Found the RAREST Biome in Minecraft - Minecraft with Jacksepticeye - Part 7

  • Published on: 01 September 2019
  • jacksan -

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  • Runtime : 43:37
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  • FlaminLion 12
    FlaminLion 12   11 hours ago

    Pewds: Aaaaaa theres a creep..Creeper: BOOM24:48

  • Brain Damage
    Brain Damage   2 days ago

    Jack and pewd bullying a kreeper while he just wanted to cum xD

  • iReMeD i
    iReMeD i   3 days ago

    3:05 - future self trap...

  • KindaStrangeTV
    KindaStrangeTV   1 weeks ago

    I'm glad that JackSepticEye knows the worst SOAD song: Vicinity of Obscenity

  • Derrik Muth
    Derrik Muth   1 weeks ago

    Ah ah! He said it!2:31Pewdiepie: Bonemeal

  • xxGhost !
    xxGhost !   1 weeks ago

    anyone else feel like sean and felix secretly hate eachother...?

  • Ben Formica
    Ben Formica   1 weeks ago

    Pewdiepie pleas read this if you hit a mob your dog will kill it

  • moises montiel
    moises montiel   1 weeks ago

    I hope your new tamed wolf does’nt get exploded cause sven gets exploded A LOT

  • Wolfy Youtuber
    Wolfy Youtuber   1 weeks ago

    when will Felix start to put animals in a separate boat than him and attach a lead to the boat their in to pull them?_sky

  • Alex Frater
    Alex Frater   1 weeks ago

    Me and my friend found that biome. We didnt know it was rare and blew it up

  • Аюр Батуров

    5:46 Пьюдипай убивает именно черную овечку, хоть рядом были белые. Пюди Расист!!!!!!!!!!!!Если что это шутка

  • Yousaf Rafiq
    Yousaf Rafiq   1 weeks ago introduced the Galaxy A70S

  • :p
    :p   1 weeks ago

    I love and hate how Felix uses his axe instead of his sword to kill mobs.

  • Alyssa Erasmus
    Alyssa Erasmus   1 weeks ago

    U have 101 mill sub's but 36 k comments?😂😂😂

  • xtTamii
    xtTamii   1 weeks ago


  • Dawood Syed
    Dawood Syed   2 weeks ago

    Pewdiepie:Makes villager noisesMe: he's speaking the language of the gods...

  • SnøwFlakes Yt
    SnøwFlakes Yt   2 weeks ago

    actually isn't the rarest, the rarest biome is the mushroom island

  • SnøwFlakes Yt
    SnøwFlakes Yt   2 weeks ago

    hey guys i'm an emergent youtuber can you support me reaching 100 subs? thanks for reading stay awesome!!!

  • UnlawfulSpoon
    UnlawfulSpoon   2 weeks ago

    After years and years and years theirs still people who dislike pewds videos, like seriously what type of no life are you?

    ASMARA JONI   2 weeks ago

    Im a new pewdiepie follower.Teach me how to play others game

  • William Brasington
    William Brasington   2 weeks ago

    The thing is, if he hadn’t jumped out of the water then he would’ve lived😂

  • Luke O.
    Luke O.   2 weeks ago


  • Rinko Touka
    Rinko Touka   2 weeks ago

    I got so used to pewds saying "bone meat" and now when he says "bone meal", i feel weird.