Which Drywall Anchor is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 15 April 2019
  • Buying the right drywall anchor can be challenging with so many options and weight ratings. Anchors tested include EZ Ancor Dyrwall and Stud Anchor, Toggler High Performance Anchors, Toggler SnapSkru, Everbuilt Hollow Wall Anchor, Blue Hawk Toggle Bolts, E-Z Ancor Drywall Toggle Anchor, Toggler Snaptoggle BA. I'm not sponsored by any of these brands. I purchased all the drywall anchors and supplies for this video using my own funds. Thank you for recommending this video and please consider leaving a comment or video idea! Finally, thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 17:11
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  • Ian Taylor
    Ian Taylor   43 minuts ago

    One trick i learned years ago to remove the toggle anchors from drywall, you must start to remove the screw then put a flathead screwdriver under it on the threads and unscrew the fastener preferably with a cordless drill, once completely removed the the anchor falls down into the floor on the otherside of the drywall.

  • Steffen Stengård Villadsen

    Seems that the more force, the more damage. Perhaps it would be better to use 2-3 distributed anchors when possible

  • KaosBC
    KaosBC   15 hours ago

    I have 4 toggler SnapSkru SP holding up my ceiling fan directly over my wifes side of the bed ;-)

  • Richard Blake
    Richard Blake   19 hours ago

    Great video, maybe you could try gorilla picture hooks also?

  • pwekowiewks
    pwekowiewks   1 days ago

    Please test these anchors. Sounds very promising. https://www.geefixusa.com

  • m G
    m G   2 days ago

    Screw the bin

  • Wes Prang
    Wes Prang   2 days ago

    Apartments use 1/64" drywall. Put anything into it, and the entire building will collapse.My neighbors can hear me blinking.

  • Karim George
    Karim George   2 days ago

    Awesome work and illustration. Great effort. well done. Very useful

  • Bryant NorCal
    Bryant NorCal   2 days ago

    Perhaps next time show how these walls anchors can be removed. Would be good to know which ones are easy or not.

  • Ik
    Ik   3 days ago

    Good video on why you should build a house, not glue one with drywall. Bricks FTW!

  • Mark Taylor
    Mark Taylor   3 days ago

    Interesting demonstration, but is the fact that the pressure you exerting on the anchor is upward as well as outward factor into the amount of damage done? Most anchors are designed for resisting linear pressure perpendicular to the wall surface not parallel to it which could tear the paper that goes it strength. Once you weaken the paper the anchor will fail and the damage is magnified.

  • Johan ten Hove
    Johan ten Hove   3 days ago

    Idea: would it be nice to test various types of welding materials? Of course that requires being able to weld, but hey, it's an idea. Also testing the strength of the weld?

  • The Kaveman
    The Kaveman   6 days ago

    You could test which dry wall screws have more hold power

  • gsxr
    gsxr   6 days ago

    you're awesome I appreciate the effort you put into your videos you're very informative and very thorough thank you very much

    PDTALLMAN   1 weeks ago

    How difficult would it be to drill out those non-plastic anchors if you had to remove one?

  • Dennis
    Dennis   1 weeks ago

    Guy at Jiffy Lube "Sir would you like us to add our new windshield washer that will clean better than any other. "Hmm first well let me see your test results where you did a head to head comparison with the others. Or better yet give me a gallon sample to take home and test for myself".

  • Dennis
    Dennis   1 weeks ago

    Drywall repair is easy.

  • jaime santoyo
    jaime santoyo   1 weeks ago

    No that’s not the right way to test those drywall anchor,you Supposed to hang stuff no pool stuff to decide

  • David G
    David G   1 weeks ago

    I've been watching your videos for years and I barely noticed I hadn't subscribed yet. I just made sure I did this time. 👍

  • Vince Conroy
    Vince Conroy   1 weeks ago

    Another great review Todd, just added myself as a Patreon supporter :). Only other thing that I would have added to this review is how easy each anchor can be removed (intentionally and if doable) and and how much wall repair if needed.Thanks for these amazing reviews, keep it up.

  • Jay Zim
    Jay Zim   1 weeks ago

    would pulling at a 45 degree angle be more like a real life test of objects hanging on the wall?

  • Russ Jamison
    Russ Jamison   1 weeks ago

    I remember being a kid and hearing a huge crash in the house. Walked out to the kitchen and there were cabinets and dishes all over the floor. The builder apparently didn't do the math correctly. What a mess!

  • Kevin Newman
    Kevin Newman   1 weeks ago

    The ones that spread out in 2 directions should be installed so they spread out horizontally, instead of vertically (as in some of the ones shown in the video,) so that gravity pulls down on a larger area of drywall, increasing the weight it can hold.

  • cockneyzombie
    cockneyzombie   1 weeks ago

    Just used two snap toggle fixings with two heavy duty hooks to hang a 35lb mirror and it's rock solid. Thanks for the test helped me buy with confidence.

  • Wicked Scott
    Wicked Scott   1 weeks ago

    I work in a hardware store. I should be able to write off watching this video.

  • newjohn16
    newjohn16   1 weeks ago

    oh my god thank you so much, this is every answer i was seeking exactly for all these questions, i cant even believe it...thank you a million times

  • Jerome Kukurugya
    Jerome Kukurugya   1 weeks ago

    So glad I found your channel, SO informative! Thank you!

  • HighlanderNorth1
    HighlanderNorth1   2 weeks ago

    There's obviously a correlation between an anchor's holding strength and the amount of damage that occurs when it fails. More holding strength = more failure damage. Because of the makeup of drywall, the strongest anchors require a larger back brace, which leads to a bigger hole when it fully breaks through.

  • lifehackertips
    lifehackertips   2 weeks ago

    Sliding isn’t really a failure of the anchor though, it’s a failure of the drywall, because the bolt started sliding through the drywall. You should have turned the drywall horizontal and pulled they anchors out of the wall to test the anchors. Had a anchor last night pull out of the wall so that’s why I’m watching.

  • That's not My name
    That's not My name   2 weeks ago

    They make studs for a reason. I understand pictures and maybe 10-15 lbs.. But seriously.

  • CatzEyes93
    CatzEyes93   2 weeks ago

    I feel like all of these "failures" are more about the drywall itself and not the product. I mean, I dont care what the packaging says, the drywall is not going to like you putting 100 pounds of pressure on it regardless of the design of the anchor.