I'm A Stay-At-Home Mom...Again! || Mayim Bialik

  • Published on: 25 July 2019
  • Hey, it's Mayim, and now that The Big Bang Theory is behind me, I'm finding out what it's like to be a stay-at-home mom again with my two boys. And boy...is it different. I'm sure lots of parents will be able to relate to this feeling in different ways, so I'd love to hear some advice, or even just words of comfort, from you all about how to navigate this time of growing up and growing away.
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    You ​might know me as Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory or from Blossom​ but there are so many other parts of me that you might not be aware of​!​​ I’m trained ​as a​ neuroscientist, ​I'm ​a passionate activist, an observant Jew, a​ perfectly imperfect​ mother, and ​I'm a complicated human being​ like many of you​. This is the place where I wear ​all of those hats - and none of them have a flower on them! ;)
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  • Libertad vera
    Libertad vera   9 hours ago

    noooo!!! i cried a little bit, i have a 3yo growing so fast. i don´t want to reach the point where i wont be his play partner.Sweet video though.

  • digital subliminal messages

    S r b Not used to any of that // I'm used to ...you hungry....kitchens in there ...it hurts....shake it off...you wanna be picked up ...here me first // no it helps them grow up.in a confident perspective

  • Sheriff K
    Sheriff K   1 days ago

    During big bang theory did she not see them at all or somethin?

  • Pe De
    Pe De   2 days ago

    Greetings from germany, im a big fan. Really nice video.

  • Kelly Smeeton
    Kelly Smeeton   3 days ago

    Ah this is why I find parenting so hard. I think I always want them to be little and need me but at the same time I need to be an individual again. I have two children (nearly 2 and 4 1/2) and am caught between wanting a third and not feeling equipped to go through it all again! I love your videos, thank you xx

  • S M
    S M   4 days ago

    I don’t even have kids and this video made me tear up ❤️Also, loving your Star Wars/Klimt shirt!!! Needing it!

  • denis j
    denis j   6 days ago

    As a caterpillar turns into a chrysalis and then into a butterfly , humans make the same with their personalities. Specially when they become parents. It is the same for every species. With time adults/parents change roles, they become partners of their children, not just their parents generation by generation and that is fine. We are showing the way like our own parents (normally). The question is about our own place in those moments of life and how we can find all happiness who clearly exists in that new "role". I hope I am clear because I'm French and my English is not very good. Take care.

  • Sarah Adams
    Sarah Adams   6 days ago

    I've got a 6,4, and 10 month old... this made me cry, because I'm constantly trying to remind myself of how fast this will all go by. I'm dreading tonight bc my 10 month nursling is sick, and I know I won't be getting much sleep- but watching this changed my perspective on tonight. I will be up all night and breath in being needed in this way, because one day it will be gone. I will be so sad when that day comes =(

  • Anna Bordeaux
    Anna Bordeaux   6 days ago

    She has to be the most down to earth celebrity ive ever seen. Love her ❤

  • chocmilkshake24
    chocmilkshake24   6 days ago

    Wow, thx for showing us nonparents a slice of parenthood. I never knew that's how parents felt.

  • Amanda Brinlee
    Amanda Brinlee   1 weeks ago

    I love this so so much. I’m not a mom ~yet~ and I won’t be for a while, but I hope that when I am I get to process these experience as eloquently as you do!

  • Lina 2019
    Lina 2019   1 weeks ago

    I love this video. Being a mom is the most amazing and important job in the world. No matter how old they are ❤️

  • raul seixas
    raul seixas   1 weeks ago

    So, you stay home taking care of your kids and then upload videos on YouTube to tell all about it?

  • jack brown
    jack brown   1 weeks ago

    It's ok, I'm a stay at home person too. Out here in the wide open mountains is clean air, beautiful views, and much fun to have.

  • Sathya Prakash
    Sathya Prakash   1 weeks ago

    Wow that was a fantastic video! Such an honest speech.! Loved it.

  • Azareal Bheri
    Azareal Bheri   1 weeks ago

    Messiah, you've been waiting for has already come. His name is Jesus. He is son of David, the Lion of Judah and the sacrificial lamb for us.

