I Drove My Childhood Favorite Racing Game In Real Life

  • Published on: 08 April 2019
  • When I was a kid, I played the demo version of Need for Speed II a lot. Just the demo: it came free on a CD with a monthly computer magazine. Every detail of that one demo track was stored in my head, long-dormant... until I ended up in Vancouver, and memories started surfacing in very odd ways.

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  • ZT1ST
    ZT1ST   1 weeks ago

    Whelp, time to cross "Tom Scott does a video about my city." off my list.Wasn't expecting that.

  • ojrmk1
    ojrmk1   1 months ago

    I've never been to Edinburgh, despite having family in Scotland. But I've drifted those streets in multiple games. Project Gotham, Forza Horizon. When I finally go there it'll be weird, especially since I'm legally blind and therefore cannot drive. I'll just be an NPC, watching the racers go by.

  • Gabriel Ogle
    Gabriel Ogle   1 months ago

    Wow, this was genuinely emotional and deeply touching. I'm so glad you had this experience Tom! It really resonated with me.

  • amigang
    amigang   1 months ago

    For me it would be xj220 jaguar on the Amiga, playing that game on it long maps with it great music was magical, I don’t think there roads are based on any location but it the music and driving I like, years latter when I could drive, I got that music burnt it to a cd and it was a wired magical moment that this video make me relate to.

  • mathis8210
    mathis8210   2 months ago

    But what about the real question: Did NFS2 teach you how to win a real street race on that road?

  • James OKeefe
    James OKeefe   3 months ago

    "Make nice things". You certainly do Tom. Thank you for this!

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith   3 months ago

    The prototype Ford GT90 is the ugliest car ever

  • BlackWind
    BlackWind   3 months ago

    2:09 did you notice the CLS 55 AMG and C 43 AMG on your right!? I think they were driving together, too.

  • BlackWind
    BlackWind   3 months ago

    This is the thing I absolutely love about the old NFS games. They had such a variety of culture in the tracks that made you want to go to that place and just explore and admire it wholeheartedly. New games simply don't, and never will, have that feeling. Thanks for this video.

  • An0ldt
    An0ldt   3 months ago

    You just gravled up childhood memories right here and grabbed it painfully by the balls. Thank you for this :) I've played that full version in the 00's with the exact same questions in mind.

  • Rain Rainey
    Rain Rainey   3 months ago

    I clicked on this to see what random interesting town it would be and it turns out it's the city I live in. Gosh!

  • Baphomet
    Baphomet   3 months ago

    I have never played NFS II, but damn, even i felt nostalgic when i saw you driving there

  • Tropixx_XLR
    Tropixx_XLR   4 months ago

    Awesome. and I miss this kind of NFS, it was one of a kind, the racing, the production values, everything. Canada had some of the best racing game makers in the world!

  • Franklin Ashe
    Franklin Ashe   4 months ago

    Easily the happiest any of your videos have made me. Love it.

  • Nicola Scarcella
    Nicola Scarcella   4 months ago

    It's the same when you play Gta 5 and then visit Los Angeles.

  • Jordan Beard
    Jordan Beard   4 months ago

    Tom what a pleasure to watch this video. I’m from Vancouver, cool to see you enjoy the beauty here, and cool to see you taking a different style in this video

  • DopravnĂ­ Poradce
    DopravnĂ­ Poradce   4 months ago

    My childhood exactly. Didn't realise that it's based on a real place.

  • Mr. Paul
    Mr. Paul   4 months ago

    Great video. I loved this demo

  • Salty Tech
    Salty Tech   4 months ago

    Oddly the devs wanted to do the opposite. They drive by and see this stuff all the time so what better then to drive round it as fast as you can.

  • kjell159
    kjell159   4 months ago

    I've always wanted to be inside a female, I went to a prostitute and it became reality. (with a rubber) Too bad reality rarely is as good as you expect it to be.That's why it's a nice habit to underestimate things. Always expect things to go worse then you expect them to be, that way you are less likely to get dissapointed and hurt yourself.

  • dakota
    dakota   4 months ago

    i’m from vancouver this is cool

  • OneBagTravel
    OneBagTravel   4 months ago

    Playing GTA vice city and then actually going to Miami really blew my mind. Almost like a phantom dream, I knew the streets, buildings, and land marks. It’s hard to explain to someone that you’ve been to a place before, know it well, but have never actually visited.

  • seeka1
    seeka1   4 months ago

    Love this video!

  • Tom Vernon
    Tom Vernon   4 months ago

    How I felt when I want to Japan and walked around where Hibike Euphonium was set. Omg I fanboyed so hard.

  • Jeremy Robles
    Jeremy Robles   4 months ago

    Dude, I loved this game so damn much when I was a kid

  • Commander TK-9091
    Commander TK-9091   4 months ago

    Unfortunately the games that make me nostalgic are either based in fictional areas or are way too big of a dream that I’ll never accomplish.

  • PTTE Matted
    PTTE Matted   4 months ago

    Me with Forza Horizon 4 and Edinburgh, it's a surreal experience.

  • Gun Troller
    Gun Troller   4 months ago

    Next up: "I killed 40 people and died playing my favourite childhood fps game in real life."

  • airwickfreshner
    airwickfreshner   4 months ago

    Rents car in LA, tells self repeatedly don't drive over sidewalks like in GTA

  • Pickleman
    Pickleman   4 months ago

    GTA4 and NYC for me, kinda weird seeing when i always stole my helicopter from in real life

  • Pickleman
    Pickleman   4 months ago

    0:8 is that Tom Clarke Hill?