3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

  • Published on: 10 June 2018
  • We take a fair look at some of the best counter arguments for legalization and see how they hold up in review.

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  • Runtime : 9:40
  • Marijuana cannabis legalization satire funny prohibiton portugal weed legalized banned pot criminalization drugs in a nutshell kurzgesagt drug policy alcohol addiction help negative side effects psychosis public health


  • Diskord Studioz
    Diskord Studioz   18 minuts ago

    Go look at Adam ruins everything,he tells you that it’s good

  • Daquan Dai
    Daquan Dai   10 hours ago

    I smoke everyday and I can't stay without smoking. I get the best weed online from ghostvendors,com. Since I started buying from them, I have never bought from a local dealer again. The weed from ghostvendors,com is the best.

  • not a troll
    not a troll   12 hours ago

    I smoke daily. I'm only 17 but I have really bad anxiety. To the point in will shake just going out of my house. At least if ive never been there or only been there a couple times. Since I started smoking I don't dont shake and I'm usually very calm.

  • Yoyo Mcglocklin
    Yoyo Mcglocklin   13 hours ago


  • DevanteTheDCGuy Reacts too

    The more I smoke weed or even edibles I don’t really like to drink alcohol anymore lol...so Mary Jane has over saturated the liquid poison ☠️

  • Hedwin Bonnavaud
    Hedwin Bonnavaud   16 hours ago

    Is it a popular science chanel or a political analysis chanel ?

  • rubics guy
    rubics guy   21 hours ago

    Just use the stuff in moderation

  • XxfluffyxX107
    XxfluffyxX107   23 hours ago

    😂😂 making marijuana illegal will make it safer😂 not for users people put shit in that. dispensary is 100% safe know where it came from when it was harvested and assured not grown with harmful chemicals

  • soulseeker
    soulseeker   1 days ago

    everything we do is bad for us in some way. pot has been around forever. and does less damage to us than allot of shit we do. id rather smoke pot any day instead of drink alcohol or cigarettes.

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson   1 days ago

    Definition ofbPsychosis: a severe mental disorder in which thought and emotions are so impaired that contact is lost with external reality.This assertion is absolutely laughable, what a joke.

  • Steven Killian
    Steven Killian   1 days ago

    3 reasons we shouldn't turn little girls into boys / boys into girls....

  • LWT Vlogs
    LWT Vlogs   1 days ago

    I came to this conclusion based off of the comment section, based off of my own knowledge/experiences and based off of debates. Cannabis is not entirely to blame for anxiety . I believe, It's the man made high amounts of THC that is the underlying issue. You might ask " what do you mean man made?" Well growers engineer higher amounts of THC into cannabis now so you can get higher and they also lower the amount of CBD during the process. And that right there can be an issue for most people specially to new consumers. CBD and THC co-exist from one another to help make you relax and enjoy the high. If one of the two chemicals are out of balance, your most likely going to have an uncomfortable experience. Either one giving you a certain high that you love but giving you anxiety during the session or another that relaxes you, but not give you the high that you want. It's a pretty technical thing just because it requires more balancing with things compared to alcohol. so everybody pretty much varies with consuming cannabis and that's why there's a lot of misconceptions with it. If you give a man who never dranked before a can of beer. He would probably be buzzed out . But if you give him a bottle of vodka and tell him to finish it . He would be vomitting, sweating, have mood swings and probably regret ever taking the bottle to begin with. That same scenario can be applied to cannabis aswell. If random people are consuming random amount of THC, then that in itself can be dangerous. It ruins your mental state by giving you high amounts of anxiety or psychosis. Know what your taking , start low with THC and do not go overboard with it. If you still feel uncomfortable with the lowest amount of natural unfucked with cannabis, then it's time to try CBD oil/flower , it has the lowest amount of THC. In fact I say start out with that first if your curious about cannabis. Be responsible in what you consume and you should be A okay! I believe drugs like this are not the issue, its the lack of knowledge that the school system/ public needs to update on and know. Consume responsibly and be safe 👍

