• Published on: 09 April 2019
  • We shopped for each others Coachella outfits and thing got....... watch to find out XD


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  • Tea And drama
    Tea And drama   1 days ago

    They said no one cares about what you wearSo they would’ve been fine just wearing underwear 😂😂

  • S T Y X
    S T Y X   2 days ago

    Grayson actually low-key looks good

  • Miel Mott
    Miel Mott   4 days ago

    Grayson squats just to make sure their tight enough that if Ethan bends over those unicorn underwear will no longer be a secret!!!(JK, LOVE YOU BOTH❤️)

  • Mystery girl
    Mystery girl   5 days ago

    Ethan: "its either today..or we go naked"Every girl that has a major crush on the dolan twins: "wouldn't mind that" (not me)

  • Heart B3
    Heart B3   1 weeks ago

    i’m still wondering what word they meant.Does anyone know?? I’m curious.

  • Ava StJohn
    Ava StJohn   1 weeks ago

    Graysons outfit for Ethan was low key boring like no sunglasses or hats or anything

  • Ottó Örn Pétursson

    5:58 - 6:00 what is wrong whit grayson's hair?😂💕it's like a bold spot😂😘(no hate)

  • muzic mary
    muzic mary   2 weeks ago

    How cum they are thicker than me🍑🍑🍑

  • asnyjewelry
    asnyjewelry   2 weeks ago

    Grayson doesn’t even look that bad

  • Kate & Maya
    Kate & Maya   4 weeks ago

    i feel like if grayson and ethan switched pants their outfits would look great!

  • Neha
    Neha   1 months ago

    2:34 I think that word you're searching for is 'coordinate'

  • valerie vautour
    valerie vautour   1 months ago

    the neon pants would’ve looked good on Grayson, would’ve given a good “construction man” vibe

  • Bella Torres
    Bella Torres   1 months ago

    I want Grayson to find me outfits he’s good at this

  • Charity Cooper-G.
    Charity Cooper-G.   1 months ago

    Donnnnt 😂starting to think E purposely chooses wack outfits for gray lmao cut to Paris fashion weeek

  • alya mariam
    alya mariam   1 months ago

    Who is the better twin Comment: Ethan Like:Grayson 😝😝

    IVA ANTONIJEVIC   1 months ago

    I felt so srry for ethan when grayson putted on the outfit hahahaha

  • Giuliana Capelo
    Giuliana Capelo   1 months ago

    22:38Gray: no, I look I’m about to cry, cause I am! Lol

  • Unit4 1Billyard
    Unit4 1Billyard   1 months ago

    I think its really cute what you did for each other no matter what the out fit , you will shine

    MCN STUDIOS   1 months ago

    who else love graysons longer hair i love how in this video its are longer in the back

  • Maddie Cleary
    Maddie Cleary   1 months ago

    Just got hit with an add for milk in the middle of this video...

  • Lizzy Dipaolo
    Lizzy Dipaolo   1 months ago

    I was just crying and I’m watching there video and now I’m happy

  • Alexis Ashikwe
    Alexis Ashikwe   1 months ago

    Grayson: Ill make you look cool, Ill make you look cool... Cool as I can with that stupid face.........Ethan: We're identical

  • Jen
    Jen   1 months ago

    Ethan shopping for Grayson is like my mom shopping for me

  • Kearey Kimpton
    Kearey Kimpton   1 months ago

    1:45 I mean I wouldn't mind that.....Okay but anyway, ETHANS WEARING THE NECKLACE FROM JAMES! Okay bye, done now.!

  • Heather Winchell
    Heather Winchell   1 months ago

    After watching the video with Jeffree Star I’ve been binge watching these guys. They are really funny. And it helps they are really cute. 😊

  • Dominique Siwulich
    Dominique Siwulich   1 months ago

    Cant wait to watch u guys grow . Please never quit. Give yourself plenty of breaks and time between videos ... like Shane said dont burn ourselves out... I'd rather wait longer between than for u guys to get so overwhelmed u quit.ur so amazing at what u do..ur so smart and talented .. . Ill Never stop watching. #DolanTwinSTAN

  • Dominique Siwulich
    Dominique Siwulich   1 months ago

    Freaking love u more and more every video . Even old ones.. loving binge my favorite Twins of all time..How did u guys get soo F*in cool . And so handsome. I feel weird even saying that cuz I'm a 26 year old woman. Crushing on 19 year old twins. .. never been attracted to anyone younger than me before ... u guys are one of my favorite channels eVER and there's only 2 on the list. U guys and Shane Dawson. Love u guys.. sorry long ass comment . Seriously tho... borderline obsessive. . U guys crack me the hell up .. thank u for being u... .. hope u guys make videos forever !!

  • Kimberley Goodall
    Kimberley Goodall   1 months ago

    I swear E is doing the near enough the Charleston in that LV dressing room