Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI

  • Published on: 07 December 2017
  • What is UBI? How would free money change our lives.

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    Universal Basic Income Explained – Free Money for Everybody? UBI
  • Runtime : 10:6
  • universal basic income ubi basic income basic society funny humans poverty future futurism wellfare


  • Ionic_ Isotope
    Ionic_ Isotope   5 hours ago

    UBI seems like a utopia, but in reality, it would basically destroy the world.

  • Aurora Makovac
    Aurora Makovac   12 hours ago

    Is there any data if ubi increases population growth?

  • Mrblondezilla _
    Mrblondezilla _   13 hours ago

    I’m my opinion UBI should be just enough to live off of, and it should be adjusted based on the area you live in, finally it should stop if you hit a certain income bracket

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin   14 hours ago

    it would need to be more then 2k month to do anything

  • richard klegin
    richard klegin   14 hours ago

    i hope we do this instead of the cash payment of 1200

  • sifridbassoon
    sifridbassoon   1 days ago

    every time I hear the claim that if you give a poor person $1 it will return $1.30 to the economy, I think of the claim that if you reduce taxes on the rich, the economy will gain more tax renevue. Voodoo economics.

  • The Immortal FX
    The Immortal FX   1 days ago

    Lol I think of an idea what everyone thinks? *We should cut off centerlink welfare and have UBI but you only allow to have it for 10 years maybe 400per week. *You don't have to continuously take them all, you can take 5 years then stop and keep the rest for yourself when you get old. *You can pick when you can get it after 18 *If you get bankrupt government will lock you up in northern Australia and you need to earn 10k? Or more to in order to go out the state(normal Australian can live in northern Australia as well without 10k exit fee) I think this will spark a lot of small entrepreneurs and spark productivity because : if young people take it, he knows the money won't last forever so he will make a small business and passive income stream. Middle-age people want to quit his job and from business, he has 10 years make it profitable old guy take it for his cheaper oversea living A smart people get bankrupt can get out of northern Australia easily, If a lazy People get in northern Australia, I think he just doesn't deserve to live well I guess, just give them super basic stuff not like Centrelink 200 per week. Also, this can develop our empty northern Australia!!

  • Bakshir
    Bakshir   1 days ago

    Comrade Kurzgesagt B)

  • Drifter AX
    Drifter AX   2 days ago

    Why this hasn’t replaced welfare yet is baffling to me

  • Fuckus O’Reilly
    Fuckus O’Reilly   2 days ago

    Wow, a lot of people who believe it’s the government’s job to keep giving you an allowance simply for existing. If you want it, work for it.

  • Gerhard Kutt
    Gerhard Kutt   2 days ago

    I do not like the idea of a. Getting others to pay for UBI, or b. cutting other projects in order to pay for this. That is using an old economic model that is based on debt, credit etc. I like the a UBI model based on the intrinsic value of being human and simply declare a human being having a value of say USD 1,000 month. Studies of course would have to run along side this, and for that, a separate budget needs to be made by Government. The cost of running UBI would come from a separate source than the money that is created for UBI, which should come from nothing just like when you buy a house, a car, or the government asks for money from a central bank by means of of an IOU in the form of a bond. UBI needs to be a money creation scheme from nothing and this would then start establishing the fact that BEING human has value. What is missing is a set of rules for which UBI needs to exist under. We should examine cost of living of a basket of costs like rent, food, clothing, education, transport and healthcare. Then models could be built for different amounts for different locations based on minimum requirements first. Computer models could be built to determine what possible outcomes might be envisaged. The benefit for innovation, technology changes, quality of jobs, exploitation, social impacts, psychological impacts are all studies that have already started and should continue. Obviously the COVID -19 pandemic is an obvious example of what we as a human society should be looking to manage better in future when people are unable to go out but basic needs need to be met.

  • Sea
    Sea   2 days ago

    The poor keep getting poorer, because they keep doing what it is that made them poor.The rich keep getting richer, because they keep doing what it is that made them rich.

  • Sea
    Sea   2 days ago

    Get the rich to pay for it! The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

  • Michal Aron
    Michal Aron   2 days ago

    Just hope you didn't waste donated money on overpriced MACs.. cause graphics you used strongly suggests exactly that which would be sad :'( channel changing the world supporting the most cancerous organization in the world

  • Eric Reingardt
    Eric Reingardt   3 days ago

    A ubi is a band-aid on a wound that needs stitches

  • Sasoripwns
    Sasoripwns   3 days ago

    It never came. The trials got canceled. Ontario Canada was trying it, suppose to be 3 years, guy ended after 1 i think.

  • MegaAgent J
    MegaAgent J   3 days ago

    I think we’re ignoring the fact people pay taxes, how can everyone be given money but the government if they have to pay taxes?

  • Bob Skadoodle
    Bob Skadoodle   3 days ago

    It would be daft not to share what is free to make due to automation. We could all in theory spend our time pursuing our dreams without worrying about getting food on the table.

  • Cleiton Oliveira
    Cleiton Oliveira   3 days ago

    This video not aged well. People now understand money is work. If it's not your work, its someone's else.

  • Toan Ly
    Toan Ly   3 days ago

    they're test running ubi right now using covid -19 as a catalyst

  • AxzyrePL
    AxzyrePL   3 days ago

    Alcocholic stereotypes of poor people are made by Rich people to take the attention to someone else

  • Dhaniel Arya
    Dhaniel Arya   3 days ago

    I think the UBI should not be more than what you need, if you want more, you get it yourself..(example, enough for rent, food, and the rest, basically what you need to live)

  • SociallyAwkwardNerd
    SociallyAwkwardNerd   3 days ago

    It's amazing how many hoops we're starting to jump through to avoid admitting communism is the better economic system

  • The good Fellow
    The good Fellow   4 days ago

    who is gonna pay it? for usa it is 340 B$ each month. where money comes? why should we pay humans who kill animals and eating them? why humans are sacred and not animals? i am not saying we should pay 1000$ each month to a chicken but how about no cutting his/her head and eating it?