What Would Colonizing Venus Look Like?

  • Published on: 14 April 2017
  • What Would Colonizing Venus Look Like? – Second Thought
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    We've already looked at terraforming mars, but what would it be like to colonize a much hotter planet with a thick atmosphere like Venus?

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  • Runtime : 6:11
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  • mytah
    mytah   2 weeks ago

    To proces about gas,atmosfer venus first

  • Dennis Pingel
    Dennis Pingel   3 weeks ago

    Hang kudzu off the sides of the balloons to absorb the carbon from the atmosphere

  • David Simons
    David Simons   1 months ago

    These videos are very entertaining and keep up the good work

  • karbaona
    karbaona   1 months ago

    2 wordsfucknoooooooooooo

  • LaLabel1
    LaLabel1   1 months ago

    Imagine if the ballon popped

  • Alejandro Flores
    Alejandro Flores   1 months ago

    Let's export the frozen CO2 to Mars kill two birds with one stone

  • George Billa
    George Billa   2 months ago

    I have an idea,it works actually...plant hydrogen bombs on venus

  • Student Brice Domino
    Student Brice Domino   2 months ago

    Did you know every rocky planet except Mercury has been habitable in some point in it's history!

  • ConnorConnor
    ConnorConnor   3 months ago

    Couldn't we just extract water from the acid rain?

  • Indiaids
    Indiaids   3 months ago

    Looks like everyone forgot about gravity

  • Adolf Critler
    Adolf Critler   3 months ago

    5:08 another one we need about $25,000,000,000,000

  • Daniel Moolman
    Daniel Moolman   3 months ago

    Maybe colonising 55-60 km up would be a better solution, as the temperature is around 30 degrees, while the pressure is still about 60% of Earth (still survivable, pressure similar to 5000m above sea level on Earth, and less sulphuric acid around).

  • Gab Natinga
    Gab Natinga   3 months ago

    Probably our rain is acidic to aliens

  • The Joker
    The Joker   3 months ago

    Let's colonize mercury instead

  • Gem JUWEL
    Gem JUWEL   4 months ago

    This would be so amazing if water wasnt a problem

  • Pineapple Pizza
    Pineapple Pizza   4 months ago

    the problem with a dome is that if one asshole decides to be an asshole and blow a hole throw the dome then we're all fucked

  • Phil Gudet
    Phil Gudet   4 months ago

    Unlike crazy gf's the best way to cool down Venus would be to chuck really big ice cubes at it

  • John Cipolletti
    John Cipolletti   4 months ago

    Between the 900 degree temperatures and the terrible pressure, who in their right mind would try to colonize Venus!?

  • Brandy H
    Brandy H   4 months ago

    Yup, they had me till like wind speed of a hurricane 5 which is over 155+

  • usa eyeglass
    usa eyeglass   4 months ago

    how about we all colonize pizza ovens on high...same thing

  • Schechter Arts
    Schechter Arts   5 months ago

    Given the fact that the Sun will eventually run out of hydrogen & start growing bigger & hotter, colonizing Venus would not be a smart move. That's probably why most who've thought about this prefer Mars.

  • Allison
    Allison   5 months ago

    Now even if this world becomes a horrible place I rather live in it instead of Mars, the radiation will let me go outside for like 40 minutes and without communication or a lot of vitamin D it’s just not good for your heath(that’s a guess but it’s likely around 40 minutes)

  • Am Clover
    Am Clover   5 months ago

    Do we need to colonize it, I been hearing most worlds tend to have high amounts of radiation then isn’t it safe to just have a bunch of huge city space ships as a moons of other planets all over and we can just mine asteroids and use solar energy as back ups?

  • Benjamin Brewer
    Benjamin Brewer   6 months ago

    Second thought can you do a cloud city on earth, pros and cons

  • Gary Lewis
    Gary Lewis   6 months ago

    Water is likely on Venus but in a vapour

  • Truth Kangen
    Truth Kangen   6 months ago

    Venus is bitchy about me and my crew Ronda vue on her cloud. But why she teasing us by showing signs like Hot and Bother, corrosive with acid if we probing her? Typical chic right? All show no play, try to swallow my space craft you kinky you. If venus keep playing hard to get then i will go to Uranus land my probe there instead. I heard there's tons of shit to do there.

  • jiffy
    jiffy   6 months ago

    so if you fell off youd actually go down to hell.

  • Deadstick
    Deadstick   6 months ago

    Will never happen... impossible.