3 Arguments Why Marijuana Should Stay Illegal Reviewed

  • Published on: 10 June 2018
  • We take a fair look at some of the best counter arguments for legalization and see how they hold up in review.

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  • Runtime : 9:40
  • Marijuana cannabis legalization satire funny prohibiton portugal weed legalized banned pot criminalization drugs in a nutshell kurzgesagt drug policy alcohol addiction help negative side effects psychosis public health


  • Blue _Ravager
    Blue _Ravager   3 hours ago

    Very interesting. Although as the guy stated. The end point is to legalize and restrict. Basically like cigarettes.

  • Anders
    Anders   8 hours ago

    Actually feeling uncomfortable at 1:41

  • Von 15
    Von 15   9 hours ago

    Every 10 years tobacco kills the same number of people that died in WW2 , so cigarettes cause WW2 casualties every 10 years.Vaping has been around for about 10 years and recently 7 people have died and the media is pushing to remove flavored pods and in some countries and States , making vapes totally illegal, cigarette deaths every 10 years: 80,000,000Vaping deaths last 10 years : 7.

  • STK
    STK   11 hours ago

    People that smoke weed think it is so cool, aww dude im so high owww it is so cringe

  • STK
    STK   11 hours ago

    why even take drugs if you don't have depression or trauma

  • JD JD
    JD JD   12 hours ago

    @2:53 the lick

  • toriq langford
    toriq langford   12 hours ago

    in SouthAfrica its legal they sell joints at wall mart

  • Red Pvla
    Red Pvla   13 hours ago

    I think its not a good idea to watch this cause im really stoned rn

  • drakar chaser
    drakar chaser   15 hours ago

    so wild we get drunkso wild we smoke weedwe just having funwe don't care who sees

  • Kamatayon Shi
    Kamatayon Shi   15 hours ago

    Besides medicinal use, there's no valid reason to smoke weed. May not be as bad as cigarettes but still ain't healthy, always a better alternative ._.

  • Matt
    Matt   17 hours ago

    Aspirin kills more people than marijuana

  • Arian Orange
    Arian Orange   18 hours ago

    Make all drugs legal hard or light.Let all those fuckin' bio garbages die of cancer. World is already getting overpopulated and they will be of great help by reducing unproductive, unmotivated and usless population.

  • Moh lachi
    Moh lachi   18 hours ago

    Hey, what is that painting named?

  • Daisha Bowlds
    Daisha Bowlds   22 hours ago

    That imagery at 1:38. Yeah, dont like that.

  • Michael Ihye
    Michael Ihye   23 hours ago

    My question now is “how tf is marijuana addictive? Because to me addictive drugs make your body dead without themAnd to me addictive drugs can cause overdose but is there been a recorded case of marijuana overdose?Why is marijuana so feared that cigarettes, alcohol is ligal? I need answers from the smart person who uploaded this clipMy mail is open

  • Dominique Laflamme
    Dominique Laflamme   1 days ago

    That face of the guy getting high was a blast in the face to watch while you are high!!! :o

    NITROGEN GAMING   1 days ago

    Which software u use for voice over ????? , Is it text to speech voice over or a really human voice

  • Lenin The Gamer
    Lenin The Gamer   1 days ago

    So funny to see all the druggies in the comments making jokes to make themselves feel better about their life being controlled by some retarded leaf

  • legolas24
    legolas24   1 days ago

    Every time you have a conversation with a stoner about marijuana they bring up alcohol. Like wtf LOL has anybody else realized this? Like literally no fucking reason they will just bring up alcohol? what? fucking what? someone tell me am I missing something? why are stoners always comparing shit. It’s like a suicidal person saying well no if I jump off the hotel vs the waterfall than at least I won’t feel anything it will be better? Ok so why mention the fucking waterfall then? Stoners are the exact same way. “Well it’s better than alcohol” in a gay trans man with pink hair voice. Fucking weirdos

  • Antonio Vettore
    Antonio Vettore   1 days ago

    Way to bad. Let people be free of deciding about their life instead of spreading videos saying that nowadays marijuana is a strong drug. You have no idea of what you are talking about. Have an experience with stong drugs and then review your thinking.I accept every opinion but not fake news.Stop prohibition.

  • parkzone10
    parkzone10   1 days ago

    Im schizo but i smoke anyway The only thing it does is make my emotions harder to deal with after the high wears down it’s called moderation

  • Nate Ramon
    Nate Ramon   1 days ago

    Just take this video down 🤣🤣 💨⛽️🈵🈹🈲

  • Long Lasting
    Long Lasting   1 days ago

    Whoever made this video is probably a whack ass politician who doesnt know shit.

  • PWE
    PWE   1 days ago

    Fuck off man 😂😂

  • Matthew Robinson
    Matthew Robinson   1 days ago

    Argument Number 2 is bullshit I been smoking since I was 14 year olds, I’m 19 and have never thought about another drug besides weed.

  • Time Lord
    Time Lord   1 days ago

    Psychosis is a labeled fiction created lying psychologist to help them conjure up ways to demonize real medicinal to promote the sales of their funhouse pharmaceuticals with all kinds of brain damaging side effects.......lies lies sweet little lies!.....I see what they're trying to pull here🤔💨💩

  • walnut grove
    walnut grove   1 days ago

    There is no need for laws regarding cannabis. Laws of this nature only serve greed. Repeal of laws is the only honest way to go. Control through taxation and regulation of natural commodities is shameful. Here in the USA most people are in favor of "legalization", but they don't seem to understand what that really entails and who it ultimately benefits. Repeal is the word they're yearning for, but don't know it. There are always more options than are presented by those who seek (or are paid/programmed as puppets) to control. This video presentation is complicit in the "choice A or B paradigm". In all it's examples, this video presents only 2 choices which are both focused on money/control.

  • Takukari Fuyuji
    Takukari Fuyuji   1 days ago

    Kinda feel bad now for smoking Marihuana, but its literally the only "drug" i take and i have to say it made me more chill in general. My anxiety good kinda better.I also smoke it since a long periode of time and i can still go 2 weeks or more without it.

  • kaponi lcm
    kaponi lcm   2 days ago

    please, can any one explain to me what's the pyramid whth the eye in his t-shirt mean in 9:11 !

  • Happiest King
    Happiest King   2 days ago

    Marijuana is a natural herb 🌿 I think help physical and spiritual who else agree

  • PewDiePie Jr.
    PewDiePie Jr.   2 days ago

    😂 high af rn but I love this fake news video lol it's made for me to meditate and open my mind

  • elod marton
    elod marton   2 days ago

    Psychosis is a thing that I see very few people talk about. Especially in the case of people with bipolar disorder. I had to experience aggressive and antisocial behaviour from a bipolar flatmate because he was a stoner and he regularly had psychosis. He thought he was medicating himself the right way and he used to think he acted calmer because of weed. In fact, weed only made him suppress the feeling of his symptoms and it gradually made him more paranoid. I am tired of how people keep pushing this stupid agenda of weed being a magical medicine which substitutes every possible type of medication for all mental illnesses, whereas in reality, it is not even a medicine- not thc at least; it is a leisure drug and it has to be used responsibly, especially by those who suffer from serious mental conditions.