Spinning The Globe And Flying Wherever It Lands

  • Published on: 23 June 2019
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    We spun a globe and wherever our finger landed is where we had to fly to. Let's just say this was one of the most fulfilling journey's we've ever been on...

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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge
  • Runtime : 16:41
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  • Sergio mr
    Sergio mr   20 minuts ago

    One of the best videos I've ever seen in my life... I am from Spain and I would like to go to Norway, I have never left Spain for several reasons... And I think it's time to go out and see the world

  • The Hyped Guy
    The Hyped Guy   1 hours ago

    Rotating the globe-lands on India Oh shit rotate it again

  • laura d
    laura d   3 hours ago

    I live in Germany.My dream since forever is to go to hawai!Omg I cant Even imagen Myself there...🙈🙈🙈Love You and your Videos,you spread such a positive Vibes!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Elías
    Elías   4 hours ago

    Wow que emocionante

  • Marco Gil
    Marco Gil   5 hours ago

    Imagine making this and get Chernobyl

    NARY LYRICS   5 hours ago

    Me encantó este video buena experiencia chicos ySoy de México me gustaría visitar España porque es un país moderno pero a la vez tradicional además de que comparte cultura con nuestro país me encantaría.

  • Σπυρος Δεδες

    I’m 15 I’m from Greece and I always wanted to go to Australia one day I will go and have the best time of my life

  • Bananabomber
    Bananabomber   6 hours ago

    Wife: ugh, he's probably cheatingHim and the boys:

  • Fanisen AEK
    Fanisen AEK   6 hours ago

    For some lucky “reason” the globe never give a result destinations like Siberia or Somalia or Yemen or Moldova or Laos . We have to believe that the results of your “spin” are always nice destinations? Ok probably you tried 150 times till the result arrived to grand barrier reef . Nice try ! Next will be grand Canaria , Crete , Cyprus , Bahamas . Well done !

  • VR VR46
    VR VR46   6 hours ago

    I Spin globe ,Land on ...My homeSo I am going ..To sleep.

  • Shani Khan
    Shani Khan   7 hours ago

    Ocean is so clean let's appreciate that

  • XionZexoXeno
    XionZexoXeno   7 hours ago

    Me: spins globeAlso Me: lands on Bermuda triangleAlso also me: nervous laughing

  • Olivia Reynolds
    Olivia Reynolds   11 hours ago

    Luke is literally so pure when he was talking about his accident I cried my eyes out 🥺💖 he deserves to see the world and so much more !

  • Roberto Soares
    Roberto Soares   11 hours ago

    Please come and visit my Country Timor Leste, I will guide and tour you guyd around. We have beatufiul water falls, beaches, and some historical places that you can come and visit. Thank you

  • Fred Miller
    Fred Miller   12 hours ago

    Luke said this is the best thing that has ever happened to him in his life. Can you imagine having that feeling every single day?

  • jmzurbrick
    jmzurbrick   14 hours ago

    Lake Orion Michigan and I’d like to go to Brazil

  • anupam sahore
    anupam sahore   15 hours ago

    Let me gift you guys a travel. You boys create warmth synergy love with everything around you all. And that's real Living!!

  • Lucy Bannerman
    Lucy Bannerman   15 hours ago

    Yassssss Australia lucky you didn’t go when there were fires

  • m3rk n0s5
    m3rk n0s5   15 hours ago

    Imagine that it lands on Antarctica

  • Roosmarijn van Luijtelaar

    I am crying so hard this is the most beautiful video I’ve ever seen.. It’s so simple yet so deep

  • Kyuubi Chan
    Kyuubi Chan   16 hours ago

    love this video. i little cry when i watch it. thanks

  • DeLux
    DeLux   17 hours ago

    plot twist: its a greenscreen

  • Niamh Doyle
    Niamh Doyle   17 hours ago

    What on earth is the “Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage” I’m so sorry but I’m not going there

  • Joshua Formentera
    Joshua Formentera   17 hours ago

    Hey I'm from the PhilippinesThe very first place i want to go at is on Los Angeles because I like to watch a Laker game that I never been to and also I really idolize LeBron 😄