Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Manchester United Home (06/08/2003)

  • Published on: 22 October 2018
  • Pre-Season Friendly, Season 2003-04.
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  • Runtime : 7:31


  • Don Piroggen
    Don Piroggen   1 hours ago

    I remember this Game watching live in Television. I was wondering about His Name all the time. Because for me existed only one Ronaldo at this time. Haha. And i remember i felt that Guy is a little Bit Arrogant and Taff. Ñow He is one of the best Football Players of the earth. Its interesting how the Things Change.

    TUTORIAL NUBB   1 days ago

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  • steve steve
    steve steve   1 days ago

    is this the famous game where he kept nut-megging John O shea and they subsequently bought him?

  • TheXxaddictxX
    TheXxaddictxX   2 days ago

    I see some dumb comments probably part time United fans saying how average this united team was why did he want to join them first of all it was a pre season friendly and secondly we were actually trying to sign Ronaldinho as good as Ronaldo was at this age and was to become, Ronaldinho at the time was all another planet. We got lucky but we still had to bide our time because he was far from the finished article. Plus we were in a rebuilding stage. Worth the wait though have to say.

  • zafire 777
    zafire 777   6 days ago

    Manchester United would have been a different story today if not for this amazing man.

  • Jamie Mae Hong Son
    Jamie Mae Hong Son   1 weeks ago


  • SebbiG
    SebbiG   1 weeks ago

    I dont get it this guy isnt even that good, he just looks like the shit version of that guy that made history in manchester, madrid, and now juve

  • lucas baros
    lucas baros   1 weeks ago

    and thats how you deliver in a job interview

  • Hauptsache Puls
    Hauptsache Puls   1 weeks ago

    You see how the intensity and the approach of Manus defenders changed second half after they saw what he´s capable of in first half.Suddenly two or three guys were chasing and grabbing him

  • Thorbjørn V
    Thorbjørn V   1 weeks ago

    I mean he's no Robbie Savage but if he works hard he might make it in the lower leagues.

  • Mark C
    Mark C   1 weeks ago

    John O’Shea got Ronaldo his move to Utd!

  • Moisés Bispo
    Moisés Bispo   1 weeks ago

    Cristiano Ronaldo jogam muito não é só treino duro mais dom também

  • manish parganiha
    manish parganiha   1 weeks ago

    Indians are like " dil de diya haa sine se nikal ke" if you didn't understand watch phir hera pheri movie

  • Aan Insan
    Aan Insan   1 weeks ago

    After this game, MU fans forget David Beckham. No 7 who?

  • Chazz z
    Chazz z   1 weeks ago

    5:06 you're wearing my shirt son...

  • daniel souza
    daniel souza   1 weeks ago

    e pensar que em 2023 ela faz 20 anos de carreira

  • Deeoverthesea D
    Deeoverthesea D   1 weeks ago

    Some say John o Shea is still running around in circles on the wings

  • YouKnowMeG
    YouKnowMeG   1 weeks ago

    3 months after i was born, this banger was played

  • Leo Mont
    Leo Mont   1 weeks ago

    The best player ever..the unique...The Goat...Cristiano Ronaldo