Best Spark Plug Design? Let's find out! E3, Pulstar, Racing & Platinum

  • Published on: 06 April 2020
  • E3, Pulstar, Autolite Racing, NGK Iridium, and NGK Copper spark plugs tested for fuel efficiency performance and visually observed for burn characteristics.

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  • Runtime : 16:35
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  • Great Men
    Great Men   7 hours ago

    This guy is funny..that plug made engine fire... dangerous spark will be ruined yoir car.. Beware....

  • james bullock
    james bullock   8 hours ago

    A plug can only fire 1 spark at a time no matter what type ignition used. Video's from manufacturers can be deceiving to the eye. Rated heat range is engineered into plug for proper specs listed. Iridium is one of the least conductive conductors of all plugs manufactured and why tips are microish. An iridium regular type plug would not work. They are made for lack of access and coils can be made less costly/cheap. A copper plus used in an iridium application can fry cheaply made coils fast. Harley Screaming Eagle coils noted for such. The multi or 360 degree ground type plugs have been around long time,remedy for oil fouling and shorter tip length for high compression early NASCAR engines. Older airplane engines also.

  • james bullock
    james bullock   9 hours ago

    Kart guys have used lucian clear head to view flame kernels for long time. You can see flame kernels in tests incorrect color orange red not blueish .....pump gas quality a guess. I would check all plugs bought for authenticity of manufacturer no matter where you bought plugs. Knock off plugs are all over USA stores and online. Amazon ebay is worst place hands down. Esp expensive ones. Just got 2 packs of autolite copper plus napa and 1 pack a knock off. This is not uncommon and going back decades. Mopars buy from dealership. Do your homework because everyone has been ripped off. Computer reflashed? a maybe if resistors incorrect. Knock off everything......BIC lighters.....chronic.

  • ken winston
    ken winston   10 hours ago

    We've got to go-fund that Farm-A-Bago to the nearest drag event. 😂

  • Trick Shift Garage
    Trick Shift Garage   11 hours ago

    I was always curious about the differences between these...thanks for the clarification!

  • Will Lyon
    Will Lyon   12 hours ago

    Does that generator have an open or closed loop efi? If it's open then fuel efficiency won't change, it'll inject what it's programmed to. If it's closed loop with an O2 sensor then it can vary the injector and ignition timing based on how the engine is running.

  • Daily Youtube
    Daily Youtube   19 hours ago

    E3 spark plugs are junk and i know from experience, I will never buy an e3 product again i will stick to NGK iridiums yeah they are expensive but under high rpm they last.. e3 on the other hand yeah lmfao melted two of them within a month horrible plugs and bad quality.

  • Domingo De Anda
    Domingo De Anda   21 hours ago

    Thank you so much for all your effort and knowledge that you share with us..

  • Benjamin Dusseau
    Benjamin Dusseau   23 hours ago

    Thank you for your head to head comparisons!! I'm finding myself needing to paint some large rusty trailers and old farm equipment. might you do a video of rust convertors and rust type metal primers. see which ones hold paint the best:)

  • DCM
    DCM   1 days ago

    Why does the Farmabago have a spark plug in the left side megaphone tail pipe? I quite enjoy your informative videos. Will you be doing a follow up showdown between the Bosch +4 and the E3 or Pulstar?

  • mcburcke
    mcburcke   1 days ago

    I've used E3 plugs in my small engines mainly because they don't carbon up or erode anywhere near as quickly as standard plugs, saving replacement hassles. They seem to work just fine. ...really haven't cared about fuel efficiency...

  • M.Junaid Aslam Randhawa

    Love from Pakistan don't have all products ...but really like the simple methods...self explainatory

  • Gordon Freeman
    Gordon Freeman   1 days ago

    I like this guy's videos. GJ man. Drag racing the Winnie, huh?

  • Kim Keam
    Kim Keam   2 days ago

    Thanks for doing this subject! I always used iridium plugs in my microlight as years ago we had lead fuel and they suffered less fouling. With today’s fuel, it is a higher priority to keep the cylinder head temperature as low as practical. In the past we richened up the mixture to achieve this but suffered gummed up rings. From what I have just seen, I will do some testing myself on my aircraft engine.

  • Lance Martin
    Lance Martin   2 days ago

    Glad to see this. We run a repaor shop and have used the E3s. Have had absolutely horrible luck. They are excellent for a very short period of time. The worst for some strange reason is the gm 5.3 and 6.0. No idea why, but those engines will destroy an E3 in 1000 miles. Would love to know why!

  • Dennis Span
    Dennis Span   2 days ago

    I can save up to 5% in fuel, driving my 7 liter... o.0

  • nacho biznez
    nacho biznez   2 days ago

    You have so many good videos. How am I supposed to sleep when there are so many videos left to watch? Please make crappier videos. Lol no please don't. keep up the good work.

  • Jeffrey Zaiser
    Jeffrey Zaiser   2 days ago

    What would happen if ATF was used as an engine coolant? The water pump would last forever. ATF doesn't freeze, never corrode the system and a blown head gasket, leaking coolant into the engine oil, would not be catastrophic. ATF is just a very low viscosity oil. I would love to see what the coolant properties of ATF are or aren't. Could a coolant system, optimally designed for ATF as a coolant work? Please try this

  • Davila Floors
    Davila Floors   2 days ago

    I did use pulstart spark plugs about 6 years ago. Sparks and k&n filter. It was quite a good power gain on my Subaru Forester!

  • Samuel Brunner
    Samuel Brunner   2 days ago

    Is it possible to compare this fuel consumption data with emissions data

  • John Savage
    John Savage   2 days ago

    Spark plugs operate differently in lawn mower than a car or. Truck.

  • Sean Sayre
    Sean Sayre   2 days ago

    I've run the E3 plugs in my Chevy Colorado for years. I couldn't tell much of a difference. I couldn't go 100K between plug changes, started to have misses around 80K. Last set I just went back with AC Delco Iridium plugs.

  • TJ Minispeeder Phillip

    One that I did not see are Brisk Premium EVO Spark Plug see how they compare. As always you do a great job on your videos.

  • frustrate01
    frustrate01   2 days ago

    How about air conditioner test ? Inverter ones. Then the regular ones. How much cooling, what is the actual time and energy to cool a room ? How the flow of air from AC impacts the cooling?

  • Mark A.
    Mark A.   2 days ago

    Great stuff!! Thank you

  • Adrian Aldueza
    Adrian Aldueza   3 days ago

    Very informative as always. I wish you could do a review on a Brisk sparkplug. The one that is without a bended ground electrode on top of the center electrode. I was amused by their design and most of the motorcycle users recommend it to me.

  • Geshtal205
    Geshtal205   3 days ago

    As a certified technician in my opinion all these boutique spark plugs are pure snake oil. It’s a placebo effect. You spend more so you think they are performing better. If these products actually worked the manufacturers would use them. Think about it, vehicle manufacturers spend millions on research and development finding what works best for their engine. These spark plugs are in most cases double or even triple the price of a factory plug and get shorter life spans. The couple seconds of extra run time aren’t worth justifying the prices of these plugs. You’ll get the best performance and fuel mileage using the o.e plugs.

  • Darren Munsell
    Darren Munsell   3 days ago

    Pulstar gave Stellar performanceThe Speed and Compete ignition means your knock sensor will never be used. Max performance out of all cylinders = more power for the same amount of fuel.Very impressive /Darth Vader

  • Darren Munsell
    Darren Munsell   3 days ago

    Pulstar - capacitor inside spark plug - My bet is on that one, look at that combustion. In a modern engine that might help the knock sensor and give you more performance, as the Electronics don't have to retard the timings. Very Interesting.

  • Scott Kearley
    Scott Kearley   3 days ago

    Hey Toddy I Have A Question For Ya... I Have A Pontiac Vibe, Which Uses Toyotas 2.4lt I4.. It uses iridium plugs, can i use the E3 plug ? and what performance gains and losses will i have?.. thank you

  • 735
    735   3 days ago

    Thanks for the Video. I was curious what the street price for each one of the spark plugs are as the $/performance ratio does matter.

  • Adam
    Adam   3 days ago

    Awesome video! Love the Farm-O-Bego!