Which Drywall Anchor is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 15 April 2019
  • Buying the right drywall anchor can be challenging with so many options and weight ratings. Anchors tested include EZ Ancor Dyrwall and Stud Anchor, Toggler High Performance Anchors, Toggler SnapSkru, Everbuilt Hollow Wall Anchor, Blue Hawk Toggle Bolts, E-Z Ancor Drywall Toggle Anchor, Toggler Snaptoggle BA. I'm not sponsored by any of these brands. I purchased all the drywall anchors and supplies for this video using my own funds. Thank you for recommending this video and please consider leaving a comment or video idea! Finally, thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 17:11
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  • Walter Stern
    Walter Stern   1 hours ago

    Dude I'm really starting to like your videos!I always have to turn the volume down because you're a loud talker, & I'm guessing a lot of your viewers are of an older generation that can't hear. So I understand. However a disclaimer at the beginning of your videos would be helpful for those of us that have good hearing would be nice, so we can adjust the volume down a smidge.

  • Derek Trieglaff
    Derek Trieglaff   5 hours ago

    You shoulda did a test to see how easy it is to remove them without any further damage to the wall. Truth be told, they all are going to require a good deal of wall repair if you ever were to move anyway. Maybe since we are talking about picture hanging here.. we should see how well the 3M command sticky strips hold up to other types of picture hanging methods and what type of damage is done to PAINTED dry wall. Because painted drywall is what EVERYONE is gonna be hanging their pictures on rather than bare. So, 3M command strips, the 3M velcro pads, the gorilla hooks, the drywall anchor and, maybe some tried and true picture hanger hooks that you nail into the wall.

  • Mark Kiser
    Mark Kiser   14 hours ago

    plan ahead and place 2x4 behind where the racks/ shelves etc are to go! then use screws

  • Rcsquared Inc
    Rcsquared Inc   20 hours ago

    what if youre using multiple anchors lets say for a flatscreen mount? does the weight limit increase? modern screens under 75Inch weigh 60lbs or less

  • Thomas Swab
    Thomas Swab   23 hours ago

    How many would it take for one of the adult swings to be safe 🤣

  • Amandeep Gill
    Amandeep Gill   1 days ago

    I dont quite agree with test method, this method is bit biased towards larger OD anchors. since force is only applied upwards ziprock medium is only thing resisting upwards force. Perhaps try repeating this test using more realistic method where on anchor not only vertical but also outwards.

  • Producer K
    Producer K   1 days ago

    We know your secret... You really are just making these videos to cause the most amount of damage and destruction. The product testing and ratings are just a bonus.

  • Never Butter
    Never Butter   1 days ago

    Any suggestions for lathe and plaster wall anchors? (I have used the Toggler, but it feels like overkill for some stuff) Thanks!

  • Mr C
    Mr C   1 days ago

    Thanks for all the effort you put into this test.

  • Mike A
    Mike A   1 days ago

    Man. You are so creative and make great videos. I can’t believe you don’t have more subscribers. Keep up the good work sir!

  • Eric T
    Eric T   1 days ago

    It’s the drywall that’s the problem not the anchor. If you to hold something beyond the anchors weight limit you screw into studs

  • Joe Maiuro
    Joe Maiuro   1 days ago

    Exterior walls in new construction is on 24s with 2 x 6 s in my area. I wonder how much of a difference this would make.

  • Dawson Copeland
    Dawson Copeland   1 days ago

    If I’m on YouTube I’m watching (in no order all equal) Project farm Binging with babishChris fix Something from Bon appétit Claudio ongario hunting Richard gene fishing

  • Jordan Darrell
    Jordan Darrell   2 days ago

    Should have included those little plastic 3M adhesive clips for a comparison.

  • Altis plagis Spirantis mortui

    Nimm dir mall einen moment und mach dir klar das fast eine millionen leute deine videos ansehen xD schon heftig gute arbeit

  • SPARTAN300
    SPARTAN300   2 days ago

    before watching im saying toggle bolt

    JAMRAM   2 days ago

    I don't like the idea of hanging anything heavy off of Just drywall regardless. But let's find out. LOL

  • Nick Piel
    Nick Piel   2 days ago

    Great video! I cannot tell you how much time I have stood in front of all of these anchors in the store scratching my head. It probably should be noted though that in every instance in this video the failure was actually the sheet rock failing and not actually an anchor failure. Watching the video I did not see one case where the anchor itself appeared to fail. It was always the shaft of the anchor or the securing screw cutting through the sheet rock as the beginning of the failure mode. This suggests thicker or thinner sheet rock of differing qualities\densities would produce somewhat different numbers in the results although the standings would likely be the same or very similar. I can say one thing for sure, watching this video and realizing the weak point is always going to be the sheet rock suggests that using a few extra brackets and anchors while mounting shelves may allow you to get away with putting more weight on those shelves than you would otherwise. Also except in extreme cases will eliminate the head scratching of considering "will it hold" more so to the ease of use and price point being much more relevant.

