Twins Style Each Other For Paris Fashion Week!!

  • Published on: 25 June 2019
  • Soooo we got invited to go to Paris fashion week with Louis Vuitton.. I know we can't believe it either. We had no clue what we were going to wear each day because we picked each other's outfits out..


    Check out the video we did on Louis Vuitton's Channel! -

    Merch -
    ( Where the socks came from ;) )

    Ethan’s Stuff

    SNAPCHAT - EthanDolan

    Grayson’s Things

    SNAPCHAT - GraysonDolan
  • Runtime : 36:17
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  • Rhea Ramnath
    Rhea Ramnath   6 hours ago

    23:54: Ethan: ik grayson makes me a price of squash with shrimp on top of it Grayson: bro!

  • Rhea Ramnath
    Rhea Ramnath   6 hours ago

    Omg they r u so ducking cuteee I canttttttt

  • Rhea Ramnath
    Rhea Ramnath   6 hours ago

    Ethan trying to get into the slippers at the hotel had me dead 😂😂😂💀💀

  • Jaden Hale
    Jaden Hale   1 days ago

    So I just watched jeffrey star give Shane all Gucci pig stuff and he goes we are gonna pick out clothes and it sounded like pig out to me LOL😂😂🤣🤣

  • bither26
    bither26   1 days ago

    Those pleated trousers thoooo

  • Scarlett Dawson
    Scarlett Dawson   1 days ago

    20:56 Ethan: "Gray, can you build mine?" Grayson: "of course" The way Grayson said that straight away and with so much confidence 😍😍

  • Cute But Evil
    Cute But Evil   2 days ago

    Anyone else wondering how the pro make-up artist has never heard of colour matching foundation? The blended into the magnolia walls!

  • Emma Ornelas
    Emma Ornelas   2 days ago

    I had to come here after their last video to see them happy, I couldn’t stop crying and needed a boost:((

  • Emma Spiehler
    Emma Spiehler   2 days ago

    Grayson won round 1 Ethan won round two and Grayson won round 3 therefore Grayson wins


    Round 1: The outfit Grayson choose for Ethan is AMAZING He definitely wonRound 2: Grayson wonRound 3: Grayson wonDon’t get offended this is just my opinion

  • Confusion king
    Confusion king   6 days ago

    Who else at 34:07 saw that girl touching Grayson jacket

  • antoine daniau
    antoine daniau   1 weeks ago

    what’s the name of those LV bags you’ve been given??🤯🤯🤯

  • Khushi Bist
    Khushi Bist   1 weeks ago

    When Grayson said NO CAP BRUHI felt Ethan's embarrassment😅Also I feel my own embarrassment cause Im liking my own comment😅

  • Summer Ward
    Summer Ward   1 weeks ago

    I liked Grayson's Then Grayson's Then Ethon's

  • Tanushree Phogat
    Tanushree Phogat   1 weeks ago

    Are you guys lactose intolerant or something... Or fitness freak..😂 or vegan..

  • Tessy :D
    Tessy :D   1 weeks ago

    Grayson won them all Ethan looked better the whole time..

  • Alexia K
    Alexia K   1 weeks ago

    Nobody:Literally nobody:Gray: tHeSe sHoEs 😂

  • De'Aundria Reed
    De'Aundria Reed   1 weeks ago

    y’all saying grayson last outfit was trash can’t dress that was cute

  • Akire Romero
    Akire Romero   1 weeks ago

    ROUND 1 Point : EthanROUND 2 Point : EthanROUND 3 Point : GraysonWINNER : Ethan🎉

  • annie here
    annie here   2 weeks ago

    1st one Ethan wins 2nd one Ethan wins3rd one Gray wins

  • Kate N
    Kate N   2 weeks ago

    The final round of Grayson was so bad! No afence tho the pants were just really bad

  • Havisha Ail
    Havisha Ail   2 weeks ago

    Ethan cry's because of food have never related to anything more

  • Havisha Ail
    Havisha Ail   2 weeks ago

    Literally why does grayson still look cute when he is sleeping and i look like a literal dying pig

  • Roman CRAIG
    Roman CRAIG   2 weeks ago

    Question how du fu do you squeeze an apple 🍏 like there hard a fu

  • Kim Lipman
    Kim Lipman   2 weeks ago

    3:10 i like how the guard is watching the Dolan runway show