Which Portable Tire Pump is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 09 September 2019
  • Portable Tire Pump Inflator test. Brands: Slime, Hyper Tough Walmart, GoodYear, Husky, Pittsburgh Harbor Freight, Campbell Hausfeld, Audew, CZK-3650, and ATE Pro. None of the pumps failed when used per manufacturers instructions.

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  • Runtime : 18:8
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  • Project Farm
    Project Farm   2 months ago

    Thank you all for requesting this one. I plan to give away all the tire pumps to random people I meet when I'm out and about buying stuff to test. Also, sorry it's taken me so long but finally have some new merch: https://teespring.com/stores/project-farm

  • Gary H
    Gary H   3 hours ago

    I finally had a chance to use my Viair tire pump today on both of my vehicles. That thing worked great! Fast and quiet. I wish my old pump would have broken sooner, LOL.

  • jawed iqbal
    jawed iqbal   12 hours ago

    How much hp motor fits in your mouth ? which is unstop able .

  • emigrate
    emigrate   14 hours ago

    I bought an Air Howk Pro and it is pants,!

  • tim bit
    tim bit   16 hours ago

    Keep up the great work

  • wizzlefits
    wizzlefits   17 hours ago

    I like to see "testing" beyond manufactures suggested.... goes a long way in showing who actually has the best product. Plus... I've never used a product according to the instructions. hehehe

  • Gordini
    Gordini   19 hours ago

    Interesting test, but I wish you also tested some dual cylinder inflators. They are not that more expensive and seem more sturdy.I just wonder if the inflating time would be shorter and how more reliable they might be.

  • Charles 22
    Charles 22   1 days ago

    I have the Pittsburgh one, or at least one very similar, though I think it was a more base model, and it's the best pump I've ever had. I'm never doing a flat tire, but if I have to squeeze off five pounds or more, it's embarrassingly quick. I'm so used to taking care of some knick knacks or something and leaving the thing for a while with basic tire inflations, but the pittsburgh I have is done so quick I don't even dream of leaving. It seems it's taking like 60-90 seconds.

  • Robert Hoffman
    Robert Hoffman   1 days ago

    I enjoy watching your videos. I am wondering how the Milwaukee and Dewalt tire inflators would stack up against these? I have the harbor freight inflator in this video and it's done well when needed. The Milwaukee I haven't had a flat to use it on but I tried it filling a 5 gal air tank. One 2.0 12 volt battery took it to about 85 lbs then I put another 2.0 in and it easily went to 100 psi and both gauges seemed to be on the money. When it got to 100 psi it was starting to get warm, however it didn't shut itself down.

  • Bud Gunter
    Bud Gunter   1 days ago

    I loved the Video! Can you do another one on Which Portable RECHARGEABLE Tire Pump is Best?

  • Bart
    Bart   2 days ago

    I bought a 12v husky inflater @ home depot over 2 years ago it works great it puts the air in tires quikly it was bit more then these in the video but was worth it & just to note it was not the one in this video mine has 10' cord 1' tire hose & came with a canvas bag. consumers should keep in mind that if the outside is built with aluminum housing it usually is good pump any plastic housing units are pure junk..

  • handsome lover
    handsome lover   2 days ago

    Awesome video. Thank you for testing and informing all of us.

  • Joiion
    Joiion   2 days ago

    I’m super late to this video but I’m very glad you made this. I have owned the husky pump for nearly two years and I’m glad to know I invested my money on the best product. A little side note, if you jack up the car so there’s no weight on the tire, you can attain 35 psi much faster.

  • troy seaburg
    troy seaburg   2 days ago

    Cool now I can get my dad one that maybe won't break. Lol

  • Allen Learns To Budget

    I've Had A Slime In My Car For Years - With Almost The Exact Button Configuration As The Hyper Tough... Looks Like They're Basically The Same Product... I Love Mine....! It's Set To My Car Tire's Pressure So I Just Turn It On And Let It Finish Automatically...Campbell Hausfeld And Husky Are Great Brands - I Didn't Know Campbell Hausfeld Made A Little Car Tire Pump Though, My Bad... I Used A Campbell Hausfeld Compressor At The Shop For 20 Years With Flawless Service - It's Still Like New For The Most Part, Very Quite (For A Compressor) With A Cast Iron Pump...Aduew Probably Jacked The Price Of Theirs By Now Though...LOL...The Harbor Freight One Was Really Impressive Though...

