DARK. You do. You with your Oprahs and talk shows and self-help and holier than thou and political correctness.....YOU ARE ALL CORRUPT AND DAMNABLE AND AT LEAST HALF OF YOU ARE LIARS ON TOP OF IT. Now DROP the fake moral outrage you worms.

  • Anthony G
    Anthony G   1 months ago

    U can see how asleep they are in America making fun of this peaceful and loving master 🧘🏽‍♂️👏🏼✨ and even in China calling him a demon cuz he’s so wisely spiritual and peaceful ? That’s what I mean, to everyone is funny to be at peace and full with love so who are the real demons ? Wake up ppl peace love & UNDERSTANDING is the way to be, get the religion idea out of your hearts and minds it will only cause confusion and separation with us “HUMAN RACE” WE ARE ALL ONE, RELIGION IS BEING RUN thru right and wrong and EVERYONE WANTS TO BE RIGHT THAT IS OUR EGO THATS OUR DEMON INSIDE US UNTIL WE LEARN TO SEARCH INTO OUR INNER LIGHT OUR INNER CHILD and that is the caos in mankind today NOT REALIZING HOW THIS SYSTEM WORKS THE “matrix”.. ITS THE SYSTEM wake up we ARE THE RELIGION INSIDE ALL OF US THE RELIGION OF MANKIND IS TO LIVE IN PEACE AND with Unconditional love that is our natural religion on MOTHER EARTH .. bless you all fill your hearts with PEACE AND LOVE, DESTROY YOUR EGO AND BE REBORN AGAIN WE WERE BORN AS PURE LIGHT WE WERENT BORN TO BE EVIL NOR TO HAVE EGO NOR HATRED NOR BE in competition with one another

  • Mama Coco
    Mama Coco   1 months ago

    Deli lama is a total narcissistic charlatan goes from 5 star ⭐️ hotel to 5 star hotel drinking champagne 🍾 while his country folk suffer..he ran away as fast as he could pockets stuffed full of Gold..✨✨✨✨👹😈👹✨✨✨✨

  • Stewart Bone
    Stewart Bone   2 months ago

    Host just has to be ignorant. However, she ends up demeaning herself. The DL is a league above these clowns.

  • Jefferson Airplane
    Jefferson Airplane   2 months ago

    Seeing lady in tight yellow dress, not allowed to make lemonade 🤘🙏

  • Andnrew Morris
    Andnrew Morris   2 months ago

    Charlie Rose getting off on the beautiful women comment. In retrospect. EWWWW. Charlie, the serial sexual harasser.

  • Atashak Gem
    Atashak Gem   2 months ago

    Ridiculous report, shallow typical stupid USA tv 😓😓🤐

  • contessa
    contessa   2 months ago

    I do not hate the reporters for there ignorance but still mockery/bullying leads to Sadness and sadness if left untreated leads to depression and anxiety this ultimately leads to death if you are experiencing sadness or depression please let someone know and get help it will get better as long as you can ask for helpAnd if you mock/bully others for what they do I'm not mad i'm just disappointed and ask you to stop the cycle of hatered

  • Te Ya
    Te Ya   2 months ago

    Long live his holiness 🙏🏼

  • A G
    A G   2 months ago

    Fear has been controlling my life for over 8-9 years now.Feels bad.

    ESZTER STELLA KOMLOSI   2 months ago


    ROROSMACHINE   3 months ago

    This guys a god dam genius !!! Most married men aren't happy, women spend most of their money, lol I am surprised a far left station like CBS didn't edit that out for being Politically (communist) incorrect, and not in sync with their usual brainwashing nonsense ...

