Which Portable Tire Pump is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 09 September 2019
  • Portable Tire Pump Inflator test. Brands: Slime, Hyper Tough Walmart, GoodYear, Husky, Pittsburgh Harbor Freight, Campbell Hausfeld, Audew, CZK-3650, and ATE Pro. None of the pumps failed when used per manufacturers instructions.

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  • Runtime : 18:8
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  • Project Farm
    Project Farm   5 months ago

    Thank you all for requesting this one. I plan to give away all the tire pumps to random people I meet when I'm out and about buying stuff to test. Also, sorry it's taken me so long but finally have some new merch: https://teespring.com/stores/project-farm

  • Steven Vaught
    Steven Vaught   12 hours ago

    Great videos I would like to see a test on jump start boxes with compressors

  • Flatus Antiquitous
    Flatus Antiquitous   14 hours ago

    Carrying a small 12V compressor and tire plugging kit is an absolute must on a motorcycle trip. Motorcycles don’t have spare tires. My wife and I were traveling across country and got a rear tire flat in the boonies of the Michigan Upper Peninsula. Finding the tiny puncture took me the longest time, eventually snooping out the leak with some water. Plugged it with “sticky strings” and got it up to 35 psi with the small pump I was carrying. It is a stripped down Campbell Hausfield pump with the plastic case removed to make it more compact.Total time from discovering the puncture to getting back on the road was about 30 minutes. After plugging it we rode several miles at lower speeds to the next town with a gas station and pumped it up to 42 psi that it normally runs at when fully loaded. Ran that tire for the remainder of our road trip, another 5,000 miles, and had no loss of air or other problems.

  • Bruno Feitosa
    Bruno Feitosa   1 days ago

    I have the first one you tested, it has no warning about max time use, so I went right over one time and it started smoking and now I know why! Still working thou, so... Great video!

  • yamen16
    yamen16   1 days ago

    I don’t see a Milwaukee inflator

  • logan holmberg
    logan holmberg   1 days ago

    I think I'd get the Husky pump since I always carry a cord for my block heater anyway and my truck has a AC plug on the front dash.

  • Ernie Miller
    Ernie Miller   2 days ago

    I got the airpump/battery boost from AutoZone. It worked but doesn't come with instructions

  • Demetrius Napavon
    Demetrius Napavon   2 days ago

    I have owned a few of these... I have had a few of those cheap Harbor Freight versions.... They failed, some having only used a few times. I have had a Campbell Hausfeld pump for a few years now... It seems to work well... It has started making some strange noises, though still works... At times, I have aired up more than one tire at time, with it....However, it is an older version that the one shown, so most likely, it has better parts than anything sold currently, as manufacturing quality of most all items sold, have depreciated over the past 20yrs...

  • willmatic 84
    willmatic 84   2 days ago

    🤔 I have a kobalt brand I wonder if is good got from lowes

  • Roy Mariano
    Roy Mariano   3 days ago

    I like to carry my manual bicycle floor pump, as a backup to my electric air pump. no batteries required, and no motor burnout. It burns about 300 calories an hour.

  • Dylan Fairclough
    Dylan Fairclough   3 days ago

    Great video Project farm! Any chance you could review carbon deposit cleaners for direct injection cars? I'm sceptical whether it's a myth or not

  • Abstruseish
    Abstruseish   3 days ago

    I have had two of the harbor freight pumps fail on me after very little use, now I have the same Hypertough model shown here and it's been working fine, we have actually needed it 6 times, and it runs like new.

  • Esmeralda C
    Esmeralda C   4 days ago

    Thank you so much for this video.. I have my car park with a flat tire..i needed this so much.. Cause i wasn't sure what to buy😁

  • simonlang2001
    simonlang2001   4 days ago

    any chance to test the Ryobi pumps there are two, in particular, the battery-operated 18-volt pump, and the 12 volt chorded pump, there is also a tank-type battery-operated air pump.

  • Chai Cooper
    Chai Cooper   4 days ago

    Most people don't even know. Bicycle air pump can use on car too. 😊😃😎 ( good exercise old fashioned way )

    JOE FORD DIY   5 days ago

    where did you get your mobile air tank from?

  • Alan Pague
    Alan Pague   5 days ago

    Very practical video. I have a collection of burned out pumps that have resulted from use on my full size pickups. Thanks.

  • sidecarnutz
    sidecarnutz   5 days ago

    That HF model used to be marketed by Goodyear. They look identical. We've been using them for a few years now with no issues.

  • sidecarnutz
    sidecarnutz   5 days ago

    Harbor Freight sells that first one in a yellow color. Kinda junky and the hose can snap off the fitting!

    JOHN Q PUBLIC   5 days ago

    This i gotta see because I've never found one that works good enough to buy. Forge on sir. I am impressed they seem to have come a long way in 20 year's

  • G Parker
    G Parker   5 days ago

    Again another great video. I commute about 200miles a day round trip for work and be it in my car or on my bike I keep a tire pump with me. I have the slime pump already but this video is making me think I may need another pump for my truck. Most informative videos on YouTube, thank you.

