Marvel X-Men Disney Plus Teaser 2020 Breakdown - Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs

  • Published on: 03 April 2020
  • Marvel X-Men Disney Plus Teaser 2020. Marvel Phase 4 Easter Eggs. Marvel X-Men Teaser Mystery, Wandavision Trailer, Wolverine and Avengers 5 ►
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    Covering new Marvel X-Men Teaser. Disney Plus Marvel X-Men New Project and Marvel Phase 4 X-Men Easter Eggs. Marvel Phase 4 Movie Plans. Marvel Phase 5 X-Men Movie Reboot. Marvel Phase 4 Trailer Footage, Scarlet Witch Wandavision, Wolverine Cyclops Comedy Scene. Kevin Feige X-Men Clip and X-Men the Animated Series.

    There's lots of X-Men Marvel Phase 4 and Mutants coming soon. Not including all the Deadpool 3 Movie Ryan Reynolds stuff and the new Marevl Fantastic Four Reboot Movie.

    I'll do more Wolverine and Marvel Phase 4 X-Men Easter Eggs videos as we see more from them in the new movies and Disney Plus Series. Wandavision Episodes are the next place that will happen later this year. We'll get more Wandavision Trailer videos and Marvel Phase 4 Trailer videos soon.

    New Venom 2 Trailer soon, Morbius Trailer Spiderman Easter Eggs. More Black Widow Trailer videos, Falcon and Winter Soldier, Doctor Strange 2 and a Marvel Eternals Trailer soon!

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  • Marvel Emergency Awesome Spiderman Wolverine Marvel X-Men Trailer Venom 2 Trailer Venom Morbius Trailer Avengers Venom 2 Doctor Strange 2 Trailer Wandavision Trailer Black Widow Trailer Avengers Endgame Black Widow Avengers 5 Trailer Marvel Phase 4 Trailer Teaser Scene emergencyawesome Charlie Schneider Morbius Thor 4 Trailer Venom Spider-Man Venom 2 Teaser Venom 2 Spiderman Spider Man Morbius Spider Man Marvel Trailer X-Men Clip Avengers Trailer 2020


  • Emergency Awesome
    Emergency Awesome   1 months ago

    Here's my new Marvel X-Men video and Easter Eggs. Post all your theories in the comments. More new Marvel X-Men videos coming this year too as they reveal more. Here's my new Spider-Man 3 video too!

  • Scott Good
    Scott Good   1 weeks ago

    Growing up I loved the X-Men animated series (and for a time the thing I looked forward to the most was going to the movie theater, just to play the X-Men arcade game!). .In the animated series, Cyclops, Storm, Gambit, Jubilee, and Rogue were central characters. Wolverine has now had countless solo movies. So it's time for Cyclops and all the others to have theirs! And can we please bring back super sassy, southern kick ass Rogue?! .Oh, and YES... we DO prefer yellow spandex! Lol. Aside from the superpowers and good stories, why do you think we teens watched the animated series? :)

  • Carlos Parga
    Carlos Parga   1 weeks ago

    I hope that we can see an Avengers Secret Wars film that includes Xmen vs Avengers Also When can we except to see Galactus and Dr. Doom or Kang The Conqueror in the MCU??

  • Beelzebub Beardy
    Beelzebub Beardy   1 weeks ago

    After the contract ends...Holland in "Spiderman :Homemade"Then "Spiderman :Homeless"

  • Sunstreaker68
    Sunstreaker68   1 months ago

    I'm a huge Wolverine fan. I wouldn't be offended at all to go ahead and move on from Hugh Jackman's wolverine. Let's goooo!

  • Jerrod Tibor
    Jerrod Tibor   1 months ago

    I'd love to see a new animated X-Men series on Disney+, but I wonder if there's some way they could sync it up with live action X-Men movies, so they would be in the same universe. I tried watching the animated GOTG, but I couldn't get into it.

  • Goten Alt
    Goten Alt   1 months ago

    Ngl I want that deadpool show it reminds me of ultimate spider-man.

  • Goten Alt
    Goten Alt   1 months ago

    Im waiting for spider man homecoming on disney+ 😔

  • Loutzenheiser
    Loutzenheiser   1 months ago

    MAn, I would love a relaunch of the original X-Men series. On top of that, give me a revival of that Deadpool series. and a Live Action X-Men series with some lesser/non used characters they are gonna be putting in movies.

  • Latina Rodriquez
    Latina Rodriquez   1 months ago

    Who remember waiting to the weekend watching X-men animated series as kid omg strider man beetle juice 🧃

  • Latina Rodriquez
    Latina Rodriquez   1 months ago

    Animated Deadpool tv series omg that would be epic to watch

  • Susan Graham
    Susan Graham   1 months ago

    Hello I'm new here and I'm CRAZY for X-MEN and now more than ever I will become Storm for Halloween

    JAMES FORD   1 months ago

    "They" got ALL the rights back to "Their" Characters. That sounds so wrong :( They should be able to make anything MARVEL RELATED. <3

  • VAMobMember
    VAMobMember   1 months ago

    QuestionWould Deadpool live if he fell through the blades of a helicopter in flight?

  • Yes Dex
    Yes Dex   1 months ago

    Keep me posted im not gonna watch no disney plus movies and comic books are as far as imma go

  • RangusJ
    RangusJ   1 months ago

    I really hope they do use a variation of the Xmen Animated Series theme song in the MCU movies.

  • looneyflight
    looneyflight   1 months ago

    I have always said fox has cancelled more good shows than some networks have ever had.

  • Tramaine Terrance
    Tramaine Terrance   1 months ago

    Yep!! Sometimes in life, we get new X-Men material. I'm ready, I've been ready since I was born.👍TERRANCE OUT

  • James Powers
    James Powers   1 months ago

    Awesome 👏🏻 X-men is the best. I hope they do it right.

  • Brian Aurelio
    Brian Aurelio   1 months ago

    I wonder if we will see a tie in through Wanda Vision that results in an X-men show with some of the minor characters.

  • Dontea Jones
    Dontea Jones   1 months ago

    I’m praying for the dceu to get there movies and shows figured even if there needs to be a reboot the dceu needs to have good movies and have phases like marvel and justice league movies

  • Robert
    Robert   1 months ago

    Actually those profile pictures of X Men were on there when Dinsey plus came online.

  • James Ponce
    James Ponce   1 months ago

    It would definitely be down the line, but I would like to see a Heart's of Darkness inspired live action story with Ghost Rider, Punisher, and Wolverine

  • Saint Seiya
    Saint Seiya   1 months ago

    Why doesn't marvel put those anime marvel movies/shows that the Japanese made,those are sick!

  • John Park
    John Park   1 months ago

    Man what a missed opportunity... That Animated Deadpool would've been fantastic

  • Luis Fuentes
    Luis Fuentes   1 months ago

    Hell no, I wouldn't be pissed if they recast wolverine next year. I wanna get my Wolverine fix now. I mean, I would much rather they keep Hugh but it is what it is.

  • Khaotic Intent
    Khaotic Intent   1 months ago

    Seriously Feige, a season 3 of the gifted, then have the x-men return there.

  • Jerel Boza
    Jerel Boza   1 months ago

    Disney is making millions instead of billion.

    PSYCHODRAMA   1 months ago

    I liked the x-men anime 2015 that was bazz u men that was better THAN 80 x-men

    PSYCHODRAMA   1 months ago

    ABOUT time STORM looking dam good no new mutants don't wanna see it

  • TheMrnyasha
    TheMrnyasha   1 months ago

    Rooting for the original X-men animated series. Grew up on that; one of the best animated films so far.