Messi ends Ronaldinho period in this game

  • Published on: 09 February 2020
  • Messi ends Ronaldinho period in this game

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  • San desaire
    San desaire   2 hours ago

    Grandi ragazzi io ho un canale comico nuovo ma vi seguo sempre un saluto da San Desaire!

  • Hijam Macolash
    Hijam Macolash   1 days ago

    yeh they do have some skills but they are not playing football RMA is Trying to destroy BAR

  • Joel Zalienhmang Hrangchal

    Messi runs to greet Ronnie like a young fan when he visited Barca training ground. So, there's nothing much to explain who is the real GOAT.

  • Joel Zalienhmang Hrangchal

    Ronaldinho end his period himself and on the way out he create a monster......MESSI and start MESSI period..

  • Afrique Africains
    Afrique Africains   2 days ago

    Samuel Eto'o à beaucoup fait dans l'ombre dans ce match beaucoup n'ont pas remarqué jusqu'à aujourd'hui

  • DKM
    DKM   3 days ago

    Ronaldo aur messi s bhi bhot ache player hn duniya m

  • Mehtab Singh
    Mehtab Singh   3 days ago

    Ronaldinho is a legend ..dnt talk abt evrybodies period has always am end mobody is forever but people remember them as legends

  • Hossain Albi
    Hossain Albi   3 days ago

    Hey bro nobody can ever end Runal dinho period He always be a Legend I think u forget itAnd kindly change the fucking title

  • suvadeep banerjee
    suvadeep banerjee   3 days ago


  • Сергей Селиванов

    Месси даже рядом не может находиться с таким ВЕЛИКИМ игроком как РОНАЛЬДИНЬО, Месси посредственнось как игрок, нет смысла и права сравнивать

  • leseul unique
    leseul unique   5 days ago

    Whoever did this either never watched the game or knows little or nothing about football. You may no like a player but to disrespect them is totally unacceptable.

  • bala jay
    bala jay   5 days ago

    Can see why Ramos hates Messi...

  • drali jnh
    drali jnh   1 weeks ago

    My goodness all them names I'm reading. Deco, Iniesta a front with Dinho Eto'o en Messi my heavens. That should be illegal.

  • Ernesto Portilla cruz

    Messi solo existe uno pero ronaldhino es unico el mejor del mundo un monstruo en la cancha sin duda alguna

  • Suraj D Bhat
    Suraj D Bhat   1 weeks ago

    Dude if possible change the shitty title of's where ronaldinho guided Messi.. ronaldinho was his mentor..u can see their interviews

  • Young son official
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  • Dilan Murillo
    Dilan Murillo   1 weeks ago

    sempre uso uma pele a en el real Madrid y Barcelona y mais sempre me quiso quitar em puesto a ronaldiño

  • Mo haman Vihs
    Mo haman Vihs   1 weeks ago

    So if a son starts earning,his father is out of the family

  • Mo haman Vihs
    Mo haman Vihs   1 weeks ago

    The thing is Ronaldinho also ages ,if you don't know

  • WEA. TV
    WEA. TV   1 weeks ago

    Nice video

  • Thị Trang Lê
    Thị Trang Lê   1 weeks ago

    Bàn đá nhồi thôi có gì đâu ghê gớm thía

  • الصادق الامين

    شاهدوا أقدام البراق الاماميه هي بلغاريا واليونان فوق ارض تركيا وقدم البراق من الخلف هي جورجيا أذربيجان ورمينا فوق ارض تركيا شاهدوا وصف لله والقرآن في سوره الاسراء والمعراج

  • Shade owed tha lastson

    Real madrid has never played it the right way against barcelona either committing faults or by bad refereeing.

  • Deepu V
    Deepu V   1 weeks ago

    Nobody can be compared to ronaldinho .

  • Flavio Augusto
    Flavio Augusto   1 weeks ago

    Titulo sem sentido , ronaldinho foi bruxo como sempre

  • Kara Raza
    Kara Raza   1 weeks ago