3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

  • Published on: 10 June 2018
  • We take a fair look at some of the best counter arguments for legalization and see how they hold up in review.

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  • Runtime : 9:40
  • Marijuana cannabis legalization satire funny prohibiton portugal weed legalized banned pot criminalization drugs in a nutshell kurzgesagt drug policy alcohol addiction help negative side effects psychosis public health


  • Michael Priest
    Michael Priest   3 hours ago

    I smoked a lot of weed for 5 years including dabs. I never tried anything other than acid and mushrooms a few times. The only reason I don’t smoke any more is because I decided to join the Army. I have never had the urge to smoke weed since I stopped so the whole addiction thing is bs and false. There really is no reason for it to be illegal.

  • Raymond Storey
    Raymond Storey   4 hours ago

    People don't understand how fucked up marijuana is honestly bunch of fucken idiots it's bad it does make you believe everything is fine but it's not its messing with your mind it's not good it does make you try harder drugs you all need to wake up FFS you'll see all fucken monsters and demons and your antisocial you always hang around people who don't do nothing for themselves your all lost

  • Drape Nailed Talaoha
    Drape Nailed Talaoha   4 hours ago

    anything too much is illegal for your body and for a reason...even too much water, food, and air- Me -i live by these rules

  • KrumitoTV
    KrumitoTV   8 hours ago

    Since its legalisation in Canada, literally 1/3 of my school smokes it. Almost all my friends smoke it and it gets in the way of multiple friend activities we used to have. They've also lowered as human beings. It's physical effects aren't that big of a deal, but the Effects it has on your brain and yourself as a person are bad. I have very mixed feelings about this drug, it annoyes me that's one thing.

  • jchristopher83
    jchristopher83   8 hours ago

    U can get a headache but that’s ur limit. Once you find your limits blast off

  • Never ever sober Need drugs for my composure

    The narrator is smoking a bowl of crack cocaine and injecting black tar heroin. Get fucked if you think theres more harms against positives. Ill be honored to be the first death from marijuana if you think its that bad. Oh wait... you green out before you can even get close to smoke 1500 pounds of it.

  • Ant Glixzy
    Ant Glixzy   10 hours ago

    Gateway drug ? Who tf in they right mind gon try k2 crack heroin or w.e... that’s sum you choose to do. I’m 16 and a regular smoker and I’ll tell you I would never use anything but weed. I only used a juul for a week.

  • Gecho
    Gecho   11 hours ago

    8:17 Am I the only one who got that IT Crowd reference on the cigarette pack? Love it!

  • elvin torres
    elvin torres   18 hours ago

    So many adventure time references in this video. Sweetpea @2:03

  • Hoodie Gamer
    Hoodie Gamer   1 days ago

    Thought I’d watch this right before smoking my marijuana

  • attilathehun0
    attilathehun0   1 days ago

    Marijuana should be legalized but controlled like alcohol.

  • G X D
    G X D   1 days ago

    Soooo are we all just gonna sit here pretending that capitalism isn't the problem?

  • jogrows12
    jogrows12   1 days ago

    Awesome video! Check my channel out!

  • Tony Soto
    Tony Soto   1 days ago

    Ive been smoking weed for 3 years straight still feel the SAME!!

  • Real Truth
    Real Truth   1 days ago

    Weed is legal, but they don't want you to smoke it anywhere. America and their dumb Laws. Weed is one of the most discriminated plants. It's not even a drug.

  • Faith Fuldeeds
    Faith Fuldeeds   1 days ago

    Did you know that FOOD is the biggest gateway drug? Shocking, I know, but 100% of heroin users ATE FOOD FIRST !

  • Jason Morrison
    Jason Morrison   1 days ago

    Weed is legal here in Washington state (seattle) and I dont smoke it. Just because its legal doesn't mean everyone will smoke it. Better than alcohol IMO

  • Deralken
    Deralken   1 days ago

    It stinks so bad as well when people smoke it right outside your freaking window

  • Dima T
    Dima T   1 days ago

    If u want more cbd, just pick a different strain?¿

  • Blue _Ravager
    Blue _Ravager   2 days ago

    Very interesting. Although as the guy stated. The end point is to legalize and restrict. Basically like cigarettes.

  • Anders
    Anders   2 days ago

    Actually feeling uncomfortable at 1:41

  • Von 15
    Von 15   2 days ago

    Every 10 years tobacco kills the same number of people that died in WW2 , so cigarettes cause WW2 casualties every 10 years.Vaping has been around for about 10 years and recently 7 people have died and the media is pushing to remove flavored pods and in some countries and States , making vapes totally illegal, cigarette deaths every 10 years: 80,000,000Vaping deaths last 10 years : 7.

  • STK
    STK   2 days ago

    People that smoke weed think it is so cool, aww dude im so high owww it is so cringe

  • STK
    STK   2 days ago

    why even take drugs if you don't have depression or trauma

  • JD JD
    JD JD   2 days ago

    @2:53 the lick

  • toriq langford
    toriq langford   2 days ago

    in SouthAfrica its legal they sell joints at wall mart

  • Red Pvla
    Red Pvla   2 days ago

    I think its not a good idea to watch this cause im really stoned rn

  • drakar chaser
    drakar chaser   2 days ago

    so wild we get drunkso wild we smoke weedwe just having funwe don't care who sees

  • Kamatayon Shi
    Kamatayon Shi   2 days ago

    Besides medicinal use, there's no valid reason to smoke weed. May not be as bad as cigarettes but still ain't healthy, always a better alternative ._.