55 Year Old Canned Foods, Opening decades-old Canned Foods 3

  • Published on: 25 July 2019
  • That is NOT mold, Bananas turn black then they rot and or get dehydrated, they did not have freeze dried food then which would have made them keep color
  • Runtime : 16:39


  • Rae Bae
    Rae Bae   13 minuts ago

    Not gonna lie - I might have tried those potatoes >.> They look so fresh and clean, and can wasn't bulging (though saw the rust at end). Maybe after a quick boil...?

  • Sadie Pearce
    Sadie Pearce   1 hours ago

    I was dry heaving and gagging throughout this entire video... i loved it

  • Jaramillo Lugo
    Jaramillo Lugo   3 hours ago

    Last can opened definitely farted! A blast from the past, as they say.

  • Dan Valdez
    Dan Valdez   5 hours ago

    Why didn't he eat the potatoes. WASTEFUL! 👎👎👎

  • Linda Carter
    Linda Carter   7 hours ago

    Almost looks like black mold, bad stuff especially if inhaled, causes lungs to bleed.

  • Susan Jaeger
    Susan Jaeger   8 hours ago


  • Saleen Collett
    Saleen Collett   11 hours ago

    He sounds like he’s in such a bad mood in this video 😂 still love you tho 😂❤️

  • Drazic Milosovic
    Drazic Milosovic   13 hours ago

    Yeah....you go ahead and keep those “decorative cans”....I’m just gonna go ahead and sanitise my eyes, my iPhone screen and my memory.

  • Jason Toulson
    Jason Toulson   18 hours ago

    Why people think this is disgusting? I raise my kids on a healthy diet of 1960s goods

  • JC Dealy
    JC Dealy   18 hours ago

    Love the vintage can opener. ;-)

  • CrazyTesseract
    CrazyTesseract   18 hours ago

    Throw the can contents on the Sun, and they will be purified of toxins (completely burnt to atoms).

  • Sarah Gross
    Sarah Gross   22 hours ago

    the onion soup made me scream out loud

  • Angie A
    Angie A   22 hours ago

    I had that grimace expression the whole video and I didn’t notice 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Hockey Girl
    Hockey Girl   1 days ago

    seriously why am I watching this? What has my life become?

  • Wylde Bill
    Wylde Bill   1 days ago

    Thank goodness smellovision was never invented!

    JESUSZCHRIST ISLORD   1 days ago

    The thought of a creature from the past jumping out at him and ran under the table came to my mind.

  • 桃猫白い
    桃猫白い   1 days ago

    Great Fossils !! 😆😃😫 More than fifty years have passed since you bought these foods.

  • Jimmy Page
    Jimmy Page   1 days ago

    You're an idiot. What the he'll did you expect from 55 year old canned food. What a waste of my time

  • Wessam Sabin
    Wessam Sabin   1 days ago

    Not only did you open food from the 50’s, but you also let out air from back then

  • Bonita xXx1
    Bonita xXx1   1 days ago

    Why don’t you ever wear gloves ?????? 😖

  • Mohamed Abdi
    Mohamed Abdi   1 days ago

    Even fresh banana become black so after 50 years that’s completely normal

  • Georgie Thumbs
    Georgie Thumbs   1 days ago

    If you were starving to death you would eat all of that stuff. You would even fight other people for it even to the death depending on how starving you were. During WW2 when the Nazis laid siege on Leningrad people were starved for 872 days. When it was liberated, they found people who had killed and eaten their own kids, that's how crazy starvation makes you.

  • Georgie Thumbs
    Georgie Thumbs   1 days ago

    If you ever hit the Antarctica, stop by Robert Falcon Scotts hut. It's an abandoned hut of Arctic explorer Robert F. Scott than has canned food from 1912.

  • ltabe2003
    ltabe2003   1 days ago

    1000% glad smell o vision isn't a thing, that had to be horrific

  • Blue
    Blue   1 days ago

    와씨 다 썩어버렸네... 양파수프 비주얼 무엇

  • Cld K
    Cld K   1 days ago

    where did you get these from?

  • Akash Suresh
    Akash Suresh   1 days ago

    Why in the world would anyone think of putting a Banana in a Can??. Why would they name it Kanana? Why would they put a damn paper in it.. I am lost.

  • grinning owl
    grinning owl   2 days ago

    The fact that rust appeared after you washed the cans makes me wonder if we should wash all cans after opening them; then wait until they dry, to see if rust appears. It could be the ultimate test to ensure whether or not foods canned today are safe to eat. I saw a video recently on how to wash tools in vinegar and then coat them immediately with machine oil to keep rust from reforming on them. Since you like to save the cans, you might be interested in using that technique.

  • grinning owl
    grinning owl   2 days ago

    The paper inside the banana can said ""Banana Flakes" can keep indefinitely in a closed container." Notice it didn't say how well.