I TOOK A LIE DETECTOR TEST... *exposing myself*

  • Published on: 21 September 2019
  • So this week Zak took me to take a lie detector to try to expose me but instead he kinda exposed himself.

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  • Runtime : 10:56
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  • ArkWings
    ArkWings   4 days ago

    I was cracking up when Zak started talking in a country acient

  • tbryant54
    tbryant54   4 days ago

    Did zak say he had crush on Lexi 😯😯or am I just wrong 🤔🤔

  • Kirsten S
    Kirsten S   4 days ago

    Zak at the start--iv got nothing to hideZak later on- shoot I forgot she doesn't know I dated one of her best freinds 😭Also imagin your older brother/sister dating ur best freind

  • liliyana gabey
    liliyana gabey   5 days ago

    I always like your videos and they are so funny🥴🤗🤯😳😏😋😛😜🙂😍

  • Madi’s Channel
    Madi’s Channel   5 days ago

    Zak: who is your lest fav person?Soffie: ZakLie detector person: true😂

  • Amanda
    Amanda   6 days ago

    Zak who’s your crush

  • Ailah Lancey
    Ailah Lancey   1 weeks ago

    In the end of the video, Zak had a string in between his pants! 😂

  • Kristen Wilkey
    Kristen Wilkey   1 weeks ago

    Sofie dossi I have to tell you something Illuminati accepted me and if you say that you were alien technically we are sisters in the alien universe

  • Lily Mills
    Lily Mills   1 weeks ago

    zak : who do you like sophie :who is the boy that you was hanging out with

  • Artemis Bruce
    Artemis Bruce   1 weeks ago

    Next truth or dare you need to sit on a tree and meaw every time some one walked past.

  • Artemis Bruce
    Artemis Bruce   1 weeks ago

    Next truth or dare you need to sit on a tree and meaw every time some one walked past.

  • kas kas
    kas kas   1 weeks ago

    who else is so eager to know the girls name?!<3

  • kas kas
    kas kas   1 weeks ago

    sofie: im lazyme: YOU DO CONTORTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Della Sherard
    Della Sherard   1 weeks ago

    I think that it's Lexi rivera because they've been friends for a while and sofie said that they've been friends since preeschool

  • Henry Huffs
    Henry Huffs   1 weeks ago

    Lexi Rivera? Lexi Hensler ? Another Lexi ? Which Lexi ?

  • Xx*Høney Lemøn*xX
    Xx*Høney Lemøn*xX   2 weeks ago

    Zaks likes Lexi and he kept it in so he can get 50 bucks from sofie XD

  • ja ktos
    ja ktos   2 weeks ago

    9:00Żak : we are gonna bleep out these names Sofie : yeah totally gonna bleep out Lexi.

  • Michael Owen
    Michael Owen   2 weeks ago

    I participated in something like a lie detector test. Opened my mouth and a rainbow came out. You two are fun to watch, sibling goals. Truth and love.