An Elevator That Actually Goes Sideways

  • Published on: 26 June 2017
  • I've filmed a paternoster lift; I've filmed the strange Genoa elevator that sort-of goes sideways. So when I got an email from Thyssenkrupp, an elevator company, saying "come and see our Multi elevator that actually goes sideways", I wasn't going to turn it down.

    Full disclosure: Thyssenkrupp paid for my travel to Germany, but that's all they did. I'd got in touch with them last year asking to see this when it opened; their PR firm replied, offering to fly me out. They had no editorial control over this, and didn't get to see it before it was uploaded!

    More information about Multi:

    Thanks to Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin) for help editing the interviews!

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  • Runtime : 4:21
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   2 years ago

    Feel free to argue whether I should have made the title "elevator" or "lift" here. (No, this isn't a sponsored video: pull down the description for more about that!)

  • flaetsbnort
    flaetsbnort   19 hours ago

    Imagine being such an elevator need that Thyssenkrupp flies you to their headquarters to show you their new one... Living the dream

  • Jack de Coco
    Jack de Coco   23 hours ago

    Berlin: the SBahn station Betriebsbahnhof Rummelsburg, there is also an elivator which goes sideways

  • Weep Gaming
    Weep Gaming   2 days ago

    I made this from Lego when I was little...The siderail2000

  • Cedric
    Cedric   3 days ago

    Des Englisch von denen is ja mal übel wild

  • H-O
    H-O   4 days ago

    SEKAI ICHI!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T. F. 32
    T. F. 32   5 days ago

    Elevators safety systems work very well with gravity alone & needs no electricity also cabled elevators don’t use much electricity because of they balance out when one goes down the other goes up & vice versa. I think I learned about that watching a documentary about elevators & they can run on the same power needed for a light bulb apparently. To compete financially with what’s already out there is gonna be very hard considering these ones would use so much electricity. Improving the strength of cables is probably the best thing to try to do to make elevators any better.

  • Undot
    Undot   5 days ago

    And that is the sad leftover of the maglev train system, which Thyssen co-developed and got canned once development was finished. From a solution of making inner country flights redundant, down to a moving cabin in a house. Too bad CO2 emissions weren’t that much of a topic back then.

  • Will L
    Will L   6 days ago

    But, why? If I need to go "sideways" why can't I just walk?

  • Karl Dunne
    Karl Dunne   6 days ago

    Just call John McClain!!...for any movie ideas!!...... (Die Hard series).. 👍.

  • TeeEm
    TeeEm   1 weeks ago

    yes, it's called a train

  • Kyrpi Coasters
    Kyrpi Coasters   1 weeks ago

    Hey Tom, could you please do an episode about rollercoasters? Those are so technically interesting! From the design of the trains to the design of the track shape to safety systems, lifts or launch systems. Actually, some rollercoasters use those exact Linear Synchronous Motors (LSM) or Linear Induction Motors (LIM) or hydraulic or pneumatic launch systems to launch rollercoasters, a little like the fighter jets are launched from Aircraft carriers.

  • Alif
    Alif   1 weeks ago

    Willy wonka come true

  • Schrödingers Katze
    Schrödingers Katze   1 weeks ago

    Wow.... this video still amazes me and makes me feel like a failure for Germany at the same time.

  • Mogli
    Mogli   1 weeks ago

    I wonder what the power usage is, how much it recovers on drops, how much it loses per person that takes the stairs down but elevator up etc

  • Soandnb
    Soandnb   1 weeks ago

    And if the power fails, then the elevators, assuming they don't have automatically locking friction breaks, will gently meander downwards at a very safe speed using the Eddy Current phenomenon.

  • Dan Watt
    Dan Watt   1 weeks ago

    Tom, you are an amazing source of knowledge.

  • No one Here
    No one Here   1 weeks ago

    “Na góre jedzie?”“A gdzie ma jechać? W bok?”

  • Manual
    Manual   1 weeks ago

    So they flew you out for a 4 minute video? nice...

  • theDemolisher13
    theDemolisher13   1 weeks ago

    Taking a look at this and all I can say is this looks overly complex and uses too many recourse to be practical to sell in the market place for construction use.

  • Goose
    Goose   1 weeks ago

    1:16 but how do you get on though🤔

  • Tommy Ohlrich
    Tommy Ohlrich   1 weeks ago

    What happens to LIMs in the event of power loss? Do they just let go?

  • fake harkaj
    fake harkaj   1 weeks ago

    Okay so isn't this an obvious question? What's the point? More elevators can move in the same shaft to support more busy buildings? Because then I like the idea, otherwise I don't get why it makes sense...

  • Joe Paxton
    Joe Paxton   1 weeks ago

    So its a sideways train track basically?

  • Pyrrha Nikos
    Pyrrha Nikos   1 weeks ago

    I understand the need for LIMs (though I question the power usage of this tech, considering the lack of a counerweight), but what's the point of going sideways?

  • Eric Lynch
    Eric Lynch   1 weeks ago

    Those are the same motors they use to launch and slow down rollercoasters!

  • sawsan kamal
    sawsan kamal   1 weeks ago

    İ hate elevators and this İ hate even more

  • DemistTheLies
    DemistTheLies   1 weeks ago

    I really don’t mind getting out of one and walk to another 2 meters away

  • Riversmallies
    Riversmallies   2 weeks ago

    Germans back at it again, just taking a random everyday item and making it the Tesla of elevators 👏

    SOME TECH CHANNEL   2 weeks ago

    linear induction motor, it is also synchronous drive (trying not to call it a Linear Syncronous Motor (LSM))

  • Khalid Ruposh
    Khalid Ruposh   2 weeks ago

    Nobody gon talk about the time stamp being very close to victory

  • 30Dausend
    30Dausend   2 weeks ago

    Why dose it sound like wolfenstein xD