Terrifying Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni

  • Published on: 12 September 2017
  • Jimmy and Larry David are terrified when Dave brings out a baby mountain lion, a venomous gaboon viper snake and a bald eagle.

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    Terrifying Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni
  • Runtime : 8:22
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  • Jasmine Katoch
    Jasmine Katoch   14 hours ago

    Mountain lion looked at the audience as he's says just shut the fu*k up or you all will be gone 😂😂😂

  • Katleho Motake
    Katleho Motake   1 days ago

    Gabon vipers are one of the prettiest snakes ever!

  • JD Pragmatic
    JD Pragmatic   3 days ago

    That gaboon viper is very fascinating. I’ve watched one eat a rat before and it uses its fangs to “walk” the prey into its mouth

  • Niek Van wensen
    Niek Van wensen   3 days ago

    Y’all way to soft. Yes, the audience is kinda ignorant but y’all are exaggerating about jimmy interrupting Dave so much, he just tries to make his show as fun as possible by making stupid jokes and if Dave was annoyed by that he wouldn’t come to this show for more than 10 times.

  • het shah
    het shah   1 weeks ago

    And americans have noooo manners 😠 clapping to scare him Moore ?

  • fun & coverup
    fun & coverup   3 weeks ago

    Stop noises when special guests don't get it.

  • Sailorsega
    Sailorsega   3 weeks ago

    Why was the host scared of that kitty? It was clearly just playing.

  • HazWolverine
    HazWolverine   3 weeks ago

    I don’t like this Dave guy, he seems inexperienced and most importantly seems anxious and nervous having the animals around him. Totally not in control. He seems to not be cut out for this career but somehow just delved himself into. The Irwins always seemed calm and in control when they do this type of things. This Dave guy on the other hand makes me nervous for everyone there.

  • Prin V
    Prin V   3 weeks ago

    "He should be in the mountains" Exactly 😁

  • Moe Skeetz
    Moe Skeetz   4 weeks ago

    Larry David got the hell outta there 😂

  • John Satabe
    John Satabe   1 months ago

    Wouldn't anyone notice how hot and beefy Dave Salmoni is?

  • Greg Chesson
    Greg Chesson   1 months ago

    Why is every celebrity guest afraid of animals

  • Luke A
    Luke A   1 months ago

    I can tolerate these animal segments when the animals are calm, but this was a baby and he was terrified, all so the audience could have a 'good time'.

  • Andreas Glaesel
    Andreas Glaesel   1 months ago

    There is nothing like "wild" animals... there are caged animals and FREE animals...

  • sia
    sia   1 months ago

    Dave is such a gentleman and good-hearted ❤️❤️

  • sia
    sia   1 months ago

    Stop clapping and Whooing idiots. Can't they see it...

  • Borka Stoudennikov
    Borka Stoudennikov   1 months ago

    Dude where is the freaking head of snake I can not understand where is where?

  • Eduardo Méndez
    Eduardo Méndez   1 months ago

    Baby lion:Ya chucha no me jodan que se creen que soy muñeco de trapo???!!!! 0:40

  • Ronaldo Nzario
    Ronaldo Nzario   1 months ago

    1 Day Dave Salmoni is gonna turn into Dave Salami 🥓

  • mango
    mango   1 months ago

    “The Canadian Tarzan”lol 😂

  • Katy Noah
    Katy Noah   2 months ago

    Now I understand why Dave made his muscles strong, so that he can handle big cats easily. Big cats can go feisty sometimes.

  • Danny Kaa
    Danny Kaa   2 months ago

    The nutter professor had the best idea when the mountain lion came on

  • bigtimetorifan
    bigtimetorifan   2 months ago

    I mean ppl in audience excited be there BUT at commercial Break it would be good to say to them “‘ hey when the animals are brought out please keep your clapping and screaming to a very very minimum“ I mean it sounds obvious to most of us but it’d just be a gentle reminder to the audience

  • User 5748
    User 5748   2 months ago

    The big eagle is beautiful.

  • Tammy Wallace
    Tammy Wallace   2 months ago

    It was so scared, that should be illegal. When dickheads wing about kids painting a horse. Yet you can legally torture an animal for entertainment still.

  • Love Yourself
    Love Yourself   3 months ago

    2:00 the leash is off THE LEASH IS OFF!! Oh my god I ve never been more stressed in my life

  • nadjawmiller
    nadjawmiller   3 months ago

    I wonder why Dave didn't really save much more than "I think the applause got a little too much for him", I feel like he usually does. I wonder, too, if these animals are rescues or if they're born into captivity?

  • Baby Duck
    Baby Duck   3 months ago

    i dont like kimmel acting so ignorant

  • hippo4g93
    hippo4g93   3 months ago

    I’m sorry but only good snake is a dead one

  • Nick niehaus
    Nick niehaus   3 months ago

    Jimmy is a baby and annoying, the audience are idiots .. Hate seeing that cougar scared like that

  • sam bekhtyari
    sam bekhtyari   3 months ago

    these animal videos get more views than Jimmy's show on tv he needs to grow some balls