• Published on: 17 August 2017
  • HI! So… If you are the couple in this video watching this… First of all we’re sorry! If you scroll our channel you’ll see it’s all about positivity… So to give back to you… Watch until the very end we have a gift for you! Much love.

    Now to our viewers! We hesitated posting this crazy experience for a while since we felt more intrusive than we had wished even though Matt tried so hard to make people dance!!

    Obviously we don’t encourage you to do this, it was honestly pretty scary and there’s more fun parties with less stakes to sneak into :) Much love to you all!!

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    Who are we?
    Yes Theory are four friends from four different countries who constantly seek discomfort in order to grow. Ammar, Thomas, Matt and Derin met in Montreal, Canada in the summer of 2015 and bonded over their shared desire to live a life that challenged and excited them. Fast forward to a year later, the team is now based out of Los Angeles, making a show on Snapchat Discover.

    Snapchat handle: yestheory

    Camera: Sony A7S Mark ii
    Drone: DJI Phantom 4 Pro +

    Hosts: Thomas Brag and Ammar Kandil
    Editor: Thomas Brag and Thomas Dajer
  • Runtime : 17:56
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  • Yes Theory
    Yes Theory   2 years ago

    HEY EVERYONE! This was super awkward but we obviously only had good intentions going into it... :) We learned from this experience and did a lot better on Sunday Can't wait to show you that crazy experience!... Much love to you all! ❤️

  • Amna A
    Amna A   15 hours ago

    You can for sure crash an Arab wedding without anyone noticing or minding

  • Bunni Shah
    Bunni Shah   15 hours ago

    Anyone else so used to having the beep meaning curses that, even though it says name, it feels like everyone is cursing the hell out of each other.

  • Not Your Average GLOW Up

    I honestly would think it would be hilarious to have wedding crashers at my reception. I’d be like “hell yeah man... grab a drink”

  • The Indian Parody Show

    I fyou were at an indian wedding they would have welcomed you happily and let you stay.

  • Mirrorwarrior
    Mirrorwarrior   1 days ago

    Honestly in India, we dont even have the concept of calling it wedding crashing - there is an open buffet lasting atleast 2 days for most weddings. Sometimes the open buffet is over 7 days long!! The more people the more blessings! Its from our saying "Even if you cant wish truly from your heart, you can wish truly from a full stomach" (okay the translation doesnt sound that good but you get the meaning - wishing with a full stomach is equal to wishing truly from the heart!)

  • LM
    LM   2 days ago

    the amount of times matt just improvised how he knows the bride is just so funny. I- can't 😂

  • Ruvi Jaimes
    Ruvi Jaimes   3 days ago

    if you crash another wedding, crash a Mexican wedding no one would literally care or know!

  • Drew Mason
    Drew Mason   3 days ago

    Them: crashes a wedding. Me: TAKE THEM ON THEIR DREAM HONEYMOON

  • Marae Lei
    Marae Lei   1 weeks ago

    Matt is so fcking smooth 😎

  • Mahir Hoq
    Mahir Hoq   1 weeks ago

    Check out 8:04 to 8:06! Thank me later!

  • Luke Bader-Saye
    Luke Bader-Saye   1 weeks ago

    7:17 at first I didn't realize it was the names they were bleeping and I was like hold up wait a minute.

  • Yaseer Qureshi
    Yaseer Qureshi   1 weeks ago

    Thomas and ammar couldnt have pulled it off without matt tbh😂😂

  • Freckle Frenzy
    Freckle Frenzy   1 weeks ago

    The groom was a complete ass. And don’t say that they paid for it they can choose who to be there. It’s supposed to be Fun and by being rude to complete strangers doesn’t seem fun to me 🤨

  • Emily 2002
    Emily 2002   1 weeks ago

    as long as they weren't causing anyone harm I would love a couple stagers to crash my wedding party what a story to tell ahaha

  • Master Irfan
    Master Irfan   1 weeks ago

    in malaysia, no one cares who comes, just go in eat and get out

  • haizam ishak
    haizam ishak   1 weeks ago

    hey guys .. any update from the bride and groom yet? love to c their respond

  • John Shank
    John Shank   1 weeks ago

    That party could have been alot better if they would let Yes theory stay

  • sara sbissi
    sara sbissi   1 weeks ago

    Shout out to my fellow Tunisians.. where if u didnt crush a wedding u didnt really lived ur life 😂

    SMILEY   1 weeks ago

    This is my 2673 message in my 2months youtube life so if you find my other comment I luv u

  • Noah Nussbaum
    Noah Nussbaum   2 weeks ago

    The bride was just like “hahaha” and then the groom goes “You have to go”

  • Assaultz
    Assaultz   2 weeks ago

    Bruh I just watched the Yes Table vid and for some reason it was my favorite vid yet.

  • Randy Shephard
    Randy Shephard   2 weeks ago

    Tell me why in the series of YOU on netflix in the second season it looks like they filmed the wedding at 3:30 on the right side....

  • Rohit Bhargav
    Rohit Bhargav   2 weeks ago

    Back in India litteraly there would one person in every weeding who has crashed the weeding for just the free food

  • Cynthia Rutherford
    Cynthia Rutherford   2 weeks ago

    This was so funny to watch lol. In Guyana, you just show up whether you know the person or not, invited or not. There usually is a lot of food to feed a village and no one notices if you're out of place lol.

  • Aiza Joyce Peticaros
    Aiza Joyce Peticaros   2 weeks ago

    Maybe soon in my wedding (with Matt, hopefully 🤣🤣), I wouldn't invite Thomas, Ammar and Derin to test their skills in crashing our reception! 😂😂

  • Charchit Chandavat
    Charchit Chandavat   2 weeks ago

    try crashing a wedding in India, they won't ever say no and would joyfully dance with you guys too.

  • DerpyBlox
    DerpyBlox   2 weeks ago

    I went there my my uncles wedding

  • Anay Rathi
    Anay Rathi   3 weeks ago

    One of my friends just joined the channel...he is like why in the he*#& is there Adam Levine in the channel

  • Jiminiepabo Kpop stan

    My sis and our mom were out somewhere one day, and they got real hungry, they heard their was this wedding, so they went and just ate all the food and then left-

  • Michael Mendoza
    Michael Mendoza   4 weeks ago

    These guys remind me of a very similar show on MTV years ago...anybody know the name?

  • Anindya Shavitri
    Anindya Shavitri   4 weeks ago

    If they crashed my siblings’ wedding, I’d tell my family “oh they’re my dates”. My family would freak out seeing me to have some foreigners as my wedding date lol

  • Sgt.Krakatoa
    Sgt.Krakatoa   1 months ago

    Imagine if they did join the all-Asian wedding

  • Leah Perrotta
    Leah Perrotta   1 months ago

    That was my dads friends wedding that we went to omg.