  • Ee Chuan Seng
    Ee Chuan Seng   3 months ago

    After Prince Siddharta ( Buddha) died over 2500 years ago , his words is taught by millions of people calling themselves as ‘ Buddhist Teacher”. These people mostly monks are learning Buddha’s words from various sources , from so many kind of practices / meditation , scriptures or by lineage . And they are using what they had learned , their skills and their experiences to teach people to know , to understand and to experience Buddha’s words . Their followers will then created a form of “ referrals” in mind and this referral later turned into a form of beliefs or faith . Their followers using what they have learned or experienced and strive to be the one they think they should be. So in short , Buddhist Teacher are using Buddha’s words to shape people into “ SOMEONE” …leading people to ‘ A GOAL “……. To me , this might be the greatest misleading of mankind . I have 2 points to highlight to all Buddhist Teacher . No 1 : Buddhist Teacher are leading people into becoming someone but what if the words of Buddha leading people into “ no one “.? Dear Buddhist Teacher , In human culture , human are keeping and holding on knowledge / skills / experience / memories in mind and the mind is like a house full of rubbish and the owner of the house is constantly suffer , struggling to get out from the house but due to his nature , he is constantly collecting and keeping more and more rubbish into the house …….he continue to suffer of his own nature. Let me ask you a simple question :- What is left in mind if you take out all that you learned , all your knowledge , all your skills , all your experience , all your faith / beliefs , all your memories from your mind? The of the left in mind is YOU ……..so what are you ??? PERHAPS ,YOU are EMOTION , you are desire , you are love , you are anger , you are hate , you are greed , you are will , you are fear , you are ego …. and the words of Buddha is simply like an arrow pointing at YOU not a guide of who you should be. You are always HERE and you should be at peace of what you are …..is you that suffer struggling to be there , to be someone . Awaken to own nature , one no longer holds on to anything in mind . The mind will be at ease and this will allow realization to occur . Realization will contract the mind and reduce the growth of emotion . Wisdom is the ability to forget all including own nature . But , all Buddhist Teacher are teaching people to gain more knowledge , more skills , more faith and this is like collecting more rubbish into mind … The mind will expand and like an expanded balloon , pressure inside the balloon will increase and pressure resembles suffering ….. So Buddhist Teacher is leading people into a path of greater suffering in the name of Buddhism . No ( 2 ) WHAT IF THE WORDS OF BUDDHA IS NEVER ABOUT KNOWING OR UNDERSTANDING OR EXPERIENCING ? Dear Buddhist Teacher , Like all living , emotion have a natural nature to grow and emotion is feeding on “ referral” to grow and travelling in life . Referrals is a form of knowledge / skills / experience / memories / faith etc . Emotion using the physical body as a tool to sense and by a process of thinking to generate referral . Thinking is emotion in action . We thinking on learning to know , knowing to understand and understand to create referrals . So in another words , human think , human know and human understand to create referral that they will use it to grow more emotion and to live . Emotion will constantly hold on to all these referrals in mind but !!! each moment all nature is naturally changing …so holding anything in mind is like trying to block river water from naturally flowing into sea …that is suffering . Buddhist Teacher are causing people to creates and holding on referral in mind and that is the basis of human suffering . What if the words of Buddha is never about knowing or understanding or experiencing ? What if the words of Buddha is about REALIZATION and realization is of opposite nature of knowing / understanding ??? So the more you know , the more you understand , the further you will travel away from realization . So in short , Buddhist Teaching is teaching people to understand and to hold on Buddha’s words but Buddha’s words is about realization and realization is of opposite nature of knowing or understanding . Realization does not hold anything . So , there is possibility that Buddhist Teacher are like someone giving you muddy water to wash your clothing and let you expect it to be cleaned ……you will suffer of your own nature . My name is Ee Chuan Seng from Malaysia . I am currently at a mind that claim there is possibility that all Buddhist Teacher regardless their background or nature of teaching , as long as they teach , they are misleading Buddha’s words . I am here with my real name and a face on my profile . I will be responsible with all my claim .I cordially invites all Buddhist Teacher to debate with me on their reason and nature of teaching Buddhism as to challenge this current mind of me. My email is 1988csee@gmail.com

  • Smerky merky
    Smerky merky   3 months ago

    Use your hate and it will make you stronger

  • Miami799
    Miami799   3 months ago

    Had the news achors at Fox News done this they would have been crucified. So much for the tolerance of the political left. Let's see these news anchors speak Mandarin or a Tibetan language as there are a few.

  • Pixi Jo
    Pixi Jo   4 months ago

    Oh Mr Dalai Lama I bet you'd get on so well with us! Now how to invite him over to tea? ^_^

  • David Sexton
    David Sexton   4 months ago

    You are picking on the panchen lama and china in general too much in a very bad way. It is obvious that you do not like the truth or freedom and the little panchen lama you picked wants to be a normal person because he was uncomfortable and afraid of you. Your monks that you're telling not to acknowledge this about you because it can't be true most be doing whatever that is evil you are trying to distract than with. You are practicing your religion improperly and you've obviously enslaved your followers so much that they're afraid to believe in any God until they find out you've tricked them and you are pretending you are sidartha. Try being a human being to me.

  • David Sexton
    David Sexton   4 months ago

    Wanna box Mike Tyson. I think you're envious of him.

  • Ami D
    Ami D   4 months ago

    Americans 🙄🙄🙄 are good to train tolerance and patience...

  • Soumya Majumder
    Soumya Majumder   4 months ago

    so fun= wine,tobacco and sex? man who is this lady?

  • Mark Donovan
    Mark Donovan   4 months ago

    Typical news reporting, it's either promoting fear and distrust or ridiculing the good and the great. Maybe, hopefully, one of them might watch the video again and look it at with a different perspective. The dignity, integrity and humility of the Dalai Lama is clear for anyone to see, unlike the politicians and media moguls that we are exposed to on a daily, if not hourly basis.

  • Kucoo Nut Queens
    Kucoo Nut Queens   4 months ago

    You know what else is bad for your health., Living in India

  • Nanay Zain
    Nanay Zain   4 months ago

    A person with the most EGO takes control over people.... Dalai lama teaches not being egoistic coz he can control you over the hahahahaha... The anchor was intelligent... For Fun he in his mind have lot of wives hahahahah

  • Claude Yuen
    Claude Yuen   5 months ago

    Animals eaten by the fake lama are angry-fearful and full of hate....Buddhists are veg!

  • Charles Hines
    Charles Hines   5 months ago

    The Dalai Lama has more peace and joy than all them broadcasters put together.

  • dee viii
    dee viii   6 months ago

    R they making fun of him? Where did all the respect go. But all said. He is funny

  • Katie Choi
    Katie Choi   6 months ago

    The hosts' mockery to Dalai Lama and still understand them is a great practice how to cultivate patience and not be angry to ignorant people.