• Published on: 30 May 2019
  • May have missed some things and I'm sure some of the dates might be off but here ya go shippers ;)

    I do not own the rights to these videos.

    Song - Señorita by L0tso x ODIE
  • Runtime : 29:56
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  • Marina Eli
    Marina Eli   2 months ago

    Don't forget to subscribe! And comment below what other ships you'd like me to do 😊Song - Señorita by L0tso x ODIE

  • S P A M
    S P A M   1 weeks ago

    Ughh they missed the opportunity to call them his fairly thot parents

  • Chris Romero
    Chris Romero   2 weeks ago

    What's the name of the song playing between the clips?

  • Greg Claunch
    Greg Claunch   2 weeks ago

    I totally ship it. Stassie is sooooo hot

  • Angie love
    Angie love   2 weeks ago

    When Zane was like u broke ass bitch I died

  • Spencer Arnold
    Spencer Arnold   2 weeks ago

    In the very beginning, David was getting it with Heath like dammmnnnn

  • Jikaìì
    Jikaìì   2 weeks ago

    How many ppl want Zane and Stass to date|||

  • Pablo escorblyat
    Pablo escorblyat   3 weeks ago

    11:20 και εδώ Έλληνες ρε φίλε 😭😂

  • Sir Ro Ro
    Sir Ro Ro   3 weeks ago

    Why does zane like a plastic doll for

  • T T
    T T   3 weeks ago

    Maybe if she had someone loving her deeply she wouldn't have to fix herself from the outside rather then inside... And be less of kylies clone

  • Andriya :P
    Andriya :P   3 weeks ago

    I'm not the type of person to be shipping people in the vlog squad with their friends... but for once i can approve of a ship.

  • Liv Long
    Liv Long   3 weeks ago


  • Bavo
    Bavo   3 weeks ago

    What’s the song when Zane fell of the pole? At 28:18

  • videonlyn
    videonlyn   4 weeks ago

    Natalie was the one helping Zane when he was bleeding

  • Monia Ali
    Monia Ali   4 weeks ago

    i know it was a joke but everyone making fun of kelsey for not having much in her wardrobe really bothered me