We Went Camping In Our Backyard

  • Published on: 18 July 2019
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  • Runtime : 19:3
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  • Goose • v •
    Goose • v •   1 hours ago

    omg wait i didn't know jenna was vegan and now i love her even more ahhhhhhhhhh(also i saw her eating the graham crackers and just thought "no wait those aren't vegan" cause i almost ate them too lmao)

  • Erin Tomassoni
    Erin Tomassoni   4 hours ago

    I was crying about my ex and all the terrible things I’ve done in my life and then I watched this and I feel better

  • Mrs Cruz
    Mrs Cruz   13 hours ago

    Cermet was squaring up to the tent

  • Sadey’s Vlogs
    Sadey’s Vlogs   13 hours ago

    julians dog voice is like 100 times higher than his actual voice and Jenna's dog voice. No

  • A frog named sparrow
    A frog named sparrow   14 hours ago

    While they are explaining what they are going to do (after they set the tent up) marbles is licking peach and its adorable

  • The_man_steve UwU
    The_man_steve UwU   2 days ago

    Do they not know the marshmallow shell trick?You can peel of the burnt shell of the marshmallow to get a nice fluffy, meaty texture. It’s perfect for s’mores

  • Leo Widows
    Leo Widows   2 days ago

    wait why is jenna so pretty in the morning,,,, can she be ugly for one second??

  • Myrna Calzada
    Myrna Calzada   2 days ago

    Kermit:THERES A FUCKING BEE ATTAAAAAAKKKKK. The bee:shit here we go again I already lost my ma....I’m coming ma

  • Cameron Gassman
    Cameron Gassman   2 days ago

    This is litterally the most holesome video on YouTube

  • Lena Elliott
    Lena Elliott   2 days ago

    can jenna and julien do this again since we’re in quarantine?

  • Bill Schaffer
    Bill Schaffer   2 days ago

    I hate that I was totally that weird kid from the intro

  • Chloe Massie
    Chloe Massie   2 days ago

    Idk why but I keep coming back to this vid. Hope y’all are doing well during quarantine ❤️

  • Heather Anne Acheson

    Jennnnaaaaaa I wanna come hang out with you and Julien and your four babies so bad! ☹️ Come back to Alberta and just have a meet n greet in the future plz 💜💜💜

  • Moira Nash
    Moira Nash   4 days ago

    I wanna be a grownup so I can do these kind of things whenever I want. Lol

  • Reiley Hudson
    Reiley Hudson   4 days ago

    I’m an earth sign and I’m 13 and this is deep

  • Maya Police Department

    Has anyone just re-watched this video just to look at the background and see that probably a good percentage of it is just the dogs licking each other aggressively 😂

  • Josephine Campbell
    Josephine Campbell   5 days ago

    Ummm hey guys remember when Jenna said she’d canoe in the pool? I need that Jenna help a nurse in Covid times out!

  • Mya X
    Mya X   6 days ago

    bee b like: me too

  • Shiny Emeralds
    Shiny Emeralds   6 days ago

    “I think you might get demonetized... you’re not wearing any cloths” :(When you get rewarded for watching Jenna’s videos 😌

  • bean brainz
    bean brainz   6 days ago

    she didnt put a link to the tent in the discription im gonna riotupdate: i found the tent https://www.amazon.com/CORE-Person-Instant-Cabin-Tent/dp/B07V6KNQ1D

  • emily evans
    emily evans   6 days ago

    Marble looking long as hell in the thumbnail

  • Ms.L.C C
    Ms.L.C C   6 days ago

    Bruhhh the only two (2) times I’ve gone camping were awful lol. They were both super cold and we weren’t prepared, since we live in an insanely hot city. The little forest area we camped at was so cold that we had to sleep in the car the second time (even though it was April!!!!)

  • Ashlyn Devine
    Ashlyn Devine   1 weeks ago

    Cinnamon graham crackers are the lifeline of vegans who love s’mores

  • CosmicVoid
    CosmicVoid   1 weeks ago

    1 month into quarantine be like :

  • Rööd_bät ?
    Rööd_bät ?   1 weeks ago

    I hope you know that this video prompted me and my best friend to Over turn a hockey net and sleep outside under it I think quarantine is getting to us

  • trin
    trin   1 weeks ago

    kermit is such an aggressively feral creature idk what to make of it

  • trin
    trin   1 weeks ago

    if i don’t get my own man like julien mailed to my door this instant i’m suing.