Dave Chappelle Reveals White People's Weakness | Netflix Is A Joke

  • Published on: 13 January 2020
  • Dave Chappelle discusses the trials and tribulations that his ancestors went through and how it took them 400 years to discover white people's true weakness.

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  • Runtime : 3:15
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  • J.D. Sadinger
    J.D. Sadinger   10 hours ago

    Top words spoken before tragedy:"Is that OJ Simpson?"

  • nayrb
    nayrb   1 days ago

    brilliant, just brilliant.

  • Hamza Rajput
    Hamza Rajput   1 days ago

    He is philosopher who happens to be funny

  • holderness muzah
    holderness muzah   1 days ago

    you will never get his jokes unless you're at least 120 years old

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones   1 days ago

    Wow! Actually liked Dave until this!!

  • Karl Caton
    Karl Caton   1 days ago

    Hiya from England let me tell you, the US has great comedians, here 90% of the comedians suck .....

  • ꓘΞK
    ꓘΞK   2 days ago

    Only thing I hated about the kneeling was after they got the attention of the nation they didn’t use it to help their cause.

  • huberfloover
    huberfloover   3 days ago

    At first I thought he was going to say electing some dictator or letting some king get on the throne...history's shown they could put up some staggering numbers once they convince their supporters there's some needless war to be fought...for the benefit of their king/dictator of course.

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M   3 days ago

    so glad this guy is back, with a fresh taste of old talent.

  • Derek Loveless
    Derek Loveless   4 days ago

    Damn, that man is funny!! I hate the fact that he doesn’t realize kneeling is cowardly, aside from your faith.

  • Future and Beyond
    Future and Beyond   4 days ago

    Dave Chapelle tickets!!! SC!!!! https://www.yang2020.com/chappelle/

  • Lailah Angel
    Lailah Angel   5 days ago

    I'm always go to Paul Mooney when I watch segments like this from Dave...everytime!

  • UmamaGoblin
    UmamaGoblin   5 days ago

    Just accept that some were sold as well as kidnapped lol

  • Jacob Robison
    Jacob Robison   5 days ago

    Bet none of you know that Africans were being sold to the middle east for a few hundred years before the white man took that business over. It was also the black and middle east countries Who opposed abolishing slavery .

  • Arky
    Arky   5 days ago

    He did not hit the doobie once

  • Roger Burns
    Roger Burns   6 days ago

    The one thing he doesn't mention is most slaves were captured by rival tribes and sold to Europeans by other blacks which makes it just that much worse dont believe me look into it

  • Dudeman516
    Dudeman516   6 days ago

    I miss the old chapelle 😕 he’s a straight up SJW now 🥺❄️

  • Love Me
    Love Me   6 days ago


  • Akshay Kadam
    Akshay Kadam   6 days ago

    And amy schumer demanded same amount of money as much as Chris Rock and Dave got for their Netflix special......... Somebody tell her please that she is just joke stealing, disgusting vagina joke telling bitch and these are Fuckin Comedic Legends you are talking about.......... You don't even deserve to be in the audience stand when they are performing because you don't understand what is a joke and what is a just a story about disgusting smell of your vagina because you need to see a doctor not audience you idiot...........

  • darren tay
    darren tay   6 days ago

    Another weakness is gender pronouns.

  • Music Laboratory
    Music Laboratory   6 days ago

    Ut was fkn stupid that being told the protests were against police brutality and everyone that wanted to be offended by it says "na na you hate America and veterans"

  • Plo Koon
    Plo Koon   6 days ago

    I thought white people's greatest weakness was black mall Santas.

  • John
    John   6 days ago

    How much is using to go from a stick figure to jacked?? Even his voice has changed. Unrecognizable as the same person. And...not nearly as funny.