55 Year Old Canned Foods, Opening decades-old Canned Foods 3

  • Published on: 25 July 2019
  • That is NOT mold, Bananas turn black then they rot and or get dehydrated, they did not have freeze dried food then which would have made them keep color
  • Runtime : 16:39


  • Koren
    Koren   5 hours ago

    so much good food is going to waste this days

  • Mruca
    Mruca   23 hours ago

    Wow the Campbell county doesn’t look any different from today

  • Shaun Tree
    Shaun Tree   1 days ago

    A can of Bananas? I’ve never seen that before

  • Black Friday
    Black Friday   4 days ago

    So guys, it's better for you to keep your canned food close and tight, and then let someone in maybe 50 years later tastes it and does the same thing like this.

  • 50shadesof Meh
    50shadesof Meh   4 days ago

    Honestly my first thought when I saw the paper in the banana can was that it was treasure map🤦‍♀️

  • CB GB
    CB GB   4 days ago

    Dude that’s black mould in the banana can by the looks of it - hoping you wore a dust mask or something.

  • Davibes TV
    Davibes TV   5 days ago

    Bruh my grandma is 6-7 years older than these foodsAnd my grandpa is 13-14 years older than these foods 😎

  • Cat M
    Cat M   5 days ago

    i think the 2nd part in the banana lid was because it was a powder. like on Nesquik when you make chocolate milk it has the main lid then another small lid you pearce. you probably open the can, and then for future times (making your baby food) you have the inner lid

  • Rob Z
    Rob Z   5 days ago

    Man you me making me hungry....nope.

  • Juan del Barrio
    Juan del Barrio   6 days ago

    I'm thinking you could eat the potatoes and black eyed peas. They were in pretty good shape.

  • Little T's Mom
    Little T's Mom   1 weeks ago

    If the Water is slimely ,its no good,and bad green beans will kill you,and you NEVER eat from any buldged can

  • breckandy
    breckandy   1 weeks ago

    I'll bet those were stored in a damp basement or garage back East

  • dukeofpearl
    dukeofpearl   1 weeks ago

    Nice to see your using a can opener that was from the 60’s😱

  • Jokjok Diaz
    Jokjok Diaz   1 weeks ago

    The presence of these cans made your video look like it came from the 50s. Sorry

  • //
    //   1 weeks ago

    This guy has an anime voice

  • One kilobyte of ram
    One kilobyte of ram   1 weeks ago

    Lethal spores went up your nostrils when you smelled those old cans....

  • Drakilicious
    Drakilicious   1 weeks ago

    I don't know why I find this fascinating... but I do...

  • Mizz Wycked
    Mizz Wycked   1 weeks ago

    Wow I can’t believe how much onion was in the Campbell’s French Onion Soup!! These days you get like 8 microscopic pieces😒

  • kchilz32
    kchilz32   1 weeks ago

    What part of New England are you?