Can you Shrek it? (YIAY #414)

  • Published on: 11 May 2018
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  • Runtime : 7:
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  • Focks Socks
    Focks Socks   1 days ago

    theres an easier one with the bible : theres someone in the bible who talks to a donkey BOOOM

  • Yew
    Yew   3 days ago

    Here's one to try, Naruto.

  • Happy Little Puppy
    Happy Little Puppy   5 days ago

    Me: doesn’t skip the sponsor Also me: don’t give in, don’t give in,don’t give in

  • Kaitlyn Davis
    Kaitlyn Davis   6 days ago

    The Bible:There is one story where an angel gives a donkey the ability to talk. You know another talking donkey? DONKEH! That one was easy!

  • Sasha Mensh
    Sasha Mensh   6 days ago

    for yiaysee the thing is im in 2019 so TOTALY dont knowEnd game

  • Kane Inferno
    Kane Inferno   1 weeks ago

    Jacksfilms: makes this vidMe:Do you not have a life?😂

  • Solivisor
    Solivisor   1 weeks ago

    #YIAYIW2 Ifinity War: Attack of the furries

  • assbalonkerful
    assbalonkerful   1 weeks ago

    I do this with how connected I am to famous people, like my 3rd cousins gold fish touched Beyonce's hand once so I'm famous

  • Eddie Adams
    Eddie Adams   1 weeks ago

    So basically everything can be traced back to Shrek

  • Bounze
    Bounze   1 weeks ago

    #YIAYAvengers: PeterGone

    PUMPLE   1 weeks ago

    #YIAYIW2 Avengers: ENDGAME

  • Randumbo
    Randumbo   1 weeks ago

    Bet Jack picks comments that he can Shrek it. Don't lie.

  • Aidemations
    Aidemations   1 weeks ago

    Jenna Marbles, well age sucks. Y’know who else sucks? The vacuum in the Brave Little Toaster!

  • 1000 subs no vids
    1000 subs no vids   2 weeks ago

    Ya’ll shouldve used someone that died in the 1800’s so theres basically no relation..

  • Jake Bondy
    Jake Bondy   2 weeks ago

    Justin Timberlake was in Social Network who was in Shrek the 3rd, which you acknowledged. That would cut your 50 shades one in half

  • King Midoriya
    King Midoriya   2 weeks ago

    Jack I come from the future the answer is endgame