  • Chasity Hunt
    Chasity Hunt   1 weeks ago

    Us as parents, as our children are growing up!.. from babies to teenagers!.. we should teach them! As they go from needing and wanting us every min of the day!.. how they should need and want the Lord more and more each and every day!.. I need to do a better job in my life reflecting my need of more of the Lord in my life!

  • Amanda Caroline Nair
    Amanda Caroline Nair   1 weeks ago

    Oh my goodness 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I am a SAHM with littles... Some days are really tough. But my goodness I want to cherish them! 🥰 Love your insight!

  • Katelin Goss
    Katelin Goss   1 weeks ago

    Welp! That made me cry. I’m so grateful that I’m able to stay home with my baby and witness all of these amazing moments, but WOW did that make me sad thinking about her not needing me as much.

  • Daemolitia
    Daemolitia   1 weeks ago

    You will always be important to them. They will always love you and they will always need you in some way. I'm a 45 year old 'boy' and I still like to reach out to my mum at times because it's comforting knowing that she is still here. I know that she is one person who will always have my back and will always fight for me. Thank you for being so open about your thoughts and feelings. It's been pleasurable getting to know you from your videos.

  • Jess Martin
    Jess Martin   1 weeks ago

    when u tubers ask to click on the bell, i wonder how many do it? it seems a nuisance and shows how the celebs are hard up. it seems a little desperate.

  • Michael Mosher
    Michael Mosher   1 weeks ago

    Miss Bialik, thank you for the content, it offers a sense of solidarity. Being a single parent is never easy.

  • Laura. Book
    Laura. Book   1 weeks ago

    Omgosh! I cried before you started to tear up and then you did and then I cried more!! 😭😭😭

  • Laura. Book
    Laura. Book   1 weeks ago

    Omgosh! I cried before you started to tear up and then you did and then I cried more!! 😭😭😭

  • Anna B. Chamblee
    Anna B. Chamblee   1 weeks ago

    As a stay at home mom, I am crying like a baby. 😭 Mine are 2.5 years and 5 months old.

  • heyitsnayaa Arok
    heyitsnayaa Arok   2 weeks ago

    If I made all that money I'd be a stay a home mom also.😭😭😭

  • afranur kulaksız
    afranur kulaksız   2 weeks ago

    your tshirt is awsome (like all ways but ı love this too much). Great touch!

  • steph dcc
    steph dcc   2 weeks ago

    I was a stay at home mom for 6 months and realized it was not for me. Back in nursing school and working fulltime our family dynamic is so much better and I wouldnt take it back. No nanny no maid. But my mom does help watch the girls and my oldest is in school so as we all get older I am loving more and more that they can be slightly independent like getting a snack by themselves while I study and reading together at night and bath times.

  • Danielle Figgins
    Danielle Figgins   2 weeks ago

    Now I’m in tears. My girls are 22, almost 20 and 17. I miss them being little and helpless. I didn’t cherish those moments when they were little enough. 😢

  • Coral Pardo
    Coral Pardo   2 weeks ago

    You made me cry, I watched this as I held my sleeping 10-month old baby, and as I try to cherish every moment I struggle as a working mom. PS I know you posted this a while ago, but you know baby+full time job does not leave a lot of free time. Big hugs, let us all enjoy the Best and Hardest job ever!

  • Teresa T
    Teresa T   2 weeks ago

    Sweetie all of their transitions through all of their lives will be sweet...it only gets better

  • bobbi jo benedict
    bobbi jo benedict   2 weeks ago

    Mayim why you make me cry? Lol. I love you and your authenticity. I’m a working mom and my husband is a stay at home dad. I have these feelings too. I feel like I miss so much, but the balance worked best for our family so that we could have summers off all together as a family. I know it’s the right choice for our family. But it’s still hard sometimes. That’s human nature I suppose - occasionally dwelling on what’s lacking in the choices made - but truly, I need to focus on celebrating all that’s right with our choices. When you post videos like this, it reminds me to do that - to celebrate all that is good in our choices. Thank you for what you do for us by sharing your truths.