  • Mickey Mishra
    Mickey Mishra   5 days ago

    I did a Video on the Harbor Freight Pump Years ago. There are some things to watch out for. Main thing is the Cord. It frays and breaks. The other is the END of the cord. The Cheap Plastic Plug Falls apart easy. It also PULLS a LOT of power from a 12V plug. And will more often than not blow the 20 Amp Fuse as it has on my PT if you use the DC plug in the Rear of the Van or SUV. Make sure your CAR is running if you are using these 12V pumps as the Voltage does matter. Over time, make sure you lube the Harbor Freight Pump. It will keep working for YEARS. After my DC plug Broke, I just put Alligator battery clips to the end of the wire. Works so much better now. The stock wire is a BIT small for the current draw. The next best mod is to use larger wire Gauge. When its REALLY Cold outside? (Close to freezing) The Pump just keeps going. Nice. You can spray Silicone into the pump while running to lube it up every once in a while to keep the bores lubed. Best if you just put grease in the crank area and under the piston. You can also use Dry Lubricant. My HF pump has been used almost every other day one year. I had a Slow leak on one of the rims on my PT. Thank GOD I found slime. Works wonders! If you are going to put the Pump in a Gear box or Tool Box, find some Hard case for it so it does not get damaged. And I WISH the Gauge was better. Or Backlit. But it works. And it keeps on working. One of the BEST things I ever got from Harbor Freight.

  • raptorms773
    raptorms773   6 days ago

    I live in Chicago and I can say confidently that out of those 200 million odd flat tires 150 million of them happened here in fact 50 million of those where mine on the same damn pot holes.

  • Ben Keysor
    Ben Keysor   6 days ago

    I actually own a Yellow HF brand 12V air compressor to inflate my bike tires to 50-55 PSI(about 3-5 minutes). As long as it's used with a good strong battery or a power supply to provide enough current it does great considering it was less than $10.00. I don't know the exact amount of current it draws since my meter can't do DC current, but after trying to run it with a 5 amp switching PSU, it couldn't produce enough current to run it. Since a 5 amp supply is too small I have to use on an old computer PSU that produces 17 amps, so it probably draws between 10 & 12 amps. Also it's not really any different than any other 12 VDC portable compressor but I'm guessing its prone to overheating and damage if used for a long period of time which is mostly why it says not for vehicle use.

  • Jeff Bailey
    Jeff Bailey   6 days ago

    Call me weird... my tool box only has two items... a visa card and phone book and I am not handy at all; however, I still enjoy his videos and thumbs up and subscribed...

  • D.A.Honda247
    D.A.Honda247   6 days ago

    $36 for the Harbor Freight pump?? Sounds like someone didn’t use their 20% off coupon lol, and don’t forget you get a FREE flashlight to throw in that bag in case you get stranded at night👍👊😉

  • Deplorable Dave
    Deplorable Dave   6 days ago

    Many of us only shop online...ie Amazon. Please start using Amazon Choice items like this pump... 10K REVIEWS. I just bought it a few seconds ago.Historically I have rarely been lead astray by AMAZON CHOICE items.https://www.amazon.com/EPAuto-Portable-Compressor-Digital-Inflator/dp/B01L9WSTEG/ref=sr_1_8?hvadid=78546488621249&hvbmt=bp&hvdev=c&hvqmt=e&keywords=campbell+hausfeld+tire+inflator&qid=1582169124&sr=8-8&tag=coa_us-20

  • Dave Dennis
    Dave Dennis   6 days ago

    Once again PF, Very valuable content. THanks

  • Hello
    Hello   6 days ago

    CZK was not tested properly. Its venting was in contact with the floor surface. I believe that it was not able to breathe. This is just my observation, not a critique.

  • lex addams
    lex addams   6 days ago

    i jack up my car to inflate tires. it cuts down the inflate time a lot and is easier on the pump motor.

  • Legohaiden
    Legohaiden   1 weeks ago

    So what im learning from this.... if your looking for value per buck, get the Walmart one. Seems like a solid contender for emergency roadside inflation, But if you got a few extra bucks the Harbor Freight one has all metal internals which is more durable.

  • Gilles St-Onge
    Gilles St-Onge   1 weeks ago

    Hi. thank you for all. your testing, its interesting ... On my side I do motorbike, so a pump as to be small, reliable because carry on the bike make a lots of vibration. And also has to be able to work in dusty environment.I do near 40 000 km a year, and 2 weeks ago, my pump die at the hotel while I do a tire change on my bike. And adventure motorbike tire goes to 42 PSI, and have a size of 150/70/18I will appreciate if you could do a test on that kind of pump.Thank you for you good work

  • Burt Borders
    Burt Borders   1 weeks ago

    I 've honestly tried to decide if you seem to show favorites or gifts from producers......I believe you do not......you do tests fairly....love viewing these ...@ 78 yrs I' thinking of canceling my consumer reports....only complaint= you talk so fast- my old ears can't hardly keep up ( no offense )" the cane cutter"

    P4ND4MIND   1 weeks ago

    How can I support you my good sir?

  • WitchdoktahArms
    WitchdoktahArms   1 weeks ago

    Yo, I literally just bought the HF one. flat tire no pressure to 34 psi in about 5 minutes. no fuss no muss. fantastic buy. super quiet. reminds me of my wifes california air quiet compressor sound wise. I don't know about the other ones, but the HF one is the one plus its HF. 8 bucks for the warranty. any problems bring it back. thanks for this video.