I'm A Stay-At-Home Mom...Again! || Mayim Bialik

  • Published on: 25 July 2019
  • Hey, it's Mayim, and now that The Big Bang Theory is behind me, I'm finding out what it's like to be a stay-at-home mom again with my two boys. And boy...is it different. I'm sure lots of parents will be able to relate to this feeling in different ways, so I'd love to hear some advice, or even just words of comfort, from you all about how to navigate this time of growing up and growing away.
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    You ​might know me as Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory or from Blossom​ but there are so many other parts of me that you might not be aware of​!​​ I’m trained ​as a​ neuroscientist, ​I'm ​a passionate activist, an observant Jew, a​ perfectly imperfect​ mother, and ​I'm a complicated human being​ like many of you​. This is the place where I wear ​all of those hats - and none of them have a flower on them! ;)
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  • beautifulangel32
    beautifulangel32   15 minuts ago

    OMG you haven’t even begun what I call the grieving process where the sweet precious I wanna marry my mom boy turns into a cheeky moody whatever type of man child and u have conversations with them and their opinions and point of view is totally not what you taught but.... it’s their fathers and u realise they are gone your sweet sweet boy is gone and now just a typical asshole MAN

  • berthas4th
    berthas4th   53 minuts ago

    Being a SAHM is a great thing, but you're still incredibly self absorbed.

  • roxana ramirez
    roxana ramirez   11 hours ago

    This made me cryy 😭😭😭 ive been a stay at home mom for 10 months now and i have a 2.5 yo and a 4 mo ... today was a rough day, baby did not sleep and wanted to be held... my life is how u described yours WAS before and i could see in your eyes how much you miss that... i needed to see this today so i can cherish even more the special time i have w them 😍😍thank you for sharing this!

  • Clown Whisper
    Clown Whisper   12 hours ago

    I don't know why I love this lady so much but I simply adore her! . If it's any Solace to you if there's any Saving Grace in your time away. Please realize. Are you helping me through the worst time of my life with your wonderful skill. I have or had paraneoplastic syndrome lambert-eaton syndrome more precisely you being a neuroscientist them for you know, that's a neurological condition. / autoimmune condition And lambert-eaton syndrome is probably the worst version. Of the condition there is. I did not die. Small cell lung cancer and maybe it was because all the laughter that I had watching you and your coworkers bee brilliant on the most Innovative wonderful hilarious show in the history of television. You kept my mind off of my horrifying condition in a very real sense when I could watch you. Guys because it wasn't whichever night you were on at that point. I would play DVDs.I am now almost completely rid of. My calcium channel and PQ Channel antibodies And the doctors are sort of perplexed. The Mayo Clinic says I still have paraneoplastic syndrome. But my neurologist says bulshit. He says my immune system prevented this cancer. It caught the random nucleotide polymorphisms. Just like it was meant to and cleaned my system. From the situation and now my antibodies are disappearing. I'm very lucky. That I had you guys to keep me laughing through this and I really really really mean that I hope you read this. Me and my girlfriend just love you, especially in that show. As far as I'm concerned. You brought a component to the show off absolute unabashed hilarity. That made this show keep rolling for many more years and it would have

  • Tigger Pooh
    Tigger Pooh   15 hours ago

    Thank you for this video. You just remind me to cherish every second I have with my kids.

  • Rae Anna
    Rae Anna   16 hours ago

    My kids are currently 2 and 2 months. I have been hit hard with Mommy burnout lately. Every day feels like groundhog's day...more of the same over and over. This made me realize how much I need to try and just cherish this spit up soaked, constant breastfeeding, sleep deprived days because they will be over before I realize it 😭

  • xiao mei
    xiao mei   20 hours ago

    Well still dont want another baby even you miss it. Dog preferred !!

  • Cyn Mendoza
    Cyn Mendoza   20 hours ago

    Im at that stage of mom of 2 one 4yr that soesnt nap n a 10month that still waking up every 3 hrs. I work nights 3x a week & i am exhausted and wish the late night feeds to end soon but i knw it will get better with time n then i will be crying they no longer need me as much. Stay strong mamas, we got this!

  • Martina Solmes
    Martina Solmes   1 days ago

    You are such a good mom, Mayim. Been watching you since Blossom. Bless you!

  • Alexandre sidney Santos

    Wow, you're now more beautiful than ever, if that's even possible! Kisses from Brazil!!!!!

  • NotaLotta Farm
    NotaLotta Farm   2 days ago

    You are fabulous. I’d love to see you on some new acting projects.

