We found the CRAZIEST Nether in Minecraft! - Minecraft with Jacksepticeye - Part 3

  • Published on: 13 August 2019
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  • Runtime : 28:42
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  • Alby
    Alby   3 hours ago

    when you start laughing at 0:00 you know that will be epic..

  • Aries San jose
    Aries San jose   12 hours ago

    How did they get 2 diamond pickaxe at 5 diamonds what!!!!There not pretty good at hiding some secret"creative mode"But still fun series tho

  • Addie Jackman
    Addie Jackman   1 days ago

    “We love to be imprisoned, stay inside” Looking back at that watching this during a global pandemic: 👀

  • Jason Haddock
    Jason Haddock   1 days ago

    Saw jacks vid to and I didn’t even see it lol

  • William McCarthy
    William McCarthy   1 weeks ago

    jack:misses diamondthe fans in comments: WHAT ARE YOU DOING JACK YOU MINECRAFT NOT VETERAN

  • JD
    JD   1 weeks ago

    28:07 epic gamer moment

  • Jamar D
    Jamar D   1 weeks ago

    0:28 well well well isnt that quite current as of June 24th 2020.....

  • Ol Herbz
    Ol Herbz   1 weeks ago

    "jod" is an Indian swear word I think?

  • Davin Kyryl
    Davin Kyryl   1 weeks ago

    Pewdiepie won in finding diamond cuz on episode 1 he found 2 in the mineshaft

  • Jjacob8600
    Jjacob8600   2 weeks ago

    "septicbooper tried to swim in B E A N S"

  • Pagan Skye
    Pagan Skye   2 weeks ago

    Haha omg so much fun to watch you play 👍👍👍

  • The Mason PlayZ
    The Mason PlayZ   2 weeks ago

    You can use flint to make compacted flint to make diamonds.

  • Ghayas Hachem
    Ghayas Hachem   2 weeks ago

    Is anyone looking at this in 2020 because I am.

  • mr. blue
    mr. blue   2 weeks ago

    "I'm even crouching as I go so I don't go into a hole".....famous last words

  • Timotheuster
    Timotheuster   3 weeks ago

    "We have nothing to lose"Meanwhile Mark with 16 buckets

  • Koror Studios
    Koror Studios   3 weeks ago

    Who else got triggered when Felix kept walking past that readstone