Which Drywall Anchor is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 15 April 2019
  • Buying the right drywall anchor can be challenging with so many options and weight ratings. Anchors tested include EZ Ancor Dyrwall and Stud Anchor, Toggler High Performance Anchors, Toggler SnapSkru, Everbuilt Hollow Wall Anchor, Blue Hawk Toggle Bolts, E-Z Ancor Drywall Toggle Anchor, Toggler Snaptoggle BA. I'm not sponsored by any of these brands. I purchased all the drywall anchors and supplies for this video using my own funds. Thank you for recommending this video and please consider leaving a comment or video idea! Finally, thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 17:11
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  • Lazdinger
    Lazdinger   1 hours ago

    I’m an electrician and this is gold. Thanks brother👍

  • CLP
    CLP   10 hours ago

    Did you notice with the toggle anchors it appeared to make a difference on the hanging test if they were orientated horizontally rather than vertically?

  • ChefJeanPierre
    ChefJeanPierre   17 hours ago

    Great job! Thanks for taking so much time producing awesome content and producing great video!

  • Jackie Perez
    Jackie Perez   21 hours ago

    Now I know why I have holes in my walls lol

  • Rick Ketterling
    Rick Ketterling   1 days ago

    Great video and exactly what i was looking for. Thank you for making and posting.

  • chase vogt
    chase vogt   2 days ago

    The slide and snap off toggle is my favorite especially since it handles plaster in old homes with ease, it's the only one that can truly seat itself against the keyed in plaster all the way to the lath

  • Heri Rodriguez
    Heri Rodriguez   2 days ago

    If a stud was not available, which toggle bolt would you use to hang shelving from garage ceiling?

  • Ryan M
    Ryan M   2 days ago

    Nobody: Youtube: Hey, watch some guy rip out drywall anchors. Me: Yeah ok.

  • Eduardo Rodrigues
    Eduardo Rodrigues   2 days ago

    I would like to see tests of those removable wall hooks with those non damaging stickers

  • gonzosemail
    gonzosemail   3 days ago

    Would be interesting to see and compare the damage when just removing the anchors and having to fill the hole.

  • Joshua K
    Joshua K   3 days ago

    Thanks! I like these videos.

  • R Bailey
    R Bailey   3 days ago

    "Which drywall anchor is best?" Easy: the stud.

  • Rory Jakobs
    Rory Jakobs   4 days ago

    Great video but there's 13 1/4" between the edges of the first two studs then 14 1/2" between the studs thereafter, if they're 16" on centre, so that drywall is getting a bit more support than it'd really be getting.

  • docholliday TexasMgtow

    what idiot down votes a test video? how worthless is your life to down vote this? do you have a smooth sheet rock fetish and this infuriates you? Are you in the 997 strong political gypsum alliance party?

  • Fully_Retractable
    Fully_Retractable   4 days ago

    May I suggest using a spring while pulling to simulate a loaded toggle failure?Still good job m8, love your channel.

  • teamhex
    teamhex   4 days ago

    I use the purple toggler pack. Always worked well for me. Just go slow when driving the plastic part because you can damage the "cutting" tip. I would never use these types of anchors for something with real weight to it. Even 20 lbs I'm going to go with studs if possible.

  • Outside Cleaners
    Outside Cleaners   4 days ago

    By the time this guy’s done kicking butt, hardware stores will carry only one version of each product; “selection” will be unnecessary because the world will know better than to buy second-best products. Well done and thank you!

  • Aeternus
    Aeternus   5 days ago

    One interesting aspect is how removable the anchors are without damaging the wall. I might hand a picture but what happens if I want to move it later. Something I can easily fix with some plaster/Spackle vs something that can't be removed without a giant hole that needs a real patch job makes a big difference.

  • Greg Kimura
    Greg Kimura   5 days ago

    My tenants find a way to pull anything mounted to the drywall out. Towel bars, tp holders, etc! Over the years, I've learned a lot about anchors, so this test was great to watch. I started with those cheapie push in types that you get with the hardware. Not very effective! Then I tried the screw in type and I didn't have much better luck. I then went to the old toggle bolts and they worked great. I also tried the metal ones deform when you tighten the screw and I didn't have very good luck with them. I did have good luck with the ones that come with the hardware (it's a plastic toggle that you "snap" into place, then push through the hole and use a round pin type plastic tool to push the toggle out (it snaps in place). Then you mount the object. I've found that these work about as well as the metal toggle bolts.Thanks for another great video!

  • gregmgm06
    gregmgm06   5 days ago

    I work at a hardware store and sell these types of anchors but havent had a chance to try all of them. I really appreciate your effort in making this video.

  • Elias Goudkuil
    Elias Goudkuil   5 days ago

    don't use drywall anchors just screw right into the stud the spacing is supposed to be every 16 inch.

  • M O'Brien
    M O'Brien   5 days ago

    This is why for anything other than a small picture frame, I use studs.

  • Xamericanx Panda
    Xamericanx Panda   5 days ago

    They seem to live up to the capacity on the pack that's pretty good to me

  • John Rodrigues
    John Rodrigues   6 days ago

    I absolutely hate use hollow wall anchors and never ever buy them

  • Douglas Folk
    Douglas Folk   6 days ago

    Great video-- Could you try doing it with multiple anchors - say two 2" apart using a plate simulating a wall bracket for a towel, as and example. Or see how multiple anchors stack up to the pull force - would two anchors yield twice the holding power or would the result be exponential. Secondly - on the up pull force - did you orient the sheet rock with the fibers horizontal or parallel to the force direction? It might not make too much difference. Did you cut the sheet rock - not score snap it into squares?

  • Damalycus
    Damalycus   6 days ago

    I hate your pen so much. Love everything else though. Sorry.

  • hell awaits
    hell awaits   6 days ago

    Toggle bolt I'm guessing...now i watch... Toggles all day!

  • steve masuga
    steve masuga   6 days ago

    I learned all about this subject the day I used 4 anchors to mount a 4 foot long bench in the porch. I sat on it and destroyed the wall as we slid down to the floor. I felt so stupid 🤕

  • Dan Koning
    Dan Koning   6 days ago

    If you evaluate your situation correctly regarding where/what you're hanging, common sense is the best drywall anchor

  • strobed22
    strobed22   6 days ago

    You almost had it. All this effort wasted because of incorrect testing. This doesn't translate to real world use, at least from how I've always seen these used, when it comes to shear/tension loads--different sized shelves, weight distribution across these shelves, etc.

  • Damitsall
    Damitsall   1 weeks ago

    Thanks for the test, I thought this was a great test. When I hung my new TV recently I just happened to go with the EZ Cam Toggle, after seeing this I think it was a good choice. Toggles > Anchors.

  • Andy Vogel
    Andy Vogel   1 weeks ago

    I think an additional parameter to be measured is how removable each of the anchors is. You know for like when you're selling your house.