Which Type of Nail or Screw Has the Most Holding Strength? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 25 March 2019
  • The difference in holding strength among different types of nails and screws is amazing! The type of coating used on nails and screws makes a huge difference. In the video, 5 types of nails and 2 types of screws get tested for tensile strength in untreated 2x4s. Each type of fastener is tested 7 times and the highest and lowest strengths for each fastener is "thrown out". The types of nails include 16D coated, uncoated, galvanized, spiral shank, and ring shank. The types of screws include 3.5 inch drywall and coated deck screws. The Project Farm channel offers 100% unsponsored content and doesn't try to profit from Amazon products using the affiliate program. The goal is to provide viewers with unbiased reviews to help them save time and money. 100% of video ideas come from viewers. Thank you all very much for offering video ideas. It keeps things fun and interesting. Also, thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support. https://www.patreon.com/projectfarm

    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 13:10
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  • G Money
    G Money   1 days ago

    As always, great stuff! With an upcoming exterior project to be completed, I will definitely be using deck screws to hold my untreated Hemlock board. I love this channel, I check it a couple times a day looking for more informative videos. Keep up the great work.

  • Mitchell Mitchell
    Mitchell Mitchell   5 days ago

    So when engineering something, each pair of 3” deck screws are good for 500# static pull load- guaranteed

  • KendrickMan
    KendrickMan   1 weeks ago

    Can we do a comparison of coats required for various drywall cornering products like tape/paper/those metal ones?

  • John Smith
    John Smith   1 weeks ago

    12:25 Are you sure that is not rust on the galv nail?Thank you for your videos. You have the best DIY testing methods i've seen. I find your videos very informative, and pursuant of the truth.

  • Bryan Hauschild
    Bryan Hauschild   2 weeks ago

    I would believe that the twisted nail would perform better if the apparatus wasn’t allowed to twist. That would be closer to real life IMO.

  • Domingo And Amy
    Domingo And Amy   2 weeks ago

    I noticed when the nails were hit in at a slight angle there had the most holding power and the ones that were straight down they had the lease amount of holding power

  • Power Gains
    Power Gains   2 weeks ago

    Have you check what drywall anchor is the strongest ?

  • jack clark
    jack clark   2 weeks ago

    Why compare nails vs. Screws?? That's like apples and oranges

  • Sean Bond
    Sean Bond   2 weeks ago

    I think the fact your jig was able to rotate was an issue for the spiral nail. In a deck the top piece of wood would not be able to rotate

  • claire masegian
    claire masegian   2 weeks ago

    I love this guy I don’t know how he doesn’t have more subscribers. He gets to the point and explains a lot.

  • Ranjit
    Ranjit   3 weeks ago

    Would of liked to see length of screws testing? Do 2 2” screws hold the same as 1 4” screw?

  • J P
    J P   3 weeks ago

    The holding power of a spiral shank is when it does not spin.

  • texasdee slinglead
    texasdee slinglead   3 weeks ago

    351 sour carpenters and nail gun manufacturing employees . Times change .

  • Diana Small
    Diana Small   3 weeks ago

    I though you Never mix hydrogen peroxide and vinegar in the same bottle? That scares me!

  • Jason
    Jason   3 weeks ago

    Builders used ring shank nails on my entire deck. I had it rebuilt over summer and the guy that demo'd it did a LOT of cursing.

  • Mark Lybbert
    Mark Lybbert   3 weeks ago

    Can you test D rings from Harbor Freight, Lowes, Home Depot, Industrial Metal Supply, ect. The 5000 lbs type and the smaller 900-1200 lbs type. Please?

  • Repete Myname
    Repete Myname   1 months ago

    And Im still trying to figure out why they even make a 3" drywall screw. Seems...like way too much...deck screws, hell yeah, I get the 3", but for drywall?

  • Repete Myname
    Repete Myname   1 months ago

    Haha, Menards is the first nail tested. Johnnies Junk Shop.

  • Josh .3
    Josh .3   1 months ago

    THIS IS, HANDS DOWN, THE COOLEST YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Everything ive ever seen on this channel is very informative, fun, organized, easy to digest, scientific, and horribly interesting to the point its hard to walk away.

  • wolf2die4
    wolf2die4   1 months ago

    Hot dipped galvanized nails hold better than smooth galvanized nails.

  • Mike
    Mike   1 months ago

    imagine if the screws got screwed in all the way, geez

  • Benjamin Gareis
    Benjamin Gareis   1 months ago

    Video idea What’s the best oil spill clean up product?

  • Truth Or consequences
    Truth Or consequences   1 months ago

    You didn’t test the spiral shank properly your basically unscrewing it ...that needed to be pulled out without twisting

  • Austin Tremble
    Austin Tremble   1 months ago

    So what you’re telling me is that screws are better than nails(I already knew this) but if i have to use nails I should used galvanized coated. I was surprised of how much force it takes to pull a nail out

  • thebowstaff
    thebowstaff   1 months ago

    Not sure how you’d test this but I need you to tell me which type of drill bit won’t strip out... please

  • Wulfrune
    Wulfrune   1 months ago

    Do you think you could do some tests on Viagra and its variants?Go on, let it run.... picture it in your mindStopped shuddering yet?

  • ableite
    ableite   1 months ago

    AFAIK, when nails rust they lock up even better

  • Devon bingham
    Devon bingham   1 months ago

    I feel like the strength of the wood has some play in the amount of force it takes to pull it out

  • Kevin McGee
    Kevin McGee   1 months ago

    I find it amazing and hard to imagine that literally a single nail could support the weight of a grown person, and five screws could hold up a car!

  • Al Taloma
    Al Taloma   2 months ago

    Shear strength, yes. But also, perhaps, an off-axis pull or something where the fastener bends during the pull? I've found that some screws let go on off-axis use. They tend to be very brittle in the transition zone between the threads and the shank, implying either excess work hardening or a non-tempered state. These are inexpensive commercially available screws and nails, so one wouldn't expect tempering as one would expect in a grade 8 bolt. This video had a great set of tests, very well thought out and performed. Oh, one little criticism. The "d" in their sizing callouts is termed "penny", as in a 16 penny nail.

  • searcher3x
    searcher3x   2 months ago

    you didn't include square nails. while i agree the with screws findings, square nails are supposed to be amazing.

  • Drew M. Short
    Drew M. Short   2 months ago

    Wife - "are you seriously watching a video about a guy pulling nails out of wood??"Me - "yes hun! It's science and going to be a deciding factor on that porch you want so badly!"Wife - "*ugh* whatever..."

  • Jnathan Nger
    Jnathan Nger   2 months ago

    huh i would have thought that the ring shank wouldve needed to sit and let the wood swell back into the rings to get its bite

  • James Kemp
    James Kemp   2 months ago

    Try the spiral nails again but don’t let them spin

  • SDMacMan
    SDMacMan   2 months ago

    Do a test on how much weight a wall hung kitchen cabinet can hold with 2 screws and with 4.