  • thedeetzes
    thedeetzes   2 days ago

    Very interesting! Though I can’t imagine being a millionaire and choosing to have to no help cleaning the house. Why? WHY!?

  • Capitol Yasa
    Capitol Yasa   2 days ago

    This video just totally Reaffirmed my decision to stay at home with my 2 month old baby. This time in her life is worth more than any salary I would be collecting for the next 2 years ... & I just know that if I don’t it will most certainly be one of my biggest regrets in life. Thank you for articulating your experience so beautifully & with such great insight.

  • KC H
    KC H   3 days ago

    I’m bawling my eyes out as my 14 month old sleeps in his crib! This was the craziest glimpse into my future and I can’t believe how much I don’t want my baby to grow up lol

  • Alita Hargrove
    Alita Hargrove   3 days ago

    This seems weird to me. Like, you were shooting TBBT, okay, but didn't you still go home to them everyday? I don't knoe if it's true, but it sounds almost like you weren't there for your them for ten years and they just learned to live without you, as though you didn't come home to them at all or not every day. It's so weird to me because even working parents spend a few hours of time with their kids every single day, like... How did you miss those in-between years? What happened?

  • MediaLab
    MediaLab   4 days ago

    Wait until they leave your home to attend college. It is heartbreaking. I quit my job and put my carrer on hold for my daughter. When she got accepted at the university of her dreams I went to the workforce again to avoid dealing with an empty nest. Being a mom is the most important thing in the world but they fly and higher than we did. 😊

  • K Mac
    K Mac   5 days ago

    GO AWAY !!!!!

  • Leyla Cüre
    Leyla Cüre   1 weeks ago

    I don't know what it is about you and your videos but this is my third video of you that I've watched and I almost cried in each of them. My daughter is 2.5 yo and I am going to be masters student next year (abroad). I am not sure what to do about this, whether I should take her with me for 1 year or leave her to my husband. When you told how it was when you missed their growing up, I felt heartbroken :/and yes, I was thinking about having 3-4 kids before I got married. Now... don't think so.

  • mountaingal homemaker

    seriously your 18 month old is nursing every 3 hrs even at night and won't nap unless you are holding him. your kid was redicously spoiled.

  • Debra Beverly
    Debra Beverly   1 weeks ago

    As parent to a 13 y/o I totally understand!! I went from the absolute coolest to super embarrassing lol. I savor the times she still needs me ❤❤❤

  • Santana S
    Santana S   1 weeks ago

    You said that you wold like to continue acting. Are you auditioning?

  • Miroslav Cuper
    Miroslav Cuper   1 weeks ago

    Ovládaš ešte češtinu,slovenčinu,poľštinu alebo maďarčinu?Viem,že to je otázka mimo tému a preto sa ospravedlňujem. Ale myslím si ,že si dosť inteligentná aby si si to preložila a aspoň to nie je ten istý stereotyp čítať len anglické komentáre a zvedavosť je silnejšia o čom píšem.Wish good Luck to you and your Family

  • Kelsie O'Mara
    Kelsie O'Mara   1 weeks ago

    I don't have kids yet, but I want them within the next 5 years, but this made me cry. Just trying to keep up with my nieces and nephew's being a state away is hard enough. I'm so scared that they will grow up and won't feel they have a relationship with me. And I just feel the clock ticking by each time I see them which is every couple months

  • Incognito At Unknown
    Incognito At Unknown   1 weeks ago

    The shift from needed to needy is a crazy and unexpected thing. It's not something anyone can prepare you for. You are walking a path untrodden upon in the brave, new world of your family dynamic. If anyone can navigate this new reality, you can.

  • Kit Kat
    Kit Kat   1 weeks ago

    Being a stay-at-home mom, if you have your own money, must be really great, no question. I recommend this to everyone! Sadly, in the real world, what happens often is that a woman will quit her professsion, job at 27, 28 to have a couple of kids....and then, oh dear, the husband is paying all the bills (so it's really his money, not yours, in some cases, the husband even demands that the mom explain what/why she is spending money on....) So fast forward 20 years....things don't go so well, the couple divorces, the mom is now in her 40s, no job, no work experience, no money....drama!

  • Jill B
    Jill B   1 weeks ago

    Stay at home mom of four sweet children! 6 years, 4 years,2 year and 11 months. When you talk about how different your life is now, being quiet, it makes me cry. I’m so not ready for a quiet house! I’m hoping by the time that comes I’m ready for a little quiet. 😥