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith   1 days ago

    The war drugs was the biggest con ever spewed from the ass of government since gun control. Two goddamned delusions that were only surpassed by the great government squat and shit, called the war on terror. The war on drugs, is multigenerational failure of one sided laws of ignorance and government overstep that only inflated the black market and created criminals, instead of catching the real ones. Funny how every law wiped from the ass of government seems to criminalize the abiding instead of the actual criminals.Its retarded legislation like the war on drugs, gun control, and the war on terror that have empowered a criminal government and progressively buried this entire goddamned nation in a pile of its own bureaucratic shit.Money, is the real drug most and most dangerous.Greed, is the real addiction and the most destructive.The real criminals, are the goddamned political elite sitting with our own government.When criminals control the law the law becomes a weapon to criminalize and control the abiding that they prey upon will only protect the criminal When we abide by stupidity in any shape or form we become stupid ourselves. Stupid laws create stupid people. Yeah, thats how criminal our own government is. Slavery wasn’t abolished it was only modernized. The invisible chains of red tape bureaucracy, are stronger than steel.

  • Colfax the Grim
    Colfax the Grim   1 days ago

    Legalization is an awful idea.Because then we can’t throw innocent people in prison to make money off them. How immoral!

  • Killua zoldyck
    Killua zoldyck   1 days ago

    The real question is why even promote or legalise something bad ? Don't we say that cigarettes are bad for lungs and all so why are the governments debating whether or not to do something bad? Wtf is wrong with these people?

  • Jesse Barros
    Jesse Barros   1 days ago

    None of this videos points are actually true and you should be ashamed you contributed to the spreading of misinformation

  • FlashViralNews
    FlashViralNews   1 days ago

    Legalize Cannabis in 50 states 21+... let adults decide whether they want to use it or not.

  • Netkiller3714
    Netkiller3714   1 days ago

    You can get low thc weed. Its called the male plant.

  • Mr. Lumpy
    Mr. Lumpy   1 days ago

    We need this shit in Wisconsin

  • Brady Morris
    Brady Morris   2 days ago

    i fell like every one here praising marijuana is probably high or an addict

  • yale smith
    yale smith   2 days ago

    addicts do not exist, choices exist

  • HardysEssence 214
    HardysEssence 214   2 days ago

    Marijuana addiction is more physical make no damn sense marijuana is not addictive it’s a psychological thing and this basically said smoke responsibly and be smart about how much thc and cbd in the bud u smoke

  • Titanix xD
    Titanix xD   2 days ago

    There is a very dangerous drug in your Forrest wich we germans called Fliegenpilz.

  • mrbam88
    mrbam88   2 days ago

    Argument 2 and 3 are lies and doesn't make any sense. There are so many different options/strains these days! You can buy any level or THC/CBD you want. If weed is a gateway drug than does that include alcohol???

    SAILESH S   2 days ago

    Prescription medications for Trigeminal Neuralgia are far worse than Methamphetamine. Cannabis does cure cancer and is the only thing that can keep people suffering the worst pain known to science from committing suicide. But yes, CBD THC ratios are important. More important is to know which strain to use. Chemotherapy never cured cancer. In fact unsponsored medical research does prove that chemotherapy causes cancer by sowing the seeds of it's recurrence. Every educated oncologist knows this fact. First ban prescription opioids, especially Gabapentin, the favourite drug of neurologists. Even quacks prescribe it in dangerous quantities for all sorts of pain. Then talk about side effects of marijuana. Street marijuana is more rat poison than anything else. Medical marijuana is something entirely different.

  • ruatpuia fanai
    ruatpuia fanai   2 days ago

    Legalised or not if you want it you get it.... But gate way of drug in the argument was wrong(in my opinion) becuz some people only smoke weed but left cigarettes...not even drinkin alcohol, Drug like heroin etc is far from them....So to conclude it... ITS YOUR CHOICE...

  • Stephen Stinson
    Stephen Stinson   2 days ago

    I like how they say a high thc level is 14% but there are strains that get up to 34%

  • Syfi Freak!!!!!!
    Syfi Freak!!!!!!   2 days ago

    I do see the reasons why it should remain illegal but honestly I think it should be legal.

  • Slick Mocha
    Slick Mocha   2 days ago

    ps only one person died from pot and it was a girl the reason is bc they spry something on the plant most likey pesticide

  • Slick Mocha
    Slick Mocha   2 days ago