KINGDOM HEARTS III Re Mind [DLC] TGS 2019 Trailer (Closed Captions)

  • Published on: 09 September 2019
  • KINGDOM HEARTS III is available NOW on Sony PlayStation® 4 and Microsoft Xbox One.
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    KINGDOM HEARTS III Re Mind DLC is coming this winter. Challenge yourself to new boss battles, master Sora's new form, learn more about the members of Organization XIII, and more!

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  • Runtime : 1:57


  • Drew
    Drew   8 hours ago

    I can understand what they're sayingall those hours of watching anime has paid off

  • AhhNick
    AhhNick   22 hours ago

    Just want a bunch of boss fights

  • Film Thread
    Film Thread   23 hours ago

    Are we going to have to replay the entire game in order to play these new add ons? It would be cool if they added a "Chapter select' Feature so you can go back and play any level.

  • David big
    David big   23 hours ago

    データを修正することはできませんが、TwitterアカウントはKHUx Saveです! そして、ゲームはこのエラーメッセージと言っています! どうしたらいいかわからないので助けてください! 私は私のセーブを保存したいと考えています! キャラクターID:4457910

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor   1 days ago

    And still not a single Final Fantasy character. Awesome

  • n543576
    n543576   1 days ago

    Hmmm DLC for shit that should have already been in the game eh?Guess im one of the few more disgusted then excited. 13 years waiting for a game that was ultimately incomplete when it came out so DLC is needed to cover it up.

  • stripe801
    stripe801   1 days ago

    just beat criticaL mode & was pretty disappointed. hope these new fights get crazy. i Loves being other characters besides sora

  • No One
    No One   2 days ago

    Looks like intro cutscenes to some of the fights as well who knows

  • Saulman
    Saulman   2 days ago

    After all this time; my autism sweat still leaks over this shit.I've already preordered.

  • Nathan Williamson
    Nathan Williamson   2 days ago

    Please have a kissing scene between Sora and Kairi That will be a great happy ending note for them.

  • shaggy raggy
    shaggy raggy   2 days ago

    Ventus: Skates on top of his ice covered keyblade.Me: "Oh so that's where roxas got his skatboarding skills from in kh2"

  • Nadia chii
    Nadia chii   2 days ago

    Can someone please tell me in what order to play all sequels plz? It's really confusing.... I've played none.

  • RoXas 2000
    RoXas 2000   3 days ago

    The theme in the back is The 13th struggle right? I mean at the beginning lol

  • Kavya
    Kavya   4 days ago

    @all OK, I believe you comments:Jump in the line, rock your body in time!

  • demiraichan
    demiraichan   4 days ago

    Oh look its the part of the game they didn't finish on time.Dlc should not be IMPORTANT STORY PLOT

  • GPhoenix
    GPhoenix   4 days ago

    So if the data battles are going to be much harder versions of all 13 organization members is there a chance that we'll fight young xehanort with his bbs powers? Because my square button would like to object to that.

  • lemwolf232
    lemwolf232   4 days ago

    ....I'm still lost with this story.

  • Pronicktheblade
    Pronicktheblade   4 days ago

    KH Lore: 残酷な瞬間Me:Idk I'll just play the game like a casual

  • Michael Garrett
    Michael Garrett   4 days ago

    DLC huh excited even though I can’t understand what’s going on

  • Young MX
    Young MX   4 days ago

    Hopefully we'll get to fight Young Xehanort in toy world and Vanitas in Monster world.

  • Zx xX
    Zx xX   4 days ago


  • Tyeler Nelson
    Tyeler Nelson   4 days ago

    "Coming This Winter"Ah shit, here we go again

  • --
    --   4 days ago


  • Zaneurus
    Zaneurus   5 days ago

    This better shed some light on that before and after credits scene..

  • Luna Rose Snow Quartz

    Me and my friend: freaking outMe: Wait- OMG T E AAlso Me: BETTER SIT BACK AND BUCKLE THE FUUCK UP, CUZ HERE WE GO

  • MrPokemon907
    MrPokemon907   5 days ago

    Sora for Super Smash Bros...ULTIMATE!!!!!

  • Qwaffle Kwonk
    Qwaffle Kwonk   5 days ago

    1:05 fun fact the master of masters is voiced by tomokazu sugita who voiced Jonathan joe star in jojo part 1

  • Lorde Voldemort
    Lorde Voldemort   5 days ago

    I think the only reason why I stayed to Kingdom Hearts was because of it's music and gameplay, 358/2, KH2 and Bbs were goooooood, I enjoyed them the most plotwise, other games in terms of plot are just mEhhhhh 🐐

  • Ai Enma
    Ai Enma   5 days ago

    Hey guys let’s make the story more confusing with this DLC......