• Published on: 09 April 2019
  • We shopped for each others Coachella outfits and thing got....... watch to find out XD


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  • Dolan Twins Ethan grayson Coachella outfits shopping


  • Shally S
    Shally S   17 hours ago

    I think Ethan out did him self with the outfit section and Grayson outdid it with the accessories. Maybe nextime Ethan should pick out their outfit while Gray chooses the accessories. Or they can let one of their family memeber like mom or sister to choose their Coaachella outfit.

  •   2 days ago

    Is the word combine

  • Mathilda Lando
    Mathilda Lando   5 days ago

    why is Ethan so mean to Grayson in every start of the videos

  • Leonardo Rosado
    Leonardo Rosado   1 weeks ago

    5:43 those pants literally look like something Billie eilish would wear 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • mariam akram
    mariam akram   2 weeks ago

    0:10 ethan : fregudo grayson: thats a tipe of cheese ethan : i dont f w that dairy brograyson : acctually its a tipe of meatme: XD wat , no its a tipe of water XD

  • Lauren Bailey
    Lauren Bailey   2 weeks ago

    I love how they do the exact same dance in the changing room 😂😂

  • Giana DIY
    Giana DIY   2 weeks ago

    2:42 Thank me by smashing the thumbs up button below this comment it should turn blue and I will be happy(Haha I’m kidding u don’t need to like it I just wanted to be cringy 😂)

  • Liv
    Liv   2 weeks ago

    2:33 I feel like the word ur looking for is compile maybe x

  • Courtney 12404
    Courtney 12404   2 weeks ago

    6:03 am I the only one who thought of Mario... no just me... okay...

  • RaTeD R KiTtY
    RaTeD R KiTtY   3 weeks ago

    Their identical, but also not... it doesn't make any sense lol

  • Robyn Myers
    Robyn Myers   3 weeks ago

    Gray stop letting Ethan pick your clothes...

  • Clara Srour
    Clara Srour   3 weeks ago

    Honestly, Grayson’s outfit is more coachella then Ethan’s

  • micah srn
    micah srn   3 weeks ago

    2:51 Ethan:what is that word?Me:Combined???

  • Lily Tillman
    Lily Tillman   4 weeks ago

    tbh if Grayson doesn't wear the bandana thing, the outfit prolly could work

  • Nicole Diaz
    Nicole Diaz   4 weeks ago

    Call yourselves Italian but don’t know what Prosciutto is SMH WOW

  • crazypurpleglow
    crazypurpleglow   4 weeks ago

    Ethan telling Grayson to not scream on every video is me all the time.

  • esther
    esther   4 weeks ago

    1:44 E: its today or we're going nakedMe: o u should post ur outfits on instagram just an idea hehehehehe *internally dies*

  • Ryles
    Ryles   4 weeks ago

    I don’t get how Grayson likes the ugliest thing ever! (The shorts)

  • sofia nieminen
    sofia nieminen   4 weeks ago

    Is it just me or does anyone else think that the grayson’s outfit chud look great, if the scarf was a bandana

  • Evelyn Sharp
    Evelyn Sharp   1 months ago

    Ethan: I didn’t put a lot of effort in, I tried. 😩😩 Gray is thinking “try harder”

  • Harmeen Kang
    Harmeen Kang   1 months ago

    Gray: I'll make you look as cool as I can with that stupid faceE: we're identicalme: My twin sister and I are fraternal twin girls and we look almost the same....What's wrong with you!?

  • M
    M   1 months ago

    Grayson freak outs are hilarious

  • saf Failey
    saf Failey   1 months ago

    aw you had to do him like that... FFFF rip

  • Dolan_lover 234
    Dolan_lover 234   1 months ago

    Please dont tell me im the only one that started crying when grayson was shouting at ethan💔😭