An Elevator That Actually Goes Sideways

  • Published on: 26 June 2017
  • I've filmed a paternoster lift; I've filmed the strange Genoa elevator that sort-of goes sideways. So when I got an email from Thyssenkrupp, an elevator company, saying "come and see our Multi elevator that actually goes sideways", I wasn't going to turn it down.

    Full disclosure: Thyssenkrupp paid for my travel to Germany, but that's all they did. I'd got in touch with them last year asking to see this when it opened; their PR firm replied, offering to fly me out. They had no editorial control over this, and didn't get to see it before it was uploaded!

    More information about Multi:

    Thanks to Michelle Martin (@mrsmmartin) for help editing the interviews!

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  • Runtime : 4:21
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   2 years ago

    Feel free to argue whether I should have made the title "elevator" or "lift" here. (No, this isn't a sponsored video: pull down the description for more about that!)

  • Pre-Packaged _
    Pre-Packaged _   5 days ago

    In future hotels the elevator will open directly into your room.

  • LemmingsGoPOP!
    LemmingsGoPOP!   6 days ago

    Its not an elevator if it doesn't elevate you. Jk. Good video.

  • Malik Rath
    Malik Rath   1 weeks ago

    Thyssenkrupp is trying to build a Cube.

  • Keith R
    Keith R   1 weeks ago

    "Elevators are incredibly safe" tell that to China....

  • SCP Time
    SCP Time   1 weeks ago

    But can it go slantways or longways or backways or frontways or squareways?

  • LNES Smith
    LNES Smith   1 weeks ago

    Lifts do have their ups and downs

  • Lars Frey
    Lars Frey   1 weeks ago

    1:49 isn't that like what they have in railguns?

  • Tyler Torrey
    Tyler Torrey   1 weeks ago

    Why though. Very few buildings are very wide and very tall. I can only see this being useful in large, multi level factories. But employers would tell their workers to walk long before installing an expensive horizontal elevators

  • wes c
    wes c   2 weeks ago

    Elevators do have brakes on them in case of failure.

  • wes c
    wes c   2 weeks ago

    There is quality in simplicity and in elevators you really want quality.

  • Steve Smith
    Steve Smith   2 weeks ago

    The National Football Museum in Manchester, UK has a diagonal elevator.

  • Barbara
    Barbara   2 weeks ago

    Warum haben deutsche so einen schlimmen Akzent wenn sie Englisch reden, das kann doch nicht so schwer sein xD

  • MyNameIsLemon
    MyNameIsLemon   2 weeks ago

    0:57 Ive never wanted 60fps video more in my life

  • Commando
    Commando   2 weeks ago

    Could you use this design with linear induction motors for elevators that don't even move sideways?

  • ThatDamnedYankee
    ThatDamnedYankee   2 weeks ago

    Come on Tom, be were there for the Bier. 😁👍😁

  • mad ass
    mad ass   2 weeks ago

    Didn't like elevators before, really don't like them now.

  • Thomas Vlaskamp III
    Thomas Vlaskamp III   2 weeks ago

    So honest question. What happens if the LIM motors fail? Does the car drop for a bit and then stop or does it go all the way down in a semi controlled manner?

  • Blazed-Banana
    Blazed-Banana   2 weeks ago

    German engineers are some of the best in the world!

  • Tacotech Bros
    Tacotech Bros   2 weeks ago

    One time a Otis elevator tried to cut off my arm

  • Alex
    Alex   3 weeks ago

    What happens to all the magnets and induction motors if the power is cut? (Like from a nearby storm)

  • Mac Air
    Mac Air   3 weeks ago

    So is this called a levelator?🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Matt Pashko
    Matt Pashko   3 weeks ago

    Only useful if you're in a building as wide as it is tall, otherwise pointless. Even then, there'd be better alternatives.

  • ginsengjin
    ginsengjin   3 weeks ago

    The repairs on that would be astronomical for a building owner.

  • faisal ahmed ali
    faisal ahmed ali   3 weeks ago

    the main point from engineer was that you can have more than one elevators in use at the same time when peple are using elevators at the same building at the same point in time.