  • John Nelson
    John Nelson   2 days ago

    It’s funny I ran across this video, I just left Lowes and Menards because they don’t carry EZ anchor. Home Depot carries it and it’s the only one I use because it holds just about everything I want to hang on the wall plus it drills in the wall accurately without drifting or making a big mess.

  • brandon horwath
    brandon horwath   3 days ago

    your anchors should be horizontal for maximum strength...most of the toggles/anchors expanded vertically behind the drywall. most loads for these anchors are pulling downwards...it seems like the anchor orientation affects the strength.

  • Steve S
    Steve S   3 days ago

    I subscribed because I use these all the time and it was nice to have what I believe is true. I am not concerned with damage caused I am more concerned with holding power. New Subscriber to this channel.

  • p00pyp4nts
    p00pyp4nts   3 days ago

    @Project Farm: Um, are you sure they're rated for lateral failure and not axial failure? I mean.... surely they're rated for resistance to being pulled straight OUT of a wall and not up or down. I mean... come on, isn't it obvious? You don't test an 'anchor' of any kind sideways; you pull directly on it.

  • Nero King
    Nero King   3 days ago

    That’s exactly the problem with American construction, those damn drywalls

    WALLAROO   3 days ago

    @ 10:13 "The purpose of this test, is to see how much damage happens for each one of these anchor types, when your lunatic ex* starts ripping things off of the wall."*Or teenager.

  • crash burn
    crash burn   3 days ago

    Doing a show on glue! Different metal or wood!

  • Chris Newel
    Chris Newel   3 days ago

    Really interesting. I need good wall anchors and found and used these. You should test them. GeeFix wall anchors

  • John J. Roman
    John J. Roman   3 days ago

    Just an observation that needs more test but with the Toggler SnapToggle. If you position it vertically it fails faster than positioning it horizontally... This is during the first test as if you were hanging a picture...! Not the second test.

  • BDAShadow1
    BDAShadow1   3 days ago

    "Catastrophic failure." I love it.

  • Yamaha R1
    Yamaha R1   4 days ago

    3m makes anchors that don't require putting holes in your walls

  • David Hill
    David Hill   4 days ago

    Can't wait to show my woman this video so she will stop putting so much damn weight on the shelf with only one anchor, oh who am I kidding....I ain't sleeping on the couch

  • Almerinda Romeira
    Almerinda Romeira   4 days ago

    Modern american construction. Dry wall is extremely uncommon in european buildings

  • Iconoclast
    Iconoclast   4 days ago

    Project farm, the last honest, nonsponsored, truth teller

  • Bill J
    Bill J   4 days ago

    That's a lot of work! Anchor capacity is mostly a function of how big a failure it causes in the sheetrock, not so much the individual anchor itself. The home centers these days mostly sell a few different types of expanding anchors that are plastic, I wonder how those would compare in strength. But the biggest factor in which one to buy should be ease of installation and RELIABILITY of installation. I've been installing a lot of things recently and found that the white plastic pop toggles that came with my wife's towel bars just would not work. Apparently the texture on our drywall made it thicker and there was no room for the anchors to open up. Also if the anchors require friction for installation such as the traditional metal hollow wall anchors they can be questionable in some drywall, they just spin and you have to carefully hold them with pliers to resist spinning. Some of the simpler anchors are good for direct hanging loads such as mirrors but a lot of things that have pullout as well such as shelves and even some mirror brackets need good tension capacity also which leaves out the simpler anchors. I'm wondering how reliable the installation is for the E-Z Ancor Drywall Toggle and for the Toggler High Performance snap toggles. If you get an anchor partially installed and it fails by spinning or you can't get the screw to go in, then you have to remove it and install another anchor so now you have a much larger hole to deal with.

  • Bob Whammer
    Bob Whammer   4 days ago

    No anchor in drywall, always hang on studs

  • Jesse Chairez
    Jesse Chairez   4 days ago

    If we have a mobile home which one of these would be good for a TV wall mount TV weighs around 100 pounds it's the old school led lgs