Most Memorable Moments in NFL History Part 2

  • Published on: 13 October 2016
  • Hey guys I know I didn't get everything but I hope everyone enjoys the video. I been working on this since the beginning of week . It was fun watching some great plays in Football.
  • Runtime : 18:29


  • Shamim Keshani
    Shamim Keshani   2 weeks ago

    So many ads!!! Gave the video a dislike despite i liked it!

  • Cheddar
    Cheddar   2 months ago

    Love every play from the Cardinals ❤️

  • Neal Scoggins
    Neal Scoggins   2 months ago

    Even though I’m a Falcons fan because of where I live, this ended with my all time favorite team!

  • Hugh Meloche Sr
    Hugh Meloche Sr   3 months ago

    Do another one please, and make sure you get the Bears' William "Refrigerator" Perry running over the Packers' George Cumby at the goal line.

  • RhynoEst92
    RhynoEst92   3 months ago

    I still don’t know how the Seahawks pulled a fast one on the bears with that punt return 😂

  • jesseo715
    jesseo715   4 months ago

    Ah yes, that memorable time when... the Redskins recovered a fumble?

  • Nick Lemmo
    Nick Lemmo   4 months ago

    I was enjoying this until they showed a kapernick hightlight. He,s a bum, hope he never plays another down !!!!! PUNK

  • Christopher Randall
    Christopher Randall   5 months ago

    Pat maholmes Man is shit no homo ,that nigga i think is gonna become the most valued quarterback in history and not because he can throw good but because this dude does it great the great peace oh sorry

  • savos020
    savos020   5 months ago

    IZALLGOOD your name is racist your defiance to learn and respect the language of the people whom gave you all of that which you get to reap you are a paracite that is not only a taker but an ingrate you are a paracite to nature.

  • bill hannigan
    bill hannigan   5 months ago

    way too much krap-er-nick and vick ... slugs who never won the big game ... no brady, no Eli, no tyree?! - really

  • Ben Blanton
    Ben Blanton   5 months ago

    I enjoyed it... But dude I've watched one and two of your vids and not one clip of Steve Smith. Come on man... So many moments where he beasted out!!!?

  • Pookiestud
    Pookiestud   5 months ago

    Lynch thinking: “I’m high AF and need summa dem Skittles.”::SNAP::::AMAZING RUN::::TOUCHDOWN::Lunch enjoying some Skittles: “Mmmmmmm.... Skittles.”

  • Djbeck80
    Djbeck80   6 months ago

    These two videos have made my night. Really good job great plays very entertaining subbing for sure. Keep up the great work!

  • Senzubean
    Senzubean   6 months ago

    Raiders got robbed by that tuck rule call

  • Craig
    Craig   6 months ago

    16:28 Seriously one of the best ankle-breaking jukes I've ever seen. How to make two defenders take each other out.

  • Jason Martens
    Jason Martens   6 months ago

    are headphones recommended so that others don't hear the shitty music you chose for this video?

  • Ron Ronson
    Ron Ronson   7 months ago

    A lot of these are run-of-the-mill, "highlight of the week"plays - hardly "most memorable moments in NFL history"...

  • Tom Yazel
    Tom Yazel   7 months ago

    an interception is a MOST MEMORABLE?  really.

  • Rob H
    Rob H   7 months ago

    Paul Allen is so good at emotional commentary. He's the Vikings' PA; he gets a lot of practice.

  • Its_actually mike
    Its_actually mike   7 months ago

    The Sean Taylor one was a classic people were shocked when he died and he was that inspirational that they put 10 guys instead of 11

  • Sean S.
    Sean S.   7 months ago

    I don’t remember that Julio TD catch, but it makes you wonder how refs, that are 10-15 feet away, miss the catch initially smh. You have to wonder are the refs in this league either too old, blind, or getting paid somewhere else with calls like that....

  • DraVn SniPe
    DraVn SniPe   7 months ago

    Both videos don’t have the sea of hands what a joke😂😒

  • the truth
    the truth   8 months ago

    the music is like they're all dead

  • Mark Blaine
    Mark Blaine   8 months ago

    Dude, really? That's all the love you got for K.C.?

  • david ap rhys
    david ap rhys   9 months ago

    Thanks a bunch for a great trip down memory lane !! Brilliant !!

  • Hendrik Vree
    Hendrik Vree   9 months ago

    The immaculate reception and the tuck rule was bullshit

  • William Curry
    William Curry   10 months ago

    I never saw the play where M.Lynch broke about 8 tackles against the Saints in the wild card game. The Seahawks won the NFC West with a 7-9 record that year.

  • Absurd Ice
    Absurd Ice   10 months ago

    Josh McCown is the greatest journey man qb ever

  • moon theGoat
    moon theGoat   10 months ago

    Hope to see more vick and megatron in part 3

  • dokerjams
    dokerjams   10 months ago

    Most Memorable Moments that izallgood37 _ could remember of NFL History - Fixed it!

  • steve howard
    steve howard   10 months ago

    I did not c Part 1. What about the original Hail Mary Pass? Staubach 2 Pearson against the Viking n 1975. I did n-joy watching the video.😊

    CHRISTOPHER T MUNRO   10 months ago

    How about when the Putnam Pitbulls beat the Green Jeans to win a spot in the Frito Lay Bowl???

  • SLiCK
    SLiCK   11 months ago

    I usually dont sub to channels like these but gg. Ya earned it :) great video!