The Poison Garden of Alnwick

  • Published on: 29 May 2017
  • Inside the beautiful Alnwick Garden, behind a locked gate, there's the Poison Garden: it contains only poisonous plants. Trevor Jones, head gardener, was kind enough to give a guided tour!

    For more information about visiting the Castle, Garden, and poison garden:

    (And yes, it's pronounced "Annick".)

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  • Runtime : 4:34
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   2 years ago

    My word, there are a lot of pro-marijuana people in the comments. Just to be clear: it's in a cage because British law requires it to be. The khat they grow is too, but not the opium poppies - but because those were just tiny shoots when I was there, they didn't make the edit. And yes, "poison" is a bit strong, but for anyone who's convinced there are no dangers to cannabis, I refer you to Foreman, JE (2000) -- although of course, that's worth comparing with his later 2014 work for balance.

  • Song of the marshes
    Song of the marshes   1 days ago

    It's a shame they are making cannabis look bad when it's so beneficial

  • Sam Marsh
    Sam Marsh   6 days ago

    They should put an Australian stinging tree in there. One touch or light brush and the plants fibres can get into your skin and in turn attack your lymph nodes, very painful. You can feel needle pain from it years later if you bathe in cold water. I learnt the hard way...

  • FredTangi
    FredTangi   6 days ago

    here in brazil. one of the most common plants that you can find is the Comigo-Ninguém-Pode(Dumbcane), the name is literaly something like No One Can Stand Me, "It is dangerous and can lead to death. If chewed, the plant hurts the mucosa of the mouth, pharynx and vocal cords. In the eyes, it causes conjunctivitis and corneal damage. "

  • curtis brown
    curtis brown   1 weeks ago

    I bet they didn't put any barley in that garden...

  • Sunkissedguy
    Sunkissedguy   1 weeks ago

    Surprised that Laurel is actually poisonous. In some Asian countries it is considered as a spice

  • cheezymuffin
    cheezymuffin   1 weeks ago

    2:16 ... oh... so I might have schewed on those leaves when I was little...

  • The Imperium of Man
    The Imperium of Man   1 weeks ago

    “All of the plants have the ability to kill you”Me: Let me in, LET ME IN!

  • Brian W
    Brian W   1 weeks ago

    okay but really you shouldn't let kids into that poisonous garden thats killed like 4 gardeners. otherwise very cool!

  • Peter McKelvey
    Peter McKelvey   1 weeks ago

    Damn you can see all the tractors in the background

  • Juan Deags
    Juan Deags   1 weeks ago

    The weed is the least poisonous plant there

  • The Pangolin
    The Pangolin   1 weeks ago

    I live near there, I think Northumberland is general is underrated.

  • Sales A
    Sales A   2 weeks ago

    one of these plants were in my grandmas yard when i was a kid i used to play around it so many times and fell in it to many times and i felt fine am i immune to it plus some i took turns watering it and sometimes pollen got in face

  • Sam The man
    Sam The man   2 weeks ago

    Funny the only plant that cant kill you in there is in a cage and the one that killed one of their gardeners is spreading all over the place. Its funny that even the most educated of us are frikin dumb.

  • TheWhiteWolf
    TheWhiteWolf   2 weeks ago

    You, Smarter Every Day and Veritassium should do a video together.

  • Tom Turner
    Tom Turner   2 weeks ago

    I bet that strain is AK47. the only cannabis strain that brandishes a fire arm. It should be in there as kids should always know guns are bad. Seriously though the message should be about the dangers of the use of fools. Not the "dangers" from a harmless plant.Disgusting way to treat kids by filling their heads full of crap.

  • ayy sasuke
    ayy sasuke   2 weeks ago

    I went there in 2016, very interesting.

  • Alex McCardy
    Alex McCardy   2 weeks ago

    The irony of having a weed plant there, its probably the only one there that has no record of a direct use related death.

  • Kyle Conley
    Kyle Conley   2 weeks ago

    Not only did you put Weed in a poison garden (which makes almost no sense) but then you put a giant ass cage around the smallest plants I've ever seen when literal nightshade is laying on the ground.

  • GoldFishie
    GoldFishie   2 weeks ago

    Oooo weed kills soooooo many people

  • J P
    J P   2 weeks ago

    "All of the plants in here have the ability to kill you." Except for the cannabis.

  • Firephone1
    Firephone1   2 weeks ago

    If someone gets hit and lands on the flower

  • Hamza Hussain
    Hamza Hussain   2 weeks ago

    3:10 this plant is so poisionous that i use it to treat my chrones deasease

  • diGritz1
    diGritz1   2 weeks ago

    Wonder if this could keep my mother-in-law away.

  • Hysteria98
    Hysteria98   2 weeks ago

    I think teaching misinformation to children as well is particularly toxic in itself. Pure cannabis is used medically in many ways, and even taken in excess isn't particularly harmful (unless you're very unlucky). What would be MORE important to teach (albeit, not to anyone this young) with regards to cannabis is the chemically-enhanced stuff that dominates the UK market as THAT is the real problem of it in this country.

  • caterpillarnana
    caterpillarnana   2 weeks ago

    I hope I never develop a sensitivity to rue. It's the only host plant I have to feed my giant swallowtail caterpillars.

  • Ian M
    Ian M   2 weeks ago

    If you want to teach kids about poison, all you have to do is show them a bottle of pills.

  • Luke P
    Luke P   2 weeks ago

    Why am I unsubscribed from you?