  • Andrew Fiorello
    Andrew Fiorello   3 days ago

    My portable pump is a bike pump. It can go up to a plenty high PSI and I can inflate the tire rather quickly. Also it needs no batteries or other power.

  • Cheryl Ronald
    Cheryl Ronald   3 days ago

    Another Great Video! Thanks for all the hard work you do to make these videos.

  • Patrol 2012
    Patrol 2012   3 days ago

    please make a video comparing pumps that can inflate an SUV/Truck tire from 15 to 35 in under 2 minutes.

  • still34u
    still34u   3 days ago

    I have a Husky air pump. It plugs into a cigarette lighter outlet and it costs twenty bucks in home depot. Never had a total flat, but it goes from below 20 to 40 psi in just about a minute.

  • Frank A
    Frank A   3 days ago

    Awesome. The only problem I have is that I can only press the like button once. You should teach courses on how to do a review. Cheers mate.

  • charles johnson
    charles johnson   3 days ago

    I've never seen anyone try to put helium into car tires before. I have always wondered if you inflate all 4 tires to the recommended pressure for the tire with helium if it would hold up and roll or if the car would just float like a balloon?

  • LoneWanderer360
    LoneWanderer360   4 days ago

    I like these tests. I wonder how the Ryobi 18v cordless tire pump would do in this test?

  • Ron Flores
    Ron Flores   4 days ago

    Can you do one with stud finders? 😜🙂

  • ThisNoName
    ThisNoName   4 days ago

    I have Costco BonAire, pretty much identical to the Husky except 12v. Compact, weighs a ton, super quiet and don't "walk" while pumping. They used to have them in store and on sale for $25, but now seems only online.

  • DanceGeekRob
    DanceGeekRob   4 days ago

    One (very commendable) thing this channel shows with reviews like this is the crappy or even negligent quality assurance done by manufacturers. How can you sell a pump that smokes???

  • Larry Woolford
    Larry Woolford   4 days ago

    It would be interesting to see how these inexpensive tire pumps compare to a higher end pump like a Viair .

  • Samb wague
    Samb wague   4 days ago

    Smithbuilt one was not part of the test. What do you think about it?

  • glamdring0007
    glamdring0007   4 days ago

    I have a 15 year old Campbell Hausfeld AC powered pump that still works like a champ

  • Tiago Cheregati
    Tiago Cheregati   4 days ago

    Great video! I would only make the noise chart a bit different, since dB is a logarithmic scale. Therefore, a pump 3 dB louder is DOUBLE louder.

  • camjamsdad
    camjamsdad   4 days ago

    I own the HF pump. Probably around the 3rd or 4th time I used it it died. After a few months I took a look at it and found that the switch was bad. So I rewired it without the switch. I've had it for 6 years. It's a pretty good little pump.If you would have read the instructions they recommend that you start the pump before you hook it to the tire. For a completely flat tire I don't see why you would want to do that but for a partially filled tire I get it. You don't want to be starting against pressure.

  • Ray Deverson
    Ray Deverson   4 days ago

    Great video, I notice that you test all you products to the cold end of the spectrum, but here in OZ it can get to 60deg. C in a car in summer, why not test these at this range. Also the same when doing oil tests etc.

  • Ryan O'Keefe
    Ryan O'Keefe   4 days ago

    0:05 cool hwhip.. Cool whip? Cool hhhwwhip.

  • White Knight Chad
    White Knight Chad   5 days ago

    The Husky sucks. The gauge is not very accurate and the hose will puncture on the inside, leaking air.It also vibrates like a porn film tool. I got maybe 20 inflates out of the Husky before I trashed it.

  • Pastor Glock
    Pastor Glock   5 days ago

    I run a slime heavy duty pump. Looks like the Husky & Pittsburgh. I'm pretty pleased with it. Keep it in Suburban

  • Ekaw Pu!
    Ekaw Pu!   5 days ago

    just wondering, have you tested the combo units with air and jumper in one unit, if not do you think you might in the future, great vid by the way