• Published on: 10 November 2018
  • Special thanks to @newbalance for challenging us, letting us take their athlete on an adventure, and being great sports along the way. #NBHeat

    One of the most uncomfortable things you can do is let an inanimate object control your life. It's all based on randomness, and that's the reason we chose a dice. Ammar and Thomas got to take along New Balance Lacrosse star, Trevor Baptiste, while Matt spent time in Trevor's world as a lacrosse player. Along the way of course, strangers became a part of the whole adventure. Enjoy!

    Big thank you to our friends and amazing filmmakers Colin and Samir for helping us out. Go check out their channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCamLstJyCa-t5gfZegxsFMw

    Also thank you to FlyNYON for the amazing helicopter experience. www.flynyon.com

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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer
  • Runtime : 15:51
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  • C4L Tendies
    C4L Tendies   23 hours ago

    I'm so scared of heights that I g ok t scared when he went up with this feat out I tenced up

  • Shruti Basu
    Shruti Basu   1 days ago

    Ammar: Are you scared of heights? Also Ammar: Are you ditching class? Alright let's go!

  • Persiah 777
    Persiah 777   3 days ago

    the moment when he sticks his legs out of the chopper was so exhilarating seeing someone conquer their greatest fear!

  • Sammy River
    Sammy River   4 days ago

    Did you see his smile when he said he’s terrified of heights.

  • goldchalamet
    goldchalamet   5 days ago

    Imagine that dude after ditching classHis friends “dude where were you”Him “oh yea I just went on a heli nothing much bro”

  • Collin XunKu
    Collin XunKu   1 weeks ago

    6:30 that off white champion hoodie is the sexiest thing ever

  • S1deH0e101
    S1deH0e101   2 weeks ago

    Dumbest decision I have ever made was not wearing a cup in lacrosse just because you got shit from teammates if you had one

  • Dwayne Neal
    Dwayne Neal   2 weeks ago

    You should’ve done Derrick Jones jr

  • Jozie Garner
    Jozie Garner   2 weeks ago

    Every time I see lacrosse mentioned anywhere I get so excited because I’ve been playing sense the third grade and it’s no so common here on the west coast. I also got even more excited when he got put in goal because I’m a goalie🥍🥍💜💜💜💜💜

  • Lucia Lopez
    Lucia Lopez   2 weeks ago

    Bro the student is low-key cute 😂

  • ClassicAce
    ClassicAce   2 weeks ago

    I have a place that y’all should go. There is this place called Jellyfish Lake in Palau and I think that y’all should go and make a video about it! “SEEK DISCOMFORT”

  • Burken Productions
    Burken Productions   2 weeks ago

    Man a helicopter wouldn't be a problem for me though. Also afraid of height. But don't get me up on a long ladder!!

  • Beatriz Sofia
    Beatriz Sofia   2 weeks ago

    Omg the coffee thing is so dangerous... He couldve died of heart attack... And he doesnt even drink coffee so he is not used to it too

  • Edward De Guzman
    Edward De Guzman   2 weeks ago

    Stages of discomfort1. Yes2. What if not3. Hell yeah lets just do it4. Scared af5. Oh thats nice6. Unneccessary laughter 7. Thanks

  • Reed Thompson
    Reed Thompson   3 weeks ago

    I'm terrified of heights and rode a blackhawk with open doors. I was sitting in the middle so I never felt like I was going to fall out

  • hundrumnights
    hundrumnights   4 weeks ago

    the girl that danced with trevor probably had no idea he's a famous lacrosse player

  • CircuitLord
    CircuitLord   1 months ago

    That guy now has the coolest profile picture in the world.

  • Eddie Steele
    Eddie Steele   1 months ago

    I go to the same high school Trevor Baptiste. MBS

  • %100margot
    %100margot   1 months ago

    im glad that their we’re playing lacrosse cuz thats not a very none sport person: whats sport do u playme: lacrosse person: huh

  • gas planet
    gas planet   1 months ago

    i love how he said he felt so alive:) it made me cry when they were in the helicopter idk why.

  • Jan Wick
    Jan Wick   2 months ago

    Lmao if you did this in London

  • Farouk
    Farouk   2 months ago

    if i was in place of that asian boy, i would have literally cried dude.

  • Chiete Will
    Chiete Will   2 months ago

    This is how many numbers are on a diceT

  • Vincell Paras
    Vincell Paras   2 months ago

    FOR ALL NBA FANS !I Know you wanted Kawhi Leonard to be the athlete cause he is now with NEW BALANCE

  • Donnie Campbell
    Donnie Campbell   2 months ago

    Aisans; Ever danced before?Trevor: Nope, just gonna let the music take controlAwesome

  • Carl Taylor
    Carl Taylor   2 months ago

    since I started to watch your videos I instantly started to say more yes! And sometimes when I'm not sure about something I just think what the Yes Theory team would do now... and then I say YES. Thanks guys!

  • alex1
    alex1   2 months ago

    it's a DIE NOT DICE