The Poison Garden of Alnwick

  • Published on: 29 May 2017
  • Inside the beautiful Alnwick Garden, behind a locked gate, there's the Poison Garden: it contains only poisonous plants. Trevor Jones, head gardener, was kind enough to give a guided tour!

    For more information about visiting the Castle, Garden, and poison garden:

    (And yes, it's pronounced "Annick".)

    Edited by Michelle Martin, @mrsmmartin

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  • Runtime : 4:34
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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   3 years ago

    My word, there are a lot of pro-marijuana people in the comments. Just to be clear: it's in a cage because British law requires it to be. The khat they grow is too, but not the opium poppies - but because those were just tiny shoots when I was there, they didn't make the edit. And yes, "poison" is a bit strong, but for anyone who's convinced there are no dangers to cannabis, I refer you to Foreman, JE (2000) -- although of course, that's worth comparing with his later 2014 work for balance.

  • Reyos Blackwood
    Reyos Blackwood   1 days ago

    3:05 Just shows how backwards some attitudes are:This is sold in garden stores and can kill you, that is sold in garden shops and will burn you.What's that in the cage.Oh that one we need a special license to grow - it's cannabis. it'll make you hungry and want to just sit around lazily for a bit.

  • Jackson Lustberg
    Jackson Lustberg   2 days ago

    Poiseness plants: exist Victorians: HeY WhaT If wE PuT It IN OuR EyeS

  • - Cloaqxed -
    - Cloaqxed -   2 days ago

    2:12 I didn’t know there was a plant named Yanny

  • Alex Cooke
    Alex Cooke   4 days ago

    Nah don’t think I want to be a head gardener

  • vincentmuyo
    vincentmuyo   4 days ago

    So, knowing kids, I'm a little curious how many kids have died from the garden's poisons and how many near-misses they've had.

  • Samuel Millott
    Samuel Millott   4 days ago

    Cannabis should not be in that garden. That's a political statement. I expect better from an educational facility.

  • Chris
    Chris   4 days ago

    My favorite plant is the Yanny plant at 2:15

  • Mats Yoo
    Mats Yoo   6 days ago

    Ricin isnt the most lethal poison, take a look at plutonium

  • E R F
    E R F   6 days ago

    this is the boss battle garden for gardeners

  • granitegrizz
    granitegrizz   1 weeks ago

    That stepped fountain is really nice looking.

  • Maling Tørk
    Maling Tørk   1 weeks ago

    Cannabis being the thing with a cage around it is about the most ridiculous thing i've seen in a while.

  • M V
    M V   1 weeks ago

    Lmao none of the poisonous plants are at safe distance but the weed is in a cage

  • Tunneling Weasel
    Tunneling Weasel   1 weeks ago

    So that Photo toxic plant causes a similar effect to the “Vampire Disease”

  • Kymer PH
    Kymer PH   1 weeks ago

    Imagine,tripping over then got your face stuck into these plants...

  • TFN Watch
    TFN Watch   1 weeks ago

    The cannabis has to be in a cage but the deadly murder plants are just sitting in pots.

  • Joshua Salem
    Joshua Salem   1 weeks ago

    I just love quirky British laws like weed must be in a cage, or that you can’t clap in parliament, or you can’t wear a suit of armor into parliament, or that you can’t show parliament footage in comedy shows, and... well I’m American that’s all I know haha

  • Theme park screw loose

    These are nearly all British and very common and that’s for the confused Americans

  • Jayako Grocock
    Jayako Grocock   1 weeks ago

    Can't believe you missed to tell us how Alnwick is written vs how is pronounced

  • PrismaticPaul
    PrismaticPaul   2 weeks ago

    So to all the weed people in the comments:Why should I smoke weed? Will something bad happen if I don't? Do I really need to be high to fully experience life or something, bruh

  • Spectra Blaze
    Spectra Blaze   2 weeks ago

    Roses are red violet's are blue most of the things in my garden kill you

  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris   2 weeks ago

    The only negative thing about cannabis is created by society - made illegal and then naturally violent ( tax less ) crime businesses thrive. It really shouldnt be illegal, its not far too dissimilar to alcohol.

  • Rishabh R
    Rishabh R   2 weeks ago

    Half of the plants told in the video I have encountered very close to my home in india always knew they were toxic but still need to be more careful

  • Jackson Sweet
    Jackson Sweet   2 weeks ago

    Haha they have a "Keep off the grass" sign near the weed

  • Lizard
    Lizard   2 weeks ago

    The phototoxic one sounds like the origin story of vampires

  • Ant
    Ant   2 weeks ago

    Most edible plants also contain toxins, in mild form, which can interfere with absorption of foods.

  • Satan
    Satan   2 weeks ago

    what i took from the conclusion of this video is that threatening the children with death makes them listen to you

  • jamee doger
    jamee doger   2 weeks ago

    Just imagine your doing some gardening and you pull up a plant just to hear it scream ahh put my Down this instant mortal

  • Pingus Cousin
    Pingus Cousin   2 weeks ago

    I wanted to dislike the video because the cannabis part but then remembered its not your fault they said its a poison. Likes there but for puttin that weed in a cage like the plant a criminal but the popy plant you can produce heroin etc with that destroyes lives can just passivly chill there

  • Ripuru- kun
    Ripuru- kun   2 weeks ago

    "This is cannabis, we use it to explain the dangers of drugs."immediatly starts talking about another plant

  • Gifford Official
    Gifford Official   2 weeks ago

    I stopped taking this video serious when I saw cannabis in a "poisonous garden"How dumb do you have to be to believe its poisonous? 😂

  • Nigel Lush
    Nigel Lush   2 weeks ago

    No big deal or anything but is there a way I can get my hands on one of those little killers by any chance it's for research

  • Video Games
    Video Games   2 weeks ago

    I'd love to eat a smoothie made of